Friday, January 12, 2007


I'm sorry folks but I am going to eat and run on you again as I am heading off with Miles to the Elementary School. He's teaching the giftes students the wonders of Art Rage and would like me to do a demo/lesson. Hey, I can't wait to get next to all these young people in the school system - though in the middle of cough and flu season I will be 'awashing my hands! I always thouroughly enjoy my time with the children, since ours are grown and gone. Funny, though I show them how its done, I always learn something new from THEM! I think its because kids are so uninhibited and unafraid to try new things.

Poor Miles, he's in my Body Boot Camp - yep, he's come on board with my body makeover! I've even set him up with his own Spark People account and we are 'feeding' every meal into the plan. The Spark site is getting fed more than we are!

Yesterday, he was crowing with delight to his co-workers he got a BIG treat for dinner - a BAKED POTATO... he got nearly as excited as he did for his Christmas Present... LOL

This morning I gave him 4 PIECES OF TOAST... so what if they were all cut from the same slice of bread? This dieting thing has given me a new and complete appreciation for what I put beyond this set of lips.

I cannot highly enough reccomend the Spark People site... if you have'nt used it yet - I recommend a second look. Its terrific. You can set up your meal plans and modify them. You can search your foods, and if they are not present then you can 'create' them. Also, like bookmarks, you can add foods to your favorites... so that you can quickly select them. As my friend Kristin says, at first, it takes a bit to program in your foods, but after that it gets easier.

I wieghed in yesterday at the gym and I'm now 63.5 kg - thats 138.8 lb... so I've lost 10lb. This is a BIG loss - and probably too fast to start, but I will adjust it. I am so encouraged... I can tell you ONE thing... the HARDEST part of a diet... is STARTING it!

I will be taking a photo of my sweet and tracking him over the coming weeks. When he's lost his target, he's been asked to be featured in a newspaper - so thats exciting! Another reason to work hard for his goal. (he does joke at work how hard I am on him - but in pwivate he's thanking me)

I better scoot folks. I promise more great reads tomorrow!

Office Ammo!

He he... got someone who you wanna anonymusly bug at work? Ok, I didn't say that, but when you do this never aim for the face. I thought when I grew up there was only one way to do this!

Rubber band shooting has come a long way from its early and pathetic roots. Kids would take the rubber band, mount it on their thumb, and shoot. This would lead to instability in flight and painful misfires, especially for chronic shooters.

Now our techniques are better, allowing minimum wind resistance across the band's surface area and reduced loading time, from decision-to-fire to band breakaway. Of course, with a future of heat-seeking, flight-path correcting, electro-optical rubber bands and rubber band chaff and flare dispensers, who knows what could happen. (Just kidding about most of that.)


  1. Wow!You are such a busy bee these days:) Could it be all that running around you have been doing is helping with your weight loss?:)

    Thank you sooo much for the frames..they are soo pretty:)

    Have a fantastic day!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss!
    Thank you for today's wonderful DL!

  3. I love the frames, thanks so much !

  4. Hi Barb! Thank you for the freebie!! WAHOO!! 10LBS! I would love to lose 10LBS :-) Great incentive to get us all up and working out!! Tell Miles I said - keep up the good work to! Congrats on the newspaper!

  5. Thanks so much for all the freebies and info that you send our way.

    Great way to start on your Sparks diet. Congrats!

  6. I love the Rustic Frames, they are beautiful. Thank you so much.


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