Sunday, May 31, 2015

365 Photo(s) of the Day - Parade!

My ever-sweet Mr surprised me on Saturday by scooping me out the door and off for the day to points "wherever".  Turns out our wherever was a daytrip south of the border.  Being we live in Osoyoos, practically on the Canada/USA border its not a terrific day of driving.  But its always something different and I somehow feel like we really got away. 

When we arrived in Tonasket, a small community in Washington State, we were delighted to find we were right on time to watch their modest parade. 

Though I'm sure we all appreciate all the advances of our modern Medical and Emergency service vehicles, how can one not admire a vintage fire truck? 

The one thing which startled us and we thought was kind of cool was this "spitfire" type plane which came out of nowhere and blazed overhead with fire shooting out, to signal the start of the parade.  

After this it was off for Mexican Food and then we even went further afield, on another little adventure.  I'm going to share some photos from that tomorrow, possibly two days.  

Hope you all had a restful relaxing weekend! Thanks for stopping by. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

I’m going to start with a card I made for a challenge – before time gits away on me!

I liked the brightness of this image, the white overall theme and pops of green and yellow.  Here’s my take on it.

I wish I’d taken this in brighter light, it really does stand out and shine!!

I used a simple white background which I embossed with a Cuttlebug folder.  I used a digital stamp (word art) from KimB’s Simple Pleasures Kit from The Digital Press and backdropped it with a swatch of paper printed from the kit as well. 

I finished it off with a “real” stamp from Stampin’ Up for the “always” sentiment and affixed this onto the card using a couple of green eyelets.  Simple is good, I say!

And here’s some great news – KimB has some new goodies up at her blog, you for sure wanna check these out HERE.  Some nice Commercial Use Lace & Trims and Paper Patterns – and as always, with she being the generous person she is, a FREEBIE – so scoot on over there!   It sounds like there is something fun going on at The Digital Press forum too, the link on Kim’s blog as well.  It’s time sensitive so you want to scoot over there right away!

And lastly, I’ll post my Photo of the Day:

Our hot weather has brought out lovely cactus blooms. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I’m lucky enough to live in a community which has a local fruit packing house which means I have access to all sorts of tree fruits, year-round! 

If y’all are travelling south on highway 97 from Penticton to Oliver, or if you’re heading north from Osoyoos you will see this sign.  If you are driving north from Osoyoos it is approximately 3 km out of town, this sign pointing you off of the highway right upon a really sharp corner – keep your eyes peeled!

What is a tree fruit packing house? 

It’s where many orchardists bring their fresh fruit to be washed, sorted (graded) and packed to be sent to stores locally and much much further away!  You may notice that when you buy fruit in grocery stores they are a uniform size (generally a comfortable size to hold in your hand) and they are unblemished. 

So this part of the Osoyoos BC Tree Fruits Packing House offers you the opportunity to enjoy the not-completely-perfect apples (or pears or cherries or plums or… whatever is in season)  – meaning your apple might be HUGE or it may have a little bump on it.  But its all perfectly good for eating, and the prices are very reasonable, making it a favorite place for visitors to stop in and stock up for their trip home.

But I had a lovely surprise this afternoon when I stopped in to buy Mr Miles some really firm green pears, because the facility got a face-lift and entire new section added!

I’m now able to buy an assortment of fresh veggies (and I mean FRESH!)

Condiments and sauces.

Local Honey.  Apple Juice too!

And coffee! 

Besides all of this, you’ll enjoy the friendly and efficient service when you weigh-up your purchases.  I hope if you’re passing through our beautiful Okanagan Valley you’ll stop in and treat yourself!

Monday, May 25, 2015

365 Photo of the Day


When I was a kid our family lived near train tracks.  Our little brother used to get so excited when he’d hear the train and begged to be dragged to any spot where he could see it till it passed.  In those days we used to walk all along the track, even over tressles, with nary a thought of danger in our minds.  Perhaps these days we would have been considered children of Free Range parents, but I’m so glad we had that freedom.  It was a much simpler time. 

One of the things we enjoyed doing was placing pennies and nails on the rails and seeing what was there after the train passed.  I’m sure that was not a particularly good thing for the trains. 

Do YOU live near tracks?  Have a childhood train memory you’d like to share with me?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

365 Photo of the Day

Warning – EAT before viewing or you might bite the screen or drool on your keyboard!


Ok, hands down, JoJo’s Restauraunt in Abbotsford BC makes some of the best fish and chips I’ve ever eaten (along with some I had a few months ago in White Rock BC)

That was the topper on another gaw-jus day in the Fraser Valley!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

365 Photos of the Day

More loveliness from Abbotsford BC during a walk around with someone very dear to me!


A group of turtles… or if what I’m reading online is correct I guess they could be classed as a “bale” or “turn” of turtles.


A “sitting” duck – sitting behind a fence, that is!


A perfect day to be under a splendid tree.


With it’s mossy coat.


And backlit leaves in the canopy!

Monday, May 18, 2015

365 Photo(s) of the Day


I ♥ this photo – the lily looks up from inside!


A frog’s patio.


The reflection of boats in the top of this shot makes it interesting.


Do you notice the turtle watching to see what the fisherman catch?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

365 Photo of the Day


I wonder just how many signs have been stapled onto this pole?  Makes me want to coin a new phrase "you get more noted than a telephone pole at a major intersection!"

Friday, May 15, 2015

365 Photos of the Day

Not cute like someone just wants to pretend their pet is their 'baby' - she was abused as a puppy and can't walk normal. Nice to know someone loves her just the way she is. 

This was too hard to pas up - heart touching!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Quirky Digital Layout, 365 Photo and I WON something!

Hmmm, I’ll go backwards from today’s blog post title, just to be contrary. 


Oooh I ♥ Plumbso can’t wait to listen to this newest album.  A huge thanks to Kristin at her 152 Insights To My Soul blog for sponsoring this contest.  (lovely blog, by the way, Kristin – inspiring!)

My 365 Photo for today is:


And finally, I just had to whip up this digital layout using KimB’s fun “Quirky” kit which you can find HERE at The Digital Press.  It is PERFECT for strange little me…


(click image to view larger)


KimB – “Quirky”

What a hoot!  I feel like this kit was just made for me.  I felt the shop help thought I was rather “quirky’ today – but they all enjoyed the fun of snapping pics of me in the plate window in the store.  Yeah, its just a Mom-Daughter thing we have got going on in our family *wink*

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

365 Photo of the Day & a Digital Scrapbook Page

May 13 2015

Making new friends!

I ran into these two characters… seriously, characters and had to catch a photo with them. 

I have a friend who works in a local restaurant and she and her children are so photogenic I asked if I might put together a layout.  I’ve been dying to create so delighted in using KimB’s Daddy’s Girl Kit for this page:


I felt the vibrant floral paper was so girly, ideal to complement the photos.  Can’t you just see the love in Momma’s eyes?  I was tickled to see my friend has tucked her layout behind her work station!  You can find KimB’s Daddy’s Girl Kit HERE at The Digital Press 

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