Saturday, November 26, 2005


We had our first snowfall yesterday. It was snowing hard when we awoke, and it came down all day long. Our phones were out too. The phones are still out. We've contacted the phone company, but there is no word on when the lines will be back up again. Miles saw a pole being replaced or repaired a block up from our house, so perhaps thats the reason we have no service. Along with this of course, is the lack of internet...can it get any worse? Thankfully we have an alternate place to connect!

All in all, its not so bad being without phones and internet for a day. With the weather being 'inclement' and no calls, I was able to accomplish miricles within our storage area in the house. I was utterly ruthless, reducing our 'stuff' to 1/2 of its former bulk. I can now find the vacuum and ironing board with relative ease. Really, it was not THAT bad.

Another thing I want to share is the adventure of Mom's vegetables. We visited last weekend, and as Mom does, she made us a huge dinner. We had a great laugh over her vegetables though. She is a fan of the boil in a bag variety and she cooks them in the microwave. We got a kick out of the corn as the bag it's contained in swelled up into a huge bubble of plastic skin. I managed to snap this picture to share with you-all! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 02, 2005



Miles chose to go to Steamboat Rock this past weekend as the place he would like to spend his birthday. We decided to head down on Thursday evening and spend the night camped at Walmart in Omak. Now, of course this is not our idea of high romance, but just getting away with our busy - ness of late was the key here. We could have been in Antartica in our van, the point was being alone and being away.

We had dinner at our favorite place there - Ranchos Chico's, a wonderful authentic Mexican restaurant. The service and food are second to none.

When we finally pulled into "our spot" at Walmart, it was getting dark. Lo and behold, we could see some unusual white growths in the tiny soil area in front of our van. (We always try to get a tree and some foliage for that 'camping' feel) We immediately recognized the growths to be Shaggy Mane Mushrooms, and fine specimens at that! We picked them and took them camping with us. The first fire we had we sauteed them in butter and garlic and had a feast. Nice of Walmart to provide us with food "to go"!
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