Sunday, May 31, 2020

Coming Around Again...

Goodness me, this was certainly one of the longest hiccups in my blogging history.  Can’t explain why, just the want comes and wanes at will.  I go through periods of time where blog posts launch unasked in my thoughts and then there are the droughts where it feels like work.  I certainly always welcome a bit of effort, a bit of push to feed here, as I think of blogging as journaling of sorts.  I don’t want my posting to become something I feel obligated to do, or resent.  I’ve had this happen with art projects where I’ve turned something I love into an obligation - I will always allow it to inspire me.  I’m feeling inspired today.  I will start with a simple card I created using some scraps of paper gifted to me by a dear friend, and I’ll share a few photos of lovely things in my world.

I don’t know the identity of this paper, nor the die cut but I do believe the stamp is Simon Says Stamp.  Simple but bold, the paper being double-sided I cut 1 inch squares and embossed these with a tight chevron pattern.  I added gems for the flower centers.  

A bright and cheerful Sweet William which caught my eye today.

This little family of mushrooms, all pressing each other for space (no social distancing here!) were nestled underneath an evergreen tree.  

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