Monday, September 26, 2011

Busy Busy Monday – LOTS of cards


I will have to push this blog post out very quickly as I don’t think my eyes can take any more computer!  LOL.  I still owe several of you emails – I have not  forgotten you, take patience and pity on me.   I will tend to any loose ends on Wednesday I believe.  Thanks so much. 

I caught up with my 365’s and my Mojo.  Whew! 

365 Cards 

Day 208 – Funny, Masculine Style

Well my husband always tosses out this little quote whenever he does some “womanly” chore for me or I drag him into the mall etc…




Ah yes, he gets a chuckle every time he tosses that comment out and I glare back.  Harrumph!

The image is from The Graphics Fairy and I added my own sentiment.  I am not sure of the designer paper, had no marking.


Day 209 – Super Sketchy Sunday




I chose to do this in a portrait card.  I wish you could feel the paper – the white bits are fuzzy wuzzy!

The stamp is a studio g that I use over and over and over and over.  I need to buy more “happy birthday” stamps. 


Day 210 – Card Recipe


Any size of card

2 patterned papers

2 circles


Stamped Sentiment

Stickpin, safety pin, or something similar

My take:



I’m not sure about that pin, but I had to have a pin or something as it was called for in the recipe.  What if I unstick that after I post this, huh huh?  You going to report me to the 365 designer police?  Will they lock me away from carding for a while?  Ban me from the competitions?  *giggle* I think I stayed waaaay too long carding today. 

Not sure of the papers or pretty much any of it other than the fiskars stamps for the sentiment and buttons.  I did lots of embossing etc. 

I created the baby rattle cut-out myself in my Silhouette designer program.  You can download the free .studio cut file by clicking on the picture of my baby boy card and I’ll stick the free cut file under the free Silhouette cuts tab up top of the blog as well.  Sad news – I found out that I cannot export svg files from my brand new designer software.  Humm, had I known that little fact… At any rate next time I create something super wonderful I’d like to give away to you I will design it in good old Illustrator – that’ll fix ya!

And then I had to take the Mojo Monday challenge today with my sister Nina too! 


Mojo Monday 208


I chose square:




And there are too many mixes of papers to tell here – I am sorry for not providing that.  Once again the stamp is a too used studio g for lack of another.  I had fun with this card, went wild as a last Harrah.  Glitter and nail polish and who knows what else everywhere




The flower, now that's interesting indeed. Its made from a recycled dryer sheet.  You can make your own – just visit Gabrielle’s “Such a Pretty Mess” blog!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me overwhelm you with my cards.  I hope to put something besides cards here soon LOL!  Thanks you Shirley for the wonderful cream pie recipe you sent!   And thanks to Valinda for your continued feedback – I appreciate it.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 207 Card


I struggled and struggled with this card.  It took me a tossy turny night of thinking in my head of a manly sweet treat card.  I really was going along the idea of trying something in the line of a pie because I can say with certainty that my man loves a good pie.  Lemon is almost tops for him but I believe his Mom’s fresh peach wins out.  A runner up would be apple.  Thank goodness Mom left me some of her delicious pastry so that he does not have to be victimized by my less than flaky attempts.  What’s your husband’s favorite pie?  What is a good “NO FAIL” recipe for me to try?  I’ve failed everyone else’s – why not I fail yours too?  I’m game! 

365 Cards 

Day 207 – Sweet Treats Masculine Style

without further ado – my card!


It took me two hours to make this card.  I could not get my Silhouette to cut the cake out properly, then I mis-cut my designer paper several times.  I frittered the elements around all over the page.  In the end I managed to bring it together.



The last challenge was the cake – it looked kind of barren so I “decorated” it with gems. 

I don’t know which paper this was, sorry.  The hand and the cake graphics are both from Graphics Fairy.

Thanks for stopping by!   If you are feeling adventurous and want to see a clever card you may want to wander over to my sister Nina’s blog… and congrats her on a well done 5k too! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

365 cards–Days 205, 205 and 206


Things are getting back “to normal” and that means besides setting the house to order and catching up with email (really, I will be emailing you if you’ve emailed me!)  and all the fun stuff that calls once company departs – now I’m all caught up the 365 card challenges.  Woo Hoo!  It’s beautiful here today – supposed to be 32 degrees c both today and tomorrow so hoping to catch some sun time later in the day. 

365 Cards


Day 204 – Outer Space Masculine Style


Do “Outer Space” in a masculine style!

Here’s what I came up with:


Boy did I re-work this one several times or what?  I just could not seem to get it right and I believe I tore it down and built it a total of 4 times.  Do you ever do this? 

Paper:  Stella and Rose Hattie and Herringbone

I cut the shapes and letters out using my Silhouette SD



I had originally glittered the large star but wound up going wild with the glass beads.  The camera cannot capture the luminescent beauty of these stars!  They light right up.


Day 205 – Summer Vacation Masculine Style

My take:



Whereas the last card took forever to complete, this one almost fell together of itself.  I used a graphic from Graphics Fairy and printed out my own sentiment.  I don’t know which paper this was from.  I used a Fiskars stamp to create the diamond pattern both on the background paper and on the edges of the graphic. 


Day 206 – Love, Masculine Style

How I achieved the look:



Clean and bold with no sappy hearts or flowers or soft or gaudy colors – this card gets right to the point.  Its like the conversation you have with your guy – you like to start with details and wind up to the point while he likes to start with the point and … well, that’s about it!  I can get him hopping by draaagggging out a story *wink*

The paper has no identifying info, sorry.

Stamp is Studio G

Thats all!  Thanks so much for visiting and if you leave a comment, well, you’ve made my day ♥

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

365 Cards–Days 201, 202 and 203


I owe out a million emails, phone calls and visits.  My mother and father in law left for home today after a wonderful two week visit and it will take me a few days to get back on track.  Thanks for your patience.  I look forward to creating more freebies and templates and coming by to comment on YOUR blog when I am able. 

I’m playing catch-up with my cards for 365 cards 

Day 201 – 1 + 1 = 1 Beautiful Card


“Pick two of your dearest friends and choose something about them to contribute to your card.  It can be anything you want that makes you think of them.”

With this in mind I based my card on my dear friends Rose and Melanie.


My friend Rose – well, that’s obvious on my card, but Melanie makes her own jewellery so I added this charm on.  The charm was a piece of recycled necklace or earring which I tore down.  I do this a lot. 

Paper – Pink Paislee – Butterfly Wings

Stamp – Inkadinkadoo

Day 202 – Super Sketchy Sunday

Here’s the sketch:

And my very simple take on it:


Forgive the flash flair – I missed all the daylight today and had to use a flash. 

Stamps – Fiskars

Day 203 – Back to School Masculine Style


“The theme is Back-to-School, and as I mentioned yesterday, it needs to be suitable for boys/men.”

This was an easy one for me as my husband is an instructor and there are always cards needed for teachers.


No frills or fluff (really restrained myself) just a simple inspirational quote. 

Three more tomorrow and I should be caught up.  Time to go zing out a few emails and catch up on life.

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mojo Monday 207


I actually worked today, helping clean house with a friend.  Whew – I do all this at home and it does not seem as much fun or rewarding!

At any rate, I fit my Mojo in, and with my dear sister Nina!

Mojo Monday card 207


My card:


Sorry I don’t have the list of supplies used today Sad smile 

Thanks for your visit!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 200 Card for 365 cards


Even though I travelled down across the border for a day of shopping and hanging out with my in-laws I still managed to pull off a card today! 

365 Cards

Day 200 – The Utility Drawer


“Head to that utility drawer, or your equivalent, and pluck something out of there for your card.”

I have an order to make a card for an eight year old girl – one that just is for a ‘hello’ situation.  Here’s what I made.


The designer paper was in my mind the exact moment I was asked to make this card.  I visited our junk drawer and found the chain which I used to hold the tag onto the card.  I hope the little girl will detach it and add it to her backpack or something fun like that. 

Paper: Forever in Time Glitter Cardstock “Life’s a Hoot”


I placed one of my tatted flowers over the hole in the tag.  The tag is a dead simple one I designed to use with my Silhouette SD – I’ll post it in the freebies section when I am able. 

  ♥ Thanks for visiting! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

365 Cards–Day 198 and 199


I used my birthday as an excuse to spend some quality creating time today.  My sweet Mr purchased the Designer Edition of software for my Silhouette SD!  So though I only tried it out briefly (want to spend a whole day exploring this after my folks have returned home – giving them quality time while here)  Here are the last two cards, so this should catch me up until tomorrow. 

365 Cards

Day 198 – Standout Sentiment


“Make your sentiment stand out - whether it's large or small, make it the focal point of the card.”

So I chose to do this:


I could not resist – don’t know who this card is destined for but it will be fun to see!  The paper was perfect for the sentiment. 

Paper: Graphic 45 unique paper crafting.  Domestic Goddess Collection Miss Manners 

Sentiment: Elegant Word Art


I embossed the frame for the word art with a clear gloss powder.  The tatted flower is my own pattern – finished off with a gem!


Day 199 – A Year To Remember


“Pick a highly memorable year in your life, and use that to inspire your card.”

So, I’m choosing 2011 – 2012 because this is the coming year, and each year I can’t imagine how much better life could get, but in the end I’m always so grateful for this exact season of my life.  I believe this will be the best year ever.  Being its my birthday today it seems completely appropriate!   After all I was so absolutely spoiled by my friends and family.



I’m confident this year will be one of dreams fulfilled, hopes realized and loads and loads of love.  Without love, it’s nothing, right?


This gem was recycled from a broken necklace given to me by a dear friend. 

Paper: Paper Reverie Sienne Floral Dot

Stamps: Kimberley Poloson for Fiskars

Thanks for stopping by!  I’m hoping to whip up a few freebies in the near future so stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

365 Blog Cards–Days 196 and 197


I’m barely hanging in there by my teeth but managing to squeeze out (or should I say squeeze in) a card each day.  Lots of visiting and fun stuff to share in the near future but for now my cards will have to do!   When family comes to visit (my in-laws are here) all else gets put on hold.  Precious memories being built.

Before I get into the cards though, I am delighted to say that I again managed to pull of another full week of cards and I also earned another “spotlight designer” badge – I have one pinned to the side of my blog *beaming*!  I don’t care how many weeks I manage either feat – it will still make me very happy indeed!  Not as much fun without doing it hand-in-hand with my sister Nina but perhaps she will make it this week!  Thank you to the 365 team for your daily challenges.

365 cards

Day 196 – Divide and Conquer


“Today's challenge is all about seeing your card in "parts" - 5 parts to be exact.  They do not have to be equal parts, and try to keep them from overlapping.”

I did not manage to keep them from overlapping, hard as I tried.  I even had to strip this card back to the bare bones and rebuild from the bottom up – and if you know me then you know I rarely do anything twice – not reading a book, watching a movie!  But I am disciplining myself to work out my mistakes, or “happy accidents” as some of my friends remind me. 



In the end I think it really works.  I created my own sentiment because I needed it to say what I had in my head.  The beautiful globe is from Graphics Fairy.

Have you ever had to take a project and re-do it (with your heels dragging the entire time?)

Day 197 – Beautiful Beads


“Today's challenge is to use BEADS on your card - any kind of bead will do.”

Now, I earned a bit of money last week and I went on a day trip with my folks to visit relatives in the city and they were kind enough to stop at Memories and More in Kelowna where I took a 15 minute shopping spree while they waited patiently for me.  Perhaps it was the pawing at the window and whimpering that swayed them.  At any rate, I went wild on the designer papers and supplies.  I’ve come to love good quality papers – especially double-sided as they are so flexible down to the tiniest little scrap and they co-ordinate so nicely.

So today I was literally dying to use one.  Ok, I hardly slept last night.  First thing today when I saw the beads challenge I knew exactly what I wanted to do.


This paper is Merry Christmas by Best Creation Ltd.  This side is glittery – I wish you could feel my blog.  The other side is bolder, green with red and white dots but I fear I’ll never use that – this side is too pretty!  Very textured. 


I cut this pretty snowflake out on my Silhouette SD and then glued the beads on.  Yes, I tried to string them but sheesh they were everywhere and so teensy.  I think glue is the ticket.  I finished the flake off with a silver gem. 

I used my Fiskars scallop to make the transparent layer (again, not wanting to take away from the paper)  I created the word art strip myself using free fonts. 

Stay tuned for Card 198!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 195 Card


Still keeping up!

365 Cards 

Day 195 – Super Sketchy Sunday

We were asked to make a card based on the following sketch:


So I created:


My “three” items are these flourishes.  I made the little tag and embossed a inkadinkadoo Stamp onto it and then added a tatted flower (that yes, Nina) I painted with my favorite new nail-polish.  Some nail polish actually makes it on my nails too! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Days 193 and 194 for 365 cards


Still squeaking these cards in all the while having wonderful time with my family.  This will be right to the point because we are headed to FatBoy’s for lunch.  (worked out BEFORE heading out so I will be able to justify the menu!)

365 cards 

Day 193 -  Geography

Instructions:  “what's your favourite vacation destination?”

My favourite will always include water – a beach, whether its a river, lake or the ocean.  So here’s my card:


I’ve been saving some little drink umbrellas FOREVER.  Honestly they have been in a little plastic drawer for 4 years.  I kept thinking someday!  So today was the day. 

The sentiment is from TLC Creations  I printed it directly onto my light blue print paper – figured out how to make my printer listen to me and print to the exact size of my paper.  Powerful, that is!

Day 194 – Personal Playlist

Instructions: “You know you have one - maybe it's classical you like, or even classic rock.  I have a mix on my playlist, but there's always a favorite (if only for a short while) at the top of it. So this one is all about what you like, and specifically which song is at the top of your playlist.”

Well, I decided to go along with a song that is soooooo funny.  My Mr. sent it to me as a joke – big haha!  He heard it while listening to a jazz station.  It actually has a good message for marriages – its all about trying that extra little bit to be the beautiful woman you were when you first dated your mate.  I believe with all my heart that’s so true – it all comes back.  I know my Mr. does this for me.  And, like the song says – he is surrounded by beautiful women all the time in his job!  I hope to keep his eyes on ME!  The rewards are always more than worth it.  The song – I’ll embed it here and then follow up with my card.

And here is my wifely card on this theme:


I printed my own sentiment directly onto my paper, once again.  I cut my own little wooden spoon out of paper and used a toothpick to reinforce it.  I made the apron out of paper and lace.


A tiny tatted flower with a gem in the middle finishes it off nicely.

Hope you are having a terrific weekend!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Two More Cards


Trying to keep up with cards, all the while visiting with my in-laws.  I’m a few behind but plan fully to keep up. 


365 cards – Day 192 – Color Scheme

We were given this color palette to work with:



So, I built the following card:




This card is really much nicer to see it with your own eyes.  Its a lot brighter and softer – the sentiment and background are the yellowish tones.  I was gifted this beautiful ribbon by Susan who has opened a shop here in town.  I gifted her a big mason jar of matched grey buttons, which would be perfect for an upholstery project, and so then she would not accept anything in return for the ribbon.  Sheesh, you know how this goes, we will be at this trying to out-give each other for years to come.

The sentiment is an Inkadinkadoo

Clean and Simple Stamping

FTL I57 – Birthday Wishes

The sketch:




And my take on it is pretty bold, using up some of the bright paper I have on hand. 




Like I said – wow on the eyes. 

Sentiment – Fiskars

Will be attempting two cards today.  Went to yard sales this morning with our folks and I found some fabulous rainbow crochet thread which I hope to use to make some tatted flowers for cards.  Do YOU garage sale?  What have been your most recent finds?

Thursday, September 08, 2011

365 Card Day 191


Whew – managed to squeeze this one in.  Well, I was not really sure what was “so not me” so I asked my sister Nina and she did not even have to think about that one.  She immediately said I was so not square and uniform.

365 Cards Day 191 – So Not Me

Here is how the challenge was worded:

“Clean and Simple, Vintage, Shabby Chic, Bold Graphics, Cutesy....Whatever your style, now I want you to do anything but that style.”

Here is how I achieved so did NOT make this card:


Square – layered – bold – no frills.  Scrapbook paper – “World Map” from the Bon Voyage World Collection. 

Now,  onto the next one, which I see is ssoooooo me *snort*

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mojos 189 and 190


Knocking the cards off! 

Still have to process pics of the weekend – but expecting my in-laws tomorrow.  Scaring out the dust bunnies and such.  Looking forward to time together, that's why all the housework is getting done now.  We like to just hang out and gallivant the entire time we are together.

On to the card challenges.  Both my sister Nina and I have once again completed an entire week of cards at 365 cards – woo hoo!  I remember a year or two ago when dear friends of mine had the same sort of challenge for photography – it makes you stick with it.  I’m so glad I can do this.  And with family – Judy and Samantha like to card as well.  Loads of talent does not just run in the family, it gallops.

365 cards 

Day 189 – Pattern Frenzy 

Instructions are: Specifically, you need to use SIX different patterned papers on your card.  Exactly how you do this, and anything else you want to add, is up to you.

My take:



I decided to attempt another CD card (card with the base as a used CD Rom)  I simply repeated a flower cut using my Silhouette and then layered each flower with a snip of foam tape beneath each petal – to give dimension.  I cut a small “stamen” out of the matching mauve of the background cardstock.



The center is another hot glue gun dot painted with nail polish.



The back with a simple sentiment and support so this flower can brighten up someone’s desk.  Lots of white space left for a personal note. This was a terrific way to use up scraps of paper.


Day 190 – Card Recipe

We were asked to use: 

4.25" x 5.5" Card

One Additional Piece of Cardstock (any size)

4 Stickers

4 Buttons


And here’s how I fulfilled this request:



The additional cardstock obviously is the pink scalloped layer.  There are actually 5 stickers on the outside and 4 of them qualify as sentiments as well, being they are words. 



I layered my buttons atop polka dot ribbon and finished them off with a gem in a coordinating color.



This card was perfect for a pretty bow and one of these sweet  pansy stickers. 



I finished off the inside with some pretty pastel writing paper and a final snippet of ribbon with another pansy sticker. 


Thanks so much for stopping by – have a nice, short and creative week!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Days 187 and 188 for 365 Cards


Two more cards hot off of the press.  One of these days, when I’m not so busy making cards I will actually send some in real life!  I hope YOU all have had a restful and fun Labour Day weekend, getting that last bite of summer before we fall into fall.  I did not rest this weekend but it was all good because I was helping host an anniversary party for dear friends and how can one count that as “work”?  I will process and share some of the photos in this coming week, hopefully.  Also prepping for a visit from my in-laws, really looking forward to time with them.


365 cards 

Day 187 – Past, Present and Future 


“Pick an item/technique/tool from the past that you haven't used in a while

Use your favorite color at present


Use a theme that is relevant in your life in the near future (a holiday or upcoming event)”

Here’s my take:



There is a baby coming in the future – noooo not me, I’m past my egg laying days, and I also welcomed doing a baby card because for some reason I never think of it.  So thats the “future” element of my card. 



I am loving this shade of nail polish right now, so that covers my “favorite color”  I made this custom dot for the center of this blossom with a glue-gun blob and then painting it with the nail polish.  The stamped sentiment is a Fiskars “Sweet Pea”



The little embossed pink hearts border is what I’m choosing for my “technique I have not used for a while” (a little aside, isn’t the teensy hanger I created just too much?)



For the hearts embossed border I had to make my own cut file on my Silhouette and then I laid pink paper over this and used my embossing tool to press the hearts out.  I love this technique and forget to use it.  Now that I’ve tried it again I have a plethora of ideas to try this week!


Day 188 – Super Sketchy Sunday

Here’s the sketch we are given to base our card off of:


And my version of this card:



That triangle screamed “mountain” the moment I saw the triangle.  The rest fell together after this.  I must admit, since taking this photo I’ve used a white pastel pencil to add a bit of lighter snowcap to the mountain in the background.  I designed this set of mountains and snow cap myself. 



This sentiment which I typed up and printed off on vellum reads:


climb every mountain

ford every stream

follow every rainbow

‘til you find your dream



For this tag I layered a clear tag with JOURNEY (Making Memories TRAVEL) ontop of different layers of papers I’ve already used in my card theme. 


Thanks for coming to visit and enjoy the last vestige of this holiday weekend. 


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