Monday, September 26, 2011

Busy Busy Monday – LOTS of cards


I will have to push this blog post out very quickly as I don’t think my eyes can take any more computer!  LOL.  I still owe several of you emails – I have not  forgotten you, take patience and pity on me.   I will tend to any loose ends on Wednesday I believe.  Thanks so much. 

I caught up with my 365’s and my Mojo.  Whew! 

365 Cards 

Day 208 – Funny, Masculine Style

Well my husband always tosses out this little quote whenever he does some “womanly” chore for me or I drag him into the mall etc…




Ah yes, he gets a chuckle every time he tosses that comment out and I glare back.  Harrumph!

The image is from The Graphics Fairy and I added my own sentiment.  I am not sure of the designer paper, had no marking.


Day 209 – Super Sketchy Sunday




I chose to do this in a portrait card.  I wish you could feel the paper – the white bits are fuzzy wuzzy!

The stamp is a studio g that I use over and over and over and over.  I need to buy more “happy birthday” stamps. 


Day 210 – Card Recipe


Any size of card

2 patterned papers

2 circles


Stamped Sentiment

Stickpin, safety pin, or something similar

My take:



I’m not sure about that pin, but I had to have a pin or something as it was called for in the recipe.  What if I unstick that after I post this, huh huh?  You going to report me to the 365 designer police?  Will they lock me away from carding for a while?  Ban me from the competitions?  *giggle* I think I stayed waaaay too long carding today. 

Not sure of the papers or pretty much any of it other than the fiskars stamps for the sentiment and buttons.  I did lots of embossing etc. 

I created the baby rattle cut-out myself in my Silhouette designer program.  You can download the free .studio cut file by clicking on the picture of my baby boy card and I’ll stick the free cut file under the free Silhouette cuts tab up top of the blog as well.  Sad news – I found out that I cannot export svg files from my brand new designer software.  Humm, had I known that little fact… At any rate next time I create something super wonderful I’d like to give away to you I will design it in good old Illustrator – that’ll fix ya!

And then I had to take the Mojo Monday challenge today with my sister Nina too! 


Mojo Monday 208


I chose square:




And there are too many mixes of papers to tell here – I am sorry for not providing that.  Once again the stamp is a too used studio g for lack of another.  I had fun with this card, went wild as a last Harrah.  Glitter and nail polish and who knows what else everywhere




The flower, now that's interesting indeed. Its made from a recycled dryer sheet.  You can make your own – just visit Gabrielle’s “Such a Pretty Mess” blog!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me overwhelm you with my cards.  I hope to put something besides cards here soon LOL!  Thanks you Shirley for the wonderful cream pie recipe you sent!   And thanks to Valinda for your continued feedback – I appreciate it.


  1. Soo many things to comment on, fabulous cards sis, all of them a little work of art. Mike's favorite saying is Happy Wife, Happy Life, mind you most time he is referring to my copious amounts of craft supplies but who am I to argue. So umm, you made a flower out of a dry sheet.. huh huh. Did you use the one I sent you? There is an award for you, it is waiting patiently on my blog for you :)

  2. Good morning Barb:)
    Hope your eyes are able to see this morning after your day on the puter.:)
    LOVE your cards!! You sure are on a roll!!:)I am doing good to get one done a week!hehe You even got your Mojo done!! I am IMPRESSED!!!:)
    Christy wants to go to "Archivers" again today..we have a store in town.... and we have shopping planned again.Big Lots and Micheal's for sure!!:)

    Here's where we are going...

    I too have an award for you on my blog..cause you inspire me too.:)


  3. Lovely cards... I love your day 208 funny masculine card most.. what a fun sentiment hehehe:)

  4. love your baby card too.... love the colours baby toy :)

  5. wow girl have you been the cards are so talented ...I am going to give the 365 a try love your baby card ....but all your cards are beautiful and inspire me to.
    Have a great week


  6. Great cards, thanks for joining us at 365 Cards.

  7. always look forward to seeing your cards girl :)

    that sentiment on the first one is a hoot!!

  8. Madre mía!! yo vengo a votar la del sketch del domingo, pero es que todas las tarjetas están perfectas!!
    Gracias por jugar cada semana con nosotras!!

  9. way to go on all the cards!!! LOVE the pretty take on the sketch, esp the added bling


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