Tuesday, October 04, 2011

More Cards and Awards and a Cute Deer


I took a little breather this week.  I needed that, you know sometimes how you can get going too fast and spinning your wheels?  Well my good common sense told me I needed to slow down, get grounded again so that/’ what I did.  I don’t feel very creative when I am under pressure and its far too easy to say “yes” to many things.  I practiced saying NO and got my calendar manageable once again.  What do you do when you realize you’ve over-committed? 

I make myself get out in nature a bit, for sure, because it somehow gives me a perspective I can’t get when I’m hurrying-scurrying about.  I’m reminded that man makes schedules but nature takes no heed to them.  Here’s an inspiring passage by Richard Jeffries, a great writer about nature.  Perhaps his thought will cause you to pause and slow down a bit as it did for me.


“I must stay under the old tree in the midst of the long grass.  I seem as if I could feel all the glowing life the sunshine gives and the south wind calls to being.  The endless grass, the endless leaves, the immense strength of the old oak expanding, the unalloyed joy of finch and blackbird: from all of them I receive a little.  Each gives me something of the pure joy they gather for themselves.  To be beautiful and to be calm, without mental fear, is the ideal of nature.  If I cannot achieve it, at least I think it.“

~ Richard Jeffries

On to a few cards I created once I got a chance to take a breath.  

Mojo Monday 209 – The Contest

My take on this design:


I’m not sure but I might just put a small “happy birthday” stamped sentiment beside the blue trim on the right side, what do you think? 

I embossed the cake with a clear gloss and added some sparkle

Stamp: TPC studio

Paper: SEI

365 Cards Day 216 – Super Sketchy Sunday

Here’s mine:


This background does nothing to show off this card to its potential.  I won’t take pics here again. 

Designer Paper: Best Creation Inc “Merry Christmas”

365 Cards Day 217 – I’ve Been Framed!


We want to see an image framed by something other than a circle/oval or square/rectangle shape.

I made mine like this:


I used these brackets (which I cut out on my Silhouette SD) as my frame.  A little bit of bold tartan ribbon really makes this card stand out.

I’ll leave you with a photo I took right outside my window the other morning – I could hear something “thumping” and it happened to be two deer playing and leaping.  How sweet and fun a start to my day!


I wanted to go out and play too. 

Thanks for your visit today.  I’m hoping to put up a few more free elements and cut files in within a week for sure, perhaps sooner. 


  1. Good evening Barb:)
    LOVE your cards! SO COOL:)I figured you had been busy making cards etc.Happy you took the time to slow down some and get your mojo back.:)
    Great pic of the deer!! How cool is that?:)

    I missed you while you were gone!


  2. Love the cards Barb..awesome job ...love the colors and all the layouts. Have a great week. Love the deer ....your yard always has so many things going on...love it.


  3. Beautiful cards Aunty Barb. So glad you had some unwind time and some time to take in some nature...as it is beautiful around your place.
    That must have been so cool to see the playful deer.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!


  4. Beautiful cards sis, you are always so creative. You have a great eye for colour and elements.

  5. The site is very good.Thank you.

  6. great cards and love your take on the sketch!!! your photo is gorgeous!!! what a great sight to look out to!!!

  7. Gorgeous cards, love the colour mix and framing :)

  8. awesome cards!!
    oh what a fun surprise you saw outside your window :)

  9. Como siempre, tus tarjetas son perfectas!!!
    El calcetin es muy bonito, un gran trabajo.

  10. Glad to hear you have taken a wee breather - I can't keep up with all these cards!!!

  11. Beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a mudra.. thanks and God bless.. by pR


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