Tuesday, July 02, 2013

“5 Star” Greeting Card - FREE Cutting file for your Cameo or Silhouette

I hope all my fellow Canadians had a great Canada Day and long weekend, I sure did!  I will post some pics on that in another post soon but my focus today is to give you a FREE cutting file and tutorial for a card I recently created.  All of the photos in this tutorial were taken using my iPhone - its just SO much easier than my camera - so please forgive me for the quality of some.

We will be creating THIS card:


You will need the following supplies:

1-5 Star 1

STARS - I bought these last year at our local Home Hardware (on clearance - got several colors)   I have included a star cut-out file for you in case you can’t find anything similar - you can cut yours out of shiny paper or whatever colors you might like.

BEADS - the bead is pretty much essential - it not only looks nice, it actually anchors the star onto the card.

CARD BASE - I have created the card to be a standard 5.5 x 4.25 inch. 

THREAD and NEEDLE - choose a color that co-ordinates with your stars/card.

SMALL SQUARE of cardstock - acts as an anchor to hold your knotted thread.

FOAM TAPE - to affix the sentiment plate to your card and add some height to it. 


SILHOUETTE SKETCH PENS - if you plan to use the sentiment I created.  You may have another way of adding the sentiment on by hand or stamping. 


If you use the sketch pens to draw the greeting out first then either ungroup the “outside cut” and “holes” and move them off to one side (you could also just hit DELETE to those two items as well… With just your sentiment showing, ask your Cameo to “cut” the words on.  If you’re advanced, you can figure out how to add the extra step to make the 5 star in a separate color.  The more you practice with your pens and use them this all becomes easier. Once you have “cut” this sentiment then keep hitting the “Back” arrow


on in your software until you come back to the original file and then trade out the sketch pen for your blade.  Now delete the sentiment bits and when you only have the holes and the outside line left set your software to “cardstock” and then cut that! 

NOTE: at the end of this project, when you close the program choose NO so that you don’t save any changes you have made to the original file!!

Cut your stars if you are not using premade ones.


1-5 Star 2


Thread your needle and knot the end. Taking the small square of cardstock, pierce it and then draw your needle through the first hole in this sentiment panel. 

1-5 Star 3

Thread on a star and then a bead.

1-5 Star 9

Keep adding stars until all five are sewn on.  Thread your needle back under the previous stitch and knot it.

1-5 Star 6

Affix with PLENTY of foam tape (gives a little LIFT to this sentiment)  Stick this onto your card base.

1-5 Star 8

You’re all done!

Here is a second version of this card I made using patterned paper:


1-5 Star 11


Personal  and Non-Profit Use

(commercial use available upon permission)

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