Monday, September 08, 2014

Freshly Made Sketches #152 Challenge Card

FMS 152:

And here’s my take on this sketch:


Designer Paper - “BOWTIES” by Basic Grey

Stamp - by Paper Smooches

Beetle Shape - Flaticon free shape (credit and attribution

Beetle Wings - Barb Derksen

I have been dying to use paper from this 6 x 6 DP pack from Basic Grey so when I decided to jump into this challenge it was not a question in my mind I would choose a paper from this fun pack.

I kind of switched the layout of the sketch so my “shape” appears on the left side rather than the right.  Such a rebel.

I hunted down the beetle shape and cut it with my Cameo and then fashioned a design for some wings.  I used vinyl for both the beetle body and the wings.  Often when I do a solid shaped item like this which requires some sturdiness, I actually fix the vinyl to cardstock before cutting and then cut using the cardstock setting. 

I stamped the sentiment onto roughly torn watercolor paper (stamps are SO much crisper for the good quality paper, worth every penny!)  I added a black ribbon and voila. 

Ok, not quite voila after taking this picture because my Mr. and I decided this beetle looks even more cool with some plastic “googly eyes” - but time is of the essence so I did not have time to process a new pic.

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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Cas-ology Challenge Week 111 - under

Cas-ology Challenge Week 111:

I thought and thought and THOUGHT about this “under” theme and finally came up with this card:


The “under” being the owl under the pretty sparkly stars. 

The owl is a Forever in Time sticker - could not resist, so fun and bright.  The Birthday stamp a partial sentiment from a Studio G stamp, the “who’s” a custom cut on my Silhouette Cameo and the stars are also cut from vinyl - a few with an offset to add interest.  I had fun with this card.


Today’s one small thing is my observation of the days.

Apples are being picked.  The air is scented with a heady mixture of apple pulp and mulch as wind-falls are consumed back into the fertile soil and grassThere is a definite edge to the nights which becomes a chill by morning.  Soon this chill which condenses dew on every blade of grass shall become lacy frost.  The sky is an impossible turquoise and the clouds generally wispy as a horse’s tail in the wind.  There is a beautiful brightness to the very atmosphere and each day’s “golden hour” the more golden, almost begging us to take advantage of this unique time to capture photosIt is hope of a good harvest.  But a harvest either paltry or abundant we are thankful for.  We put away summer, clothes in drawers, gardens sorted - plants uprooted or protected.  I want to ride my bike.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Family Challenge Card #13 - Paint Chip!

Sigh sigh sigh, I blogged only once in August, how very sad Sad smile  - lets hope September is better.

So I’m kicking this month off with a Family Challenge.  Seeing how I keep picking up paint chips here and there on my travels (mainly because I find they somehow magically have “that shade” I need on some projects) - I figured to intentionally challenge myself and family members Nina and Judy to come up with something nifty too.  The only perimeter I set is we incorporate a paint chip into the mix.



I chose this feather cut (from the Silhouette Store’s “feathers” set) and a paint chip from Behr - 420F- 4 (Sagey) is the top colour and it has three other shades below.  Next I trimmed my paint chip into it’s coloured sections because originally there  was white space in between each hue.  I used some scotch tape to hold the pieces together.  I created an offset in my Silhouette software and then plunked the feather atop. 

I wanted my card to reflect the entire spectrum of my chosen paint chip so I kept my background cardstock very simple.   I used the same cardstock and embossed it to add interest to the front, and left a strip open on the card face so I could stamp a sentiment.  I embossed the sentiment to include some texture into this area of my card. I used some foam tape to bump out the feather as the feature of my creation.

I thought I was done.  Something missing.

Ahhhh - used a small strip leftover from my feather cut, reversed the color sequence and tacked it to the bottom panel, this seemed to have grounded it. 

Be sure to check out Nina and Judy’s cards as well!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Sweet Summer Evening

Summer's eve
A pleasant hike
Upon a path
For foot or bike
We tread upon wood
Clip clopping shoes
And hush-hush Mingus paw
Sky washed blue
Crows a'caw
Bite of marsh
Heady scent
Time with friend...
Heaven sent

Thursday, July 24, 2014

TMS 259 Card & FREE chevron .studio file

While I’m feeling creative,

While the iron is hot, so to speak - I’ll strike,

I’ll make and blog and then later on will be a little folding of the hands and such. 

So, I attempted this card

Tuesday Morning Sketches 259

And I managed to make this:



Supplies: DP “Brioche” by Memory Box, golden Gem by Art Minds, Stamps - sun by Studio G and sentiment by My Favorite Things, Accents - gelly roller pen and watercolor.

Chevron cutting file… ME! (I cut my chevrons out of vinyl - goes QUICK and easy!)  In fact, I’m giving away both the square chevron pattern and another pattern - like this:





Today’s 1 small THING is a picture I painted of myself using ArtRage on my iPad (one must be able to make fun of oneself, no?


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Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Adventures and Addicted to CAS #43

How has YOUR summer been so far? 

Mine has been an adventure for sure.  I enjoyed almost a month away at the coast spending time with family.  The coast is so different from Osoyoos - I revel in what each of our location offers.  I also enjoy being with my kin, you know? 

michelle and me

The first bit of family I was blessed to share three whole entire days with was my sister in law Michelle. She and I and my beautiful nieces spent our time poking around thrift stores, cooking, hanging out and even doing crafts.  I got to see what life is like in Surrey.  I was certainly pampered!

I don’t have photos, however my Mr and I attended the 1st birthday of our handsome little nephew who turned 1 - and got to see more and more family!

Maggie and Me

Then I had a nice time with my sister in law Maggie.  She took me out for  a day out in Mission, lunching at the Blackberry Kitchen (Num!)  and then we caught explored the local thrift stores hitting many sales.  I found some pretty things (clothing items) for next to nothing (which is good as my hero husband is on strike in his school district) 

Me Mel and Nina

And then my one and only sister Nina scooped me from the coast, brought me home and we drove up and spent an overnight with my daughter Melanie and met Fancy, the closest thing to a grandchild as I’m likely to get anytime soon.  At least this little puppy is cute as a button - smart and playful.  So much fun I would have liked to sneak her home in my purse.  She’s that small! 

So, I feel all filled up in my heart for now.  A person should have a good dose of summer family connects to make it memorable.  Thank you to each of you who made my time very special.

And now that I’m home and settled in again…

I decided to attempt a challenge card for fear I would not remember how Winking smile 

Addicted to CAS #43 - code word CELEBRATE!

I tried to keep it simple -




“Light Bright” designer paper by Colorbok, stamp - Basic Grey 

The stamp was actually a little boy figure, but I turned it into a girl because this card is going to a girl.  I created the “CELEBRATE” using layers of vinyl and cardstock cut on my Silhouette Cameo.


My today’s 1 small THING is this inspiring bit written oh so long ago by Robert Louis Stevenson (though entirely relevant today)

My Task

To be honest, to be kind;

To earn a little and to spend less;

To make upon the whole a family happier for his presence;

To renounce when that shall be necessary and not to be embittered;

To keep a few friends, but those without capitulation -

Above all, on the same grim conditions, to keep friends with himself -

Here is a task for all that a man has of fortitude and delicacy.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The SLOOOOOWW Days of Summer - FREE Snail Cutting file!

Summer has begun officially - and now I feel it in my heart and soul too.  You know how this is sometimes - this queuing of a particular season in your heart?  I don’t know what throws the switch internally, be it the weather?  Where I happen to be? (I’m visiting at the moment, so looking with fresh eyes?)  Could it be the visit in itself?  (the relaxation of a day’s schedule and ability to be prone to wander at whim?)  Perhaps its the allowing of meals to ‘unfold’ rather than plan everything down to a T.

At any rate, I'm here. 

Another thought, maybe its the fact one can pack everything up into one suitcase (or in my case a nice plastic tub (so much easier to get in and out of fast)   It seems funny to need only what one has brought… what do I need an entire house of 'stuff’ for - or at the very least how grateful for my stuff knowing I have it all, and now should appreciate it too. 

And what is so rare as a day in June?
Then, if ever, come perfect days
Then Heaven tries earth if it be in tune,
And over it softly her warm ear lays.
Whether we look, or whether we listen,
We hear life murmur, or see it glisten.

Well, at any rate I’ve had some lovely walks these relaxing June days and enjoyed some sights I’ll share with you over the coming days.


On one of my ramblings here I noticed there are a lot of slugs and snails.  The slugs are quite monstrous beasts when viewed in macro mode of my camera.  I imagine myself towered over by huge versions of them in a good summer children’s story…about how they LOOK all mean and huge but they turn out to be gentle giants!


But the snails, they are adorable to me.  Perhaps they make me think a bit like they have their ‘suitcase’ of all they need upon their back - ready to travel at any time, with all they need right where they are.  How can one not like a snail?

So, I decided to draw a snail.  I did and it turned out fine so the creative side of me carried it even a step further to make a cutting file to share with YOU!


  I cut the body from brown kraft paper and added a couple of tiny gems for the antennae. the “shell” is composed of two cuts - a plain circle, then the spiral cut - so that the circle acts as a backdrop to the spiral.   I popped the shell up using some foam tape and then I embossed both parts of the snail because they are shiny when I see them in nature! 




Here is a card I made using my Snail file - isn’t it too cute for words?  I used a bit of designer paper for the shell, the possibilities are endless.


Today’s 1 Small Thing is a picture or two of something I observed on my walk the other day:

Background story - I was just beginning my walk when I could hear quite a ruckus from some birds.  They birds sounded strangely like a Catbird - a queer cackling and mewling, almost like a cat or kitten.  At any rate there were a few of them interacting.  looked down and saw a baby but it hopped off in a hurry before I could have my camera out.  I also espied:


This wee snake, trying to hide underneath a shrub.  Was it trying to get away from the birds - thinking it would wind up as “bird spaghetti” or something? 

The birds themselves proved to be very elusive and I had to really hunt to locate a glimpse and finally was rewarded with this picture:


Do YOU know what type of bird this is?  I’d love to know.

PS - In case I don’t get back here soon, HAPPY CANADA DAY weekend!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Visit to Krause Berry Farm

I had the opportunity of an outing to the Krause Berry Farm in Langley the other day.  The day was absolutely PERFECT with a clear blue sky, a few puffy cotton candy clouds, a slight breeze and mild temperatures.  I was invited along with my Mother in Law by her friend Edith in the mid afternoon.

You can visit the Krause Berry Farm official website yourself if you like, to fill in the gaps from what I may not be able to share through my little picture ‘flip-book’ blog post.  I thought I’d just give you a feast for your eyes with the things that caught the eye of my camera lens:

1-June 2014 Krause Farms7

Of COURSE the first photo will be of these ripe, delicious berries which are outstanding in appearance and flavour.  These huge, sweet fruits are the perfect blend of soft enough for sinking your teeth into like sugary pillows, yet firm enough to have you dreaming up new dessert or jam recipes. 


When I walked inside my eyes didn’t know where to look first - to the right and at the many MANY unique varieties of delicious fudge…


Or to the roof where pie pans create a bright eye-catching pattern!

June 2014 Krause Farms11

More roof candy!

June 2014 Krause Farms6

And then on to the displays around - every nook and cranny greets with old and new, vintage and new and clever!  

June 2014 Krause Farms 4

Every conceivable gadget or gift item associated with berries of all kinds!  There are even banks of freezer units displaying tempting frozen items such as blueberry perogies - can you imagine?


A cool china pie topper so your pie always looks like its fresh baked and ready to eat - haha, nothing like putting the pressure on yourself, no?

1-June 2014 Krause Farms5

Of course the fake pie has nothing on their real pie…


June 2014 Krause Farms12

There’s even a tantalizing window where you can watch the staff assemble these delectibles!

June 2014 Krause Farms13

First comes the pastry, next the custard (oh yes CUSTARD) followed by a mountain of fresh berries and glaze.  Oh MY! 

June 2014 Krause Farms14

Here’s a toast to a successful small business gone GOOD!  I’m sure there is much pride of Langley to offer this fun place to visit.  I love places like this.  There is so much more which I am not able to mention here, so I hope you visit their website (if you’re not close enough to visit the farm!)

Monday, June 23, 2014

ATCAS #41 Challenge Card and a FREE Cutting File for YOU!

I’m feeling rebellious this fine Monday Morning so I am going to post my finished card first then the challenge graphic.  Perhaps I will do this in the future too. Its my blog and I can do what I want ha-ha!  Oh my, aren't I a piece of work this morning. 


Awww - isn’t this feller so sweet?  OK, might be a girl sun, you COULD add some false eyelashes… This is my take on:

Addicted to CAS #41 SUN

I used paper I chanced upon at a garage sale this past weekend - the cardstock did not have any way of identifying it - but the argyle is from a Ki Paper Pad called… Argyle! 


I built this fun FREE smiling sun Cut  in two pieces so you can pop the face up a bit using foam tape.  I would normally use “googly eyes” - you know, the kind you buy in the crafts section… but I was not crafting at home and so had to be resourceful.  I used a couple of sequins that color - coordinated with the cardstock of the face of the card, then added two tiny black pearl gems for the eye”ball”s.  I rather like the effect.  You may notice, if you look closely at the “rays” cut - I made it so you could actually cut your background in a square or rectangle to line up with the actual “rays” on the left side (right down the middle of the face) so half the sun face would hang over onto the backdrop… I hope you know what I mean.  I may build an alternative version of this in the future.


Please enjoy my FREE Sunshine Smile .studio Cut for your personal or commercial use, but I ask simply you credit me when using and link to my blog.  Please do not directly share this download link but have others visit here to download.  Please consider “faming” my blog and FREEBIES on all and any social media, this helps me a lot and I appreciate it. 

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