Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Where oh Where have I been?

Well, I've NOT been to London to visit the Queen.  In fact, of late - for about 3 weeks, I've been in front of my computer, taking breaks only to come up for air, to eat, to thank my handsome Mr for being patient with me, to take bathroom breaks, to work and to sleep.

Why? You ask...

I've been making a 1st year photo album of my daughter and grandbaby.  A whole 160 pages of special moments.  Ah yes, 160 pages.  I originally purchased a "buy now, create later" special through Photobooks Canada and as the deadline was looming I had to just get it done.  I bought an 80 page book, though was not certain if this 80 pages literally meant 80 pics or 160 
pics on two sides of the 80.  I read through the FAQ and I thought this meant I would need the 160 so simply forged ahead.  Imagine my utter shock and horror to realise after uploading and talking to an (oh so understanding) agent, that I'd doubled what I was supposed to do.  Sticker shock!!! However, I must say that Photobooks has worked out an arrangement with me which has allowed me to print my book and I won't have to eat rice for dinner every day for the next month and my lovely family will be able to cherish this treasure forever. 

Me and G'baby out for our walk!
Houston, Tx

I've been utterly blessed to be a huge part in my daughter and grandbaby's life and I wanted to be able to be the one to capture this for generations to come.  I am grateful I could take so many photos of them because a mom can't take photos of herself all the time, of the countless precious moments.  There are the highs, the lows and the dramatic times in between - so lovely to preserve them in such a gorgeous way. 

G'Baby dumps the coffee canister over
while helping "Nonno" (Italian for Grampa) 
bake bread.

Doesn't she look just zen sitting there?  LOL! 

All of my layouts were created using Digital Scrapbooking kits by my friend Kristin Cronin Barrow and they are available at  Sweet Shoppe Designs!  

Besides this, I've been working a couple days a week and thats about it.  Thanks for stopping by!  Perhaps you might come visit again when I receive and unveil this photobook when I open it!  

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