Friday, March 29, 2013

Another Denim Look Handmade Journal

I recently blogged a small journal I created using a denim shirt I had cut up in THIS post:

Right afterward I decided to tackle a larger one using the same denim and featuring the pocket from it.


This is the front cover of my journal.


It measures 5 x 7 and is filled with a mix of both plain writing pages and some Strathmore Fine Art paper drawing pages in a charcoal color as well.


This pocket is what drew me…


Absolutely perfect to put a tiny pen covered in the same material inside, ready for journaling on the go. 

Thanks for visiting!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Using “Snaps” on a Masculine Card

I like to use unusual elements on my cards sometimes.  Besides being very economical, using unique finds from thrift shops and yard sales can sometimes give you a look you won’t find at any regular craft stores - so your card will be ‘something different’. 

I made this card for a relative -


I chose this GI Free Form (Citrus Stripe) Designer Paper from the GWEN collection by Kim Crothers.  I simply layered a narrower strip with black, elevated it above the card base using foam tape and added my own “twine” which I created by twisting tri colors of crochet thread together.  The sentiment is a Studio G, stamped using Versafine Black. 


I find THESE - I call them ‘snaps’?  These are a dime a dozen, literally, at thrifts and they are absolutely wonderful for masculine cards.

What repurposed items do you find to use on handmade cards?

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Leather Look Journal

I’m always trying new crafts and this particular craft came about because I wanted to make something for my brother Dave’s surprise 60th birthday.  Obviously his party is over by the time this is published or I will have given the secret away.

I have always had a love of journals or diaries.  As a kid I used to dissect some and I would find them padded with Chinese newspapers inside and that used to transport my mind - it was magical to me!  Breaking them down way back when must have planted a seed in my mind because I sort of had an idea how I wanted to make my first one ever.  This is it:


My brother is an avid fisherman and so I thought to theme it in this way.  It measures 4 x 5 inches so it won’t tax him to try to put those BIG fish tales in it, rather he might only feel he could list THE lake, THE fish and THE fly or lure.  And how many.  That sort of thing.  I don’t know if he’s a journally kind of guy. 


I hand bound the inside.  The pages are made from Strathmore fine art paper so he could even attempt to draw, if the urge should hit.  Being a quality acid-free paper it will be around for generations to come.  However, the “leather” look cover is really a wallpaper sample! 


I cut a piece of thick cardboard into the shape of a frame and glued a coppery shimmer paper over this.  I typed the title using my trusty manual typewriter and added a handmade fly onto this (my talented brother Barry made the fly I think) I added a little “window” of heavy plastic over top for safety reasons.  The plastic came from some packaging from some item - can’t even remember what.   Seems most items, even the teensiest, come with a whole lot of plastic packaging. 

Thanks for visiting!  More journals to come.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Card using ‘Negative’ cutting shapes

I recently made the following card:

and when I made it I had to create a cut sheet which gave me the “positive” images (the jar lid and the word SWEET.  It looked like this when I cut it out:

1-so sweet 1

A sheet of sweets!  These were the POSITIVE images.  Now, what we are left over with is:

1-so sweet 3

The NEGATIVE image - what to do what to do? 

I decided to make another card and use one of these to show you how to use these up:


I had this pretty Designer Paper by Webster’s Pages - Your Life Beautiful and what I love about it is the transparency.  I used some Studio G letter stamps for the “you’re so” and let the glitter speak for itself. 


Adding some small touches such as a butterfly cut out, soft and see through ribbon and an amber gem brought this card together! 

How do YOU use the “NEGATIVES” in your projects?

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun FREE Easter Rabbit Napkin Ring

I wanted to contribute something pretty to our family Easter dinner table this year as my Mother in Law goes through so much effort with a fantastic meal.  I needed a project I could whip up quickly because time is short for me right now.  I went over to The Graphics Fairy and found this fun Rabbit image almost immediately and knew it would be the focus of my project.


Isn’t he wonderful? 


I created a set of 8, this only took me 1/2 hour.  I made a “print and cut” sheet for my Silhouette Cameo and 8 fit on the sheet perfectly.  I designed a lacey band to go with it which I cut out of heavier cardstock. I taped it together, added a Glue Dot to affix Mr Rabbit.


The final touches were some Glossy Accents for the eye and flowers (makes them stand out and look real) and a bow!  I hope you enjoy this fun Easter project.  The files I”m providing are for a Silhouette Cutting machine but you could easily download and set up your own print sheets in a program like Microsoft Word, Publisher or something like Inkscape.  Please be sure to leave some comment love for Karen at Graphics Fairy as I know how much that means. You will find the image on THIS webpage.


.studio cutting files

I love to share YOUR projects here too!  If you’ve used one of my FREE files and would send me a photo then I will feature you.  Barbara (what a NICE name) used my Mason Jar files to make tags for her home preserves and allows us to see what she created:



Don’t you just ♥ this idea?  I can see I’ll be doing this next canning season.  Thanks for sharing, Barbara!


And if you have a Silhouette Cameo or SD you should really “HOP” over (pun intended) to my friend Debbie’s Blog as she has some fabulous files and loads of useful and informative videos on how to make your machine dance for you!  Just click on her banner and you will transported!

Thanks for visiting me today.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Photos: Throne Mountain and Whistler Canyon Hike

Spring has sprung here in the Okanagan and every sunny day beckons my Mr and I out of doors.  We had a beautiful hike a few weeks ago to a local spot called Throne Mountain which is situated behind the beautiful Burrowing Owl Winery.  Here are a few from our day on Throne Mountain (we did not go all the way to the top) 


Even though this was taken at the earliest part of March the moss was out in brilliant greens.



The lichen captures me and my Mr needs to drag me onward and upward!

Throne iphone 2

A view looking south from Throne Mountain, overlooking Osoyoos Lake taken with my iphone.

Throne iphone 1

Overlooking the Burrowing Owl Winery, Osoyoos - taken with my iphone.

1-burrowing snow_barbderksen

The last vestiges of snow, overlooking the Burrowing Owl.


How can one not respect this fellow? 

And then this past week we took a drive “south of the border” into the USA to Tonasket, Washington to eat lunch at Rancho Chico and on our way home we spied a new sign pointing toward a hiking trail we were not aware of, so I BEGGED my Mr to block out our Sunday afternoon after church to explore and he went for it.  

It is called the Whistler Canyon Trail 


We started our trek at this information sign


The trail is clearly marked with both signage and cairns.


Buttercups a sure sign that Spring is really here!  Buttercups always make me feel hopeful.


These bluffs look as if they are assembled together like puzzle pieces.


Overlook of the Similkameen River.


I like the burnt orange hue of this lichen.


Lush moss here too, there is water seeping through many rock faces which dry up during the hot summer. 


The normally placid creek is alive!


We went at a really fast pace but could only hike for over an hour before we came to this impasse and, not having waterproof boots on, decided to call it a day and save some for next time.  After we turned around we sought a sunny ledge to eat our snack on, and when my Mr got up we found a tick crawling on his fleece pullover.  Sigh.


Enjoying a bit of sunshine on the way down.


Thats our little VW Vanagon “Seb (short for Sebastian an ancient cartographer and explorer) sitting down in the parking lot waiting for us.  The parking lot and trail head are gravelled with calcium carbonate and is almost blinding on a sunny day. 

Thanks for coming on our hikes Smile 

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIY Revamped Coffee Mug



I like these ceramic coffee mugs with the nice soft rubber tops so when I espied one for 50 cents at the thrift I grabbed it right away.  I’ve been dying to try out the Martha Stewart All Surface Paints I purchased with my “fun money” which I got for Christmas.  I figured this would be the perfect item to try them out on.  These paints are supposed to work on a variety of surfaces, glass included. 

I had all sorts of pretty ideas in my head until my Mr noticed the cup and was oooh-la-ing over it.  I decided then and there I would make it over for HIM.  (I try to do one unique special thing for him every day) 


My man is musical so I chose this Electric Guitar file which I purchased from the Silhouette America Online Store. I cut the shape using Silhouette Vinyl.  I then transferred the bits I wanted to the cup and then painted the various layers in stages. 


One side has the guitar upside down…


The other opposite.  I also sprayed the OUTSIDE of the cup with Krylon Triple Thick Clear Glaze and it looks fantastic! 

Stay tuned for my next DIY!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Family Challenge Mod Podge Technique

Super quick post here as spring has sprung and I need to go a’raking! 

My oh so crafty sister Nina challenged me and my Sister in Law Judy to a new challenge based on the following video:

Now I am a lazy girl and plus I like to “push the envelope” on the creative thing so though my sister might think I cheated a bit… well:


Um, I did not leave myself quite enough time to sit and piece little bits together and I know my Cameo is just waiting like my trusty white steed by my side so I employed it to do my “mosaic” part.

mod 4

I created a “mosaic” pattern using elongated soft edged rectangles and then had my machine cut DOLLAR STORE mac-tack (sticky shelf liner) which I’d picked up a whole roll of for $2.  I liked the masculine pattern on it. 

mod 3

Once it was cut, I used a discarded credit card to hold the little bits down while I carefully lifted off the “frame” around the bits.  Then I used some transfer tacky sheet and moved the patterned bits to my card.


I DID Mod-Podge this flower though which I cut from the same designer paper as the background.  I built the center of the blossom in layers, the first being a circle I cut out of screen - right, the sort from your windows, works great!  Next a circle from plain white cardstock, topped with a button and then a bow of crochet thread.

The designer paper was a scrap, the stamp from American Crafts JARED collection.

I hope you’ll hop over to Nina and Judy’s blogs to check out their creations (they will be posted by 9:30 a.m. PST)

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Fun Jam Jar Card for Fortnightly Challenge 57

I have an order for some Thank You cards from a dear friend so I decided to marry it up with a challenge, a new one, just coz. Coz its Monday and one does not want to do the usual Monday stuff. 

Fortnightly Challenge 57 - Shaped Cards

The rule is - a shaped card, anything but square.  There’s some funky digital stamps to be won by KennyK’s so you might want to join in!   And Scrappers Delight is also providing a prize to a lucky winner for a $5 coupon to spend in their web store. 

Here’s my take on a shaped card:


I used my MASON CUT which is a freebie here on my blog from a ways back - but instead of CUTTING it, I drew it with my Silhouette Sketch Pens.  Granted I did have to modify a few bits to get a cut around afterwards and then I married two two “jars” together to make the card base. 

The original post for the Mason jar is HERE if you’d like to revisit it and download via the link.  Not ALL the files you see here today are in it but the basics are.

The glitter is from some stick and peel glitter sheets my friend Mel O gave me - I had no idea they were sticky so I was hugely tickled when I found this out, it saved me tons of work.  I cut the lid shape with the sparkly and the lettering and set the lettering inside the SWEET which was already drawn in using the sketch pens.


I always default to my dear old manual typewriter for sentiments in a pinch and this time I typed out the “you’re so…” onto some parchment because I wanted the “jam” to show through a bit.  I typed onto the parchment, then I turned the paper over and because the paper is semi transparent I was able to see where it was and place the tape on it.  Then I trimmed it and pasted it onto the front.  I’ll definitely use this tip time and time again. 


Ah well, if one is going to invest a bunch of time into designing a card then one should make a half dozen batch, right?

Thanks for taking the time to visit me today.  Stay tuned for some cool DIY posts coming up - I’m on a roll!

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