Friday, March 08, 2013

Creating Books and a FREE Poppy Cut - .studio SVG & PNG

I’ve been really ill.  Just when I get going along and feeling invincible I contracted a nasty flu-bug/cold and it laid me low.  But now that I’m on the mend I thought I’d catch up here and do some sharing! 

leaf print

I’ve discovered a new passion - it still involves paper, mind you.  I was inspired the last time I was at Artists on Main here in Osoyoos and one of the Artists was making leaf prints and she said she was hoping to make some small hand-bound books.  She had an interesting book on the subject which she allowed me to devour at coffee break. 

The idea one could make a book “from scratch” took hold of me and that’s always dangerous!  I have paper, in fact I have all the tools to undertake a venture like this.  So, when I got home I set about experimenting.  Being my dear friend Mel O was all lined up by me to have her first ever in her life “surprise party” I thought that it would be a beautiful thing to make her, perhaps she will put little memories of her special evening into it.


Mel’s book turned out to be a small one, measuring about 4 x 6 inches.  I used scrapbook paper on the cover and created a blossom by sewing strips of a blouse to a circle of cardstock.


Yeah, sometimes I buy clothing and I put it on later and ask myself “Why???”  but now I know - its the material that I like.  So, anything which has a pleasing pattern on it is fair game to be up-cycled into something new these days.  I used the ties to make the book fasten at the side.  I filled the inside with Strathmore Series art paper. 

Mel loved it, she had a wonderful party with fourteen of her friends at McKia’s restaurant.  I must say, this is the second party I’ve held at McKia’s and I am so very impressed with them.  The staff completely decorate the tables and they even provided cake for the birthday girl and ALL of us!  (and the food was delicious!)

Since then I’ve made a few more journals and I will share these over the coming days.  Here is another small one I made:


The denim here is from another blouse and the flower from a table runner which had a tear in it. 


I trimmed out a blossom with its stem and leaves and sewed them onto the denim before I covered the journal, then cut little frilly layers of material and sewed them atop, adding a button to finish.


The inside is filled with sketch pages of high quality art paper and I sandwiched parchment between the pages so that if someone is drawing with pencil or other art supplies which might “bleed” or rub off, then each page is protected. 

So stay tuned for my next journal coming soon.  I’m experimenting with binding techniques and materials, later on when I get this down to a science I will go wild and make a real “artsy” journal filled on the inside with my own writings and “stuff”.


Since my Mr. has caved and said it is ok to publish his song from the “All ‘Bout Love” event our Church hosted for the community recently - here it ‘tis (before he can change his mind)  His hesitation is its not “perfect”.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do:



I also managed to fit in a new card design today.  I made this beautiful Poppy cut for a lovely friend of mine who I’ve been encouraging this last while as she is healing up from a surgery and I want to brighten her days with something that will make her smile. 

Poppy Card 1_Barb Derksen

I cut the Poppy out of red shimmery paper and secured it with a grommet.  I cut and glued all the leaves, stems and buds.  I confess that on the pod there should be a little frilly circle cut underneath the white star - I wound up painting that area in with a gold shimmer pearlescent paint.  The stamp is Studio G.  The canvas background paper (isn’t it too cool!!!) is from the Blank Canvas 6x6 paper pad by my talented designer friend Kristin Cronin Barrow.  It has real tooth exactly like canvas. 

Poppy Card 2_Barb Derksen

So I know it will delight my friend to give “HER” flower away to YOU!  I am providing it in three formats - .studio, PNG and SVG.  I welcome you to use this for all your personal use projects.  Note: I think if I made this card again I would shrink the center cut down a little.  I’d love to see how you use this file!  If you feel so led to donate a $1 to my PayPal if you are able would be mighty appreciated, if not, simply be Blessed!


personal use

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  1. so pretty,,,,,,,,thank you!!!!!!!!

  2. Very pretty & textural cards, Barb.
    Tine :)

  3. Sorry to hear you were not well. Ugh! Not fun. But it looks like you've made up for lost time with some great stuff. Can't tie a good girl down for long.

  4. Good morning Barb:)
    So SORRY you have been ill.:( Happy you are feeling better now.:)

    You totally AMAZE me with the many COOL projects you have learned and accomplished!! Your journals look WONDERFUL! Such a great use for your thrifty items.:)

    Please thank Miles for letting us hear him sing.He did an AWESOME job! I think he was singing to YOU!!:)

    Have a FANTASTIC weekend my SWEET friend!!


  5. Thank you for sharing! Love the shape so glad I found Silhouette Plus Forum today!

  6. oh I love your books ...and your poppy flower is awesome ...might have to grab that one



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