Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Family Card Challenge, GOOD Friends, Eating Local & Home Baking

I’m running by my shirt tails once again, life is FULL!  I do have an entire ‘nuther post coming up with pictures of a recent hike but for today I’ll stick to three topics:


My sister Nina challenged my sister in law Judy and I to try out a new technique.  It’s an interesting one and proved to be one I know I will attempt again in the future.  Here is the video which Nina shared with us:

Right - how cool is THAT - DRYER SHEETS!  So I created two versions of card:



This card is very ARTISTIC.  I used some Boho Chic designer paper by Kristin Cronin Barrow for the base.  I stamped a pattern of Inkadinkado flowers all over in coordinating colors - then used bold black VersaFine for the central blooms.  Next came the adhesive and sparkle layer. I chose a heavier glitter for this project.  All I had to do to bring this card to life was add the black lace and tulle border.  This card and the next are reserved for two of my dearest friends. 


I got more experimental on this second one.  I broke out my watercolour paper and paints.  I painted the bloom and dried using my heat embossing gun (so handy!) Next I trimmed dryer sheet bits to fit over the flower parts.  I spray adhesive-d (Krylon adhesive spray) 


Then I laid it on the blossom, glittered with a Glitter Ritz super fine glitter while it was still tacky.  Once set I trimmed around the flower with sharp scissors.  I went in a second time with my watercolors to add bold edges and touches.   I think this is a very effective technique I’ll employ again and again.  The designer paper used here is Happy Trails by American Crafts.  The backgrounds to the Stampin Up Sentiment are actually paint chips I picked up from WalMart. 

CONFESSION: I dry 99.9% of my laundry on a rack outdoors so I actually had to MAKE some used dryer sheets for this project.  I now have friends saving them for me.

Be sure to visit Nina and Judy to see their lovely cards too!



I dined out for lunch yesterday with two dear friends who I’ve not seen since before Christmas.  What a tremendous amount our lives can change in a short span.  THIS meeting was one which has altered our friendships together.  I thank the Lord for HIS hand of graciousness upon our friendship. 

We chose to eat at one of the classiest restaurants in Osoyoos - and a personal favorite - Dolci Deli.  The food and service are a cut above.  The food is always unique, fresh and imaginative.  I know the staff buy ingredients locally (saw it with my very own eyes!) and the presentation is always a pleasant surprise.  I’m so proud to invite friends here and I always recommend it to visitors.


We all chose yesterday’s special - Spaetzle!  Oh so soft and pillowy and nestled beneath just the right amount of caramelized onion and crisp bacon and sided with a bright colourful and tasty green salad - all I can say is its a good thing I live rural or I’d probably be there TOO much!  But just because I can’t … won’t you go FOR me? 



Since I am rural and work from home a lot (working of the artistic sort) I like to bake and experiment.  These are two dishes I made this past week:



Finnish PULLA

This is a Finnish Pulla - a sweet bread and I based my own loosely on a recipe from Cake Crumbs and Beach Sand  I added in some fresh orange zest and pepper and my own dehydrated apple bits.  Num! 



Apple Pizza-Pastry Pie

I am using up apples - living in the Okanagan they are plentiful.  This recipe was a hit with my husband, other than he prefers not to have the peels left on. Me, I like them. 



Super simple, I used the last ball of my Mother in Law’s incredibly flaky pastry.  (she loves me in pastry balls) I spread it on a silpat matt. I simply cut the apples into little strips, tossed them with lemon zest, ginger, cinnamon, a touch of brown sugar and a bit of flour.  I spread this over the dough and then used my cheese grater (sprayed with cooking spray) and shredded butter over the top.  Baked in a moderate oven until it was perfectly golden. 




thanks for visiting!

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  1. wow love the cards stepped out and did an awesome job on them ...wish I was that was an awesome challenge from Nina ...loved it. OHHHH the food looks so good ...yummmmieeee. Thank you for sharing ...your cards and Nina's makes me want to try another card with color.... and another bouce sheet.


  2. Wow, that looks like a super fun technique applying all that glitter. I have never used any dryer sheets since I have never owned a dryer. I'm not even sure I can buy them in my local store, but suppose I could, how could I prepare them for this technique?
    All you dishes, homemade or not, look simply delicious!

  3. Wow what a post. First off thank you so much for trying this challenge with me. It was fun :). Your cards are wonderful and so elegant.

    All the food has just made me hungry and it all looks so nummy.

  4. I see the arteeeest has been at it again what with cards and food. That bread looks SO yummy. The apple thingy too.

  5. Barb, your cards are petty as can be. You make me smile the way you're always up for a challenge.I'm not much for turning on an but I may have to turn it on to try this neat technique.

    XXX- Debbie

  6. OMG! First of all-the food looks fantastic! your homemade items look better than the restaurants!

    I'm going to watch this video & try it myself. Your cards turned out beautifully! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  7. Love the cards and the technique.The only thing I want to know what time is dinner,it looks good.

  8. Your card is beyond beautiful. Love it!

  9. Good afternoon Barb:)
    I LOVE this technique with the dryer sheets!! How COOL! LOVE your cards too!!:) I will have to try this one day.You know how I LOVE glitter!!:)
    Your luncheon with your friends sounds wonderful. Good food and good company..what more could you ask? Your own Finnish Pulla and Apple Pizza-Pastry Pie look SOOO YUMMY!! You are wonderfully talented my friend!:)



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