Saturday, February 02, 2013

Celebrating National Pancake Month with TWO ingredients!

Well, and Happy Groundhog Day too.  Surely everyone knows what Groundhog Day is, but just in case you just coasted in from another planet it goes like this.  All eyes are focused on a groundhog hole - when he/she comes up we watch to see what transpires.  A scramble back down the hole means we should all do the same, get comfy for another six weeks - winter is going to stick around a bit.  However, should said groundhog linger about, even venture out, we should be assured SPRING is in the sidelines and we should open our eyes for the signs all around. 

And well YAY - from all the reports I’m hearing - break out the daffs, foliage, cleaning supplies for the home and get ready to be astonished as the outdoors wakes up!

On another note, this is also the beginning of National Pancake Month.  How funny I should be inspired by a recipe I found cruising and “Pint (eresting)” the other day.  Are you ready for SIMPLE?  If you clicked the link in the introduction line to this block of text it will take you to RealSimple magazine - I ♥ that mag, can’t let go of the back-issues of it and its a constant inspiration.  They have some terrific recipes for great pancakes. 


But if you’re like me and like SUPER SIMPLE (and super healthy) - then the following recipe is for YOU!


2 bananas

2-3 eggs

Cooking instructions:

Mash or puree bananas.  Add eggs.  Mix.  Fry.

Seriously.  Use a teflon coated pan and you won’t need any oil or butter (though who can resist butter sometimes?) 

I wound up using my Maxim Crepe maker, leaving it heated side up, stationary and just drizzling and spreading the batter very thin on the surface) These pancakes are rather on the fragile side.  My friend Cicero tried these and she added some real flour in the batter to make it a little more sturdy.  

Here are some optional ingredients:

vanilla (or any extract - I personally like Watkins Vanilla Nut or Coconut)

1/4 cup coconut flour

chocolate chips

toasted coconut

They are DELICIOUS.  Naturally sweetened. I topped mine with fruit, a little greek yogurt and a goodly squish of a fresh, tangy and fragrant lime. 

Do YOU have a favorite pancake recipe or story you would like to share with me?  Have a great day and DO “flip out!”

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  1. sounds ...looks yummieeee. Please one ...I will have to try the recipe of yours. Yes Spring ...hurray.


  2. Thank you for sharing Barb!
    I find that any recipie with Bananas go's nicely with rum flavor.Will try this!

  3. Hi Mrs. Miles - Thanks for suggesting a pan with Teflon® nonstick coating for your Pancake recipe. I represent DuPont and it's always a pleasure to see people recommending our products.

    If you are interested in some recipes to look at for your cookware with Teflon® nonstick coatings, visit! Also, feel free to check out our Facebook ( and Twitter ( pages! Thanks. Cheers, Sara


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