Thursday, November 30, 2006


You gave such an enthusiastic response to my snowflake overlay that I decided to 'speriment around and make some frames to match. I find they do best on a dark background. They don't work well with a drop shadow but a bit of bevel makes them look cool - play around, have fun and ... send me a layout to post here? With the files being downloaded at least 500 times... surely SOMEONE made one tiny layout ... poke poke - I'm such a pest!


After posting yesterday about my diaper bag/camera bag... I came across this in a mystery novel I am reading: 'Geoff opened the back door and handed Clare a diaper bag disguised as an expensive tote' *GULP* And here's little old me doing the very opposite, hey? Yes, if your lookin' to my blog as the latest fashion statement you're bound to be very disappointed. I can't even tell you I shop at a brand-name store either - the nearest large stores are over an hour's drive north. Am I sick? I would rather shop at the thrift store than a walmart! I could not tell you what the newest, slickest kitchen tool is, or what type of heels are in on sandals... I only know what appeals to my eyes and what textures and materials please the artist in me. Nobody eyes me up and down and shakes their head so I'm sure I do ok dressing myself.

No, I put my pennies aside for a few good things. Now, saying this, I DO enjoy walking through the malls when we visit our folks at the coast, and I DO enjoy going Boxing Day shopping there too. Even then, I know that I stir feelings inside that I DON'T like... that 'have to have' feeling. It's only when I see the latest fashions I become acutely aware that I don't 'fit'. I sometimes even buy one thing thats 'in'... but you know how that goes... once you have the shirt, you have to have the jeans, have to have the shoes to match, the purse etc... Its like when you update a room in your house, the rest of it looks old and tired... its a never ending cycle, and I face it... I can't keep up with it all, not unless I spend more than we make. I like to think of this in spiritual terms ... if I am consumed keeping up with everyone else... worrying whats on everyone elses plate then I won't know whats REALLY important. We all like nice and new things, but there is an invisible line where it begins to control us. I don't ever want to be like that.

I also feel stirrings of envy at times - after all I'm human. When I see some women with all the latest of everything and it all seems to come so easy, I am stirred to envy. Its completely natural. But I know that I have what the Lord wants me to have a this time. He's entrusting me financially with what I can handle. Besides which, I would not trade for all the tea in china, the time I get to spend with my sweet husband. I think I'll stick to bliss and little funds. Have any of you any thoughts on this? I would love to hear from you.

Proverbs 13:40

A heart at peace gives life to the body,
but envy rots the bones.

Ecclesiastes 4:4

And I saw that all labor
and all achievement
spring from man's envy of his neighbor.
This too is meaningless,
a chasing after the wind.


On a brighter note, I would like to share one of these sweet, cheesy little powerpoint shows with you that was forwarded to me from my friend Mina. Its a small presentation with music and paintings about snow and farm life. I hope you enjoy, you can find it here:

More oxymorons (let me know if you have any too?)

harmonious discord
hasten slowly
hazardous waste disposal
head butt
health-care system
healthful-city environment
healthy chocolate
healthy city environment
healthy competition
Healthy tan
heavy gas
heifer bull
helicopter flight
hell’s angels
here and there
high ground
Higher education
highly visible covert operation
high-speed computer
hilarious funeral
history of the future
Historical Current Event
hollow point
holy hell
holy land
Holy Roman Empire
holy war
home office
home school
Homeopathic Medicine

Programs 'To Go'

What a TERRIFIC and useful idea. You may remember a previous entry where I showed you Open Office - and open source program that works like Microsoft Word - word processing... and its completely free. Well, they've gone even a (logical) step further and created it to be 'portable'. This means you can load this program, along with a firefox browser etc... onto your flash drive (storage device for your files, you know)... You heard me... if you have a flash drive with 512 of space on it, you can take your programs with you to whatever computer you want to use! HOW COOL IS THAT? This also means you won't be leaving your sensetive information on other computers, it stays with you.


PortableApps Suite is a collection of portable apps, including the integrated PortableApps Menu and the PortableApps Backup utility along with a set of custom icons, an autoplay configuration, folders and a quick start shortcut. Just drop it on your portable device and you're ready to go.

PortableApps Suite (Standard Edition) includes ClamWin Portable (antivirus), Firefox Portable (web browser), Gaim Portable (instant messaging), Portable (office suite), Sudoku Portable (puzzle game), Sunbird Portable (calendar/task manager) and Thunderbird Portable (email client) and runs comfortably from a 512MB drive.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Sorry, but I'm not quite up to the partridge in the pear tree yet... but I am sure you will all find a creative way to use these golden pears. Can you show me, huh, huh, huh? If you make a layout I would love to feature it here...


$3.75 can buy you a caramel macciado at Starbucks orrrrrrr... well it got me a really nice hoodie sweatshirt, a rexlaxational nature tape and a wire hanger that looks like a curly tree, meant to hold christmas cards or photos or ornaments or or or..

I dare not succumb to cabin fever so I made a decision to get out yesterday, for a foray into the cold, cold world. Most years I tan - y, fake'n'bake... and I know its not good for the body - but I get SAD in the winter. Miles is looking into a special light for me instead this year, but I also need to get out too. I am just so NOT into the gym - the mere thought of it gives me shudders so I am working out at home and trying to get out for walks. Are we on for tonight Becky??? I think I'm still staying supple with an in-home workout using excersize bands and a stepper and a recumbent bike and a date watching oprah each day.

So, I layered on the clothing - felt like a little kid. 2 pairs of pants, two sweaters, big jacket, touque, gloves, woolie socks and good grip runners. I heated up two of those bean bag thingies (actually barley filled - thanks to my sweet sister in law Neti!) and tucked them in with my camera so I would not get lens fog. I put them all in my diaper bag. Yesssss, you heard me. I am probably the only person in the world you know that not only uses a diaper bag for my camera, but possibly the only one who would willingly admit it. Well hey sisters, my camera lives with me everywhere I go, and I prefer not to advertise whats tucked under my arm, you know. Why invite temptation? Who, in their right mind is going to steal a diaper bag... after all I might have a 'live' one in there. He he.

I've lined my bag with some soft foam and I wrap my camera in a soft flannel cloth and it stays snug and secure. My bag has several sections and pouches... and is totally waterproof (or wet diaper proof, I bet!) and even has a side carrier for a water bottle. Nothing shy about me girls.

Anyway, I bundled up and went for a walk/photo trek round our fine community. It was worth the frost bitten fingers to capture the crisp coldness. The sky and water were intense blues and the wind was so strong I had to hold fast to the rails on the bridge over the lake so I would not be buffetted into the traffic. It was as windy as I have ever seen it. I wish you could have been with me to see the snow blowing in dancing streams over the waves.

A reader asked me to submit a poem to encourage everyone. I welcome if you have a word or poem or encouragement you would like me to share. If I can, I will post what you send me. Thanks so much!


Our Faith in God is easy when the
waters 'round are stilled
When the voyage undertaken finds
our dreams and hopes fullfilled.

But holding onto God is hard
when wrestling with our doubt,
and when our storms are fiercest
and our boat is tossed about.

It's when our faith is shaken,
when the Master's sound asleep,
Not knowing we are sinking, and
the waters round are deep.

We wonder then how He, Who's Lord,
of all the land and sea,
could seem to be so unaware,
of our catastrophe.

It's when our faith seems weakest, God,
will calm the sea and soul,
And when we are most broken that,
He'll touch, and make us whole.

Author Unknown

More oxymorons:

hair growth
half dead
half dressed
half empty
half full
half naked
half true
halfway done
ham steak
handgun safety
happy apathy
happy demise
happy fault
happy Monday
happy pessimist
hard curve
hard cushion
hard liquor
hard pillow
Hard Roll
harmless abuse
harmless crime
harmless lie
harmless pollution
harmless pornography
harmless sin

A couple of funnies for you too, to brighten your day:

Q: What kind of motor vehicles are in the Bible?
A: Jehovah drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden in a Fury.

A: David's Triumph was heard throughout the land.

A: Honda... because the apostles were all in one Accord.

A: 2 Cor. 4:8 describes going out in service in a Volkswagen Beetle:
We are pressed in every way, but not cramped beyond movement."

Q: What do they call pastors in Germany?
A: German Shepherds.

Q: What is the best way to get to Paradise?
A: Turn right and go straight.

Free Christmas Magazine!

I came across and downloaded this free Christmas e-magazine, rated 5 stars by the editors of It has about 200 pages and it's packed with all sorts of great ideas and recipes.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I hope you like my first forays into the 'grunge' side of designing! ;)

Oh Baby, its cold outside! I'm not complaining... I actually love it being this cold, other than the danger side of things. In my unscientific thinking I somehow have it in my head that a good deep freeze is something that is needed once in a while. I would certainly like to think it might have an effect on the Pine Beetle problem we have in BC. In case you are reading my blog from somewhere on the other side of the world, Pine Beetles are pests which bore under the bark of pine trees and they are really wiping out our pine trees all over.


I have been really thinking about our last message at church that our Pastor preached... and I feel moved to share with you some bits of it. I am hoping if you are in a difficult place right now, perhaps struggling with your faith that the words I share might uplift you. I know its easy for us to be faithful when things are all going smooth, but what about those times when its just a labor to live - to merely get through a day. This is the time your faith is REALLY tested. This is the time that tests the mettle of your faith. A few bits of wisdome Pastor Ed shared are these:

Anybody can praise the Lord on the DRY side of the Red Sea! (Once the crisis has past, after we have been delivered... but where does our praise stand in the face of the enemy falling upon us an the wet, wet sea stretched out before us, with seeminly nowhere for us to go?)

God would say to us DON'T STOP believing.

Give your uncertainty to Him.

Faith that is not tested is USELESS!

God is, in every way, worthy of our confidence and unwavering faith.

Psalm 34:1

I will extol the LORD at all times;
his praise will always be on my lips.

1 John 5:4

for everyone born of God overcomes the world.
This is the victory that has overcome the world,
even our faith.

Pastor speaks a very clear word and if you are finding yourself thirsting for some water - some words of wisdom and encouragement you can find his complete message on his Sword and Trowel Blog - Entry "HAVING A BAD DAY?"

I also need to share another resource with you - its on my heart. If you are looking for a very meaningful gift for your spouse, newly weds, anniversary, or to a couple who will be married soon, I would strongly suggest you check out this one book "Sacred Marriage" by Dr. Gary Thomas. The subtitle to this book is "What If God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy?" Intriquing idea, no? You can even read the first chapter of his book HERE. When Miles and I guided some weekend marriage bible studies, we looked at over 50 marriage books, and this one stood hands above the others, in its easy reading and clear principals and good sound advice.

I promised you some looks at Marie's fridge the other day... and so here you are! Marie (the lady with the sweet, sweet alpacas, has not one speck of real estate left on her fridge for it's covered from top to bottom with fridge magnets she collected on thier travels through the years. In the close up you will notice she has actually assembled the entire USA! Get this... when she ran out of room here she began plying her washer and dryer... LOL!

Today's oxymorons:

good grief
good junk
good profanity
good stuff
gourmet fast food
gourmet hamburger
gourmet pizza
gourmet sandwich
government aid
government assistance
government efficiency
government integrity
government initiative
government intelligence
government organization
graduate student
Grand Children
grape nuts
graphic language
graphite irons
great depression
greater evil
green blackberries
green manufacturing
green oranges
gregarious recluse
grotesque beauty
grounded airplane
group of individuals
growing small
guaranteed forecast
guest host
gummily brittle
gunboat diplomacy


A man observed a sign in the window of a restaurant that read Unique Breakfast, so he walked in and sat down.The waitress brought him his coffee and asked him what he wanted."What's your Unique Breakfast?" he asked."Baked tongue of chicken!" she proudly replied."Baked tongue of chicken? Baked tongue of chicken! Do you have any idea how disgusting that is? I would never even consider eating anything that came out of a chicken's mouth!" he fumed.Undaunted, the waitress asked, "What would you like, then?""Just bring me some scrambled eggs," the man replied.

I know... ewwww!

a SAFE place to put your 'stuff'

Well, you all know I have been having a dickens of a time finding a place to upload and host my elements and 'stuff'... because I refuse to host at a place that will offer you nasty ads or questionable material... and I have found the very place. I am impressed because when you upload it says the following underneath the upload window:

By clicking upload you confirm that your upload is not pornographic, copyrighted, or otherwise illegal.

Finally, a place with integrity! You will notice I have also posted a permanent link on the left hand side of my blog so you can always find it here.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Before anything else, I THANK YOU all so much for your comments. I feel like I am getting to know some of you and this is what my blog's goal is... I would like it to feel like a coffee shop - where we can share and enjoy some moments of our day. I love your input and I would love any interesting links, ancedotes, etc that you might like to share - including your layouts you create with my elements! You make my blog a thing I look forward to sharing every day!

Ohhh I am sitting here struck with emotions. I tuned into one of those Delilah stations that I gave you a link for the other day, and the first song on was Pachabel's Christmas Canon - you know the one with the boys choir? It just gives me a meltdown. It calls up lost Christmasses and swells into an indiscribable joy for me too. Its crazy, I know, but combined with the conditions outside I feel an excitement deep within that I cannot put a name to.

We woke in the night to winds and snow howling around the house and this morning the snow is blowing up the road. I feel so safe and snug inside that I vow to stay in my jammies till noon - because I can. Thank you Miles for making this possible for me. You are a wonderful Godly husband and a good provider and I love you more than words can say. You are a 5 - star wife-minder. Thanks for bringing me coffee and shovelling the drive this morning. Thank you for picking up the new bed on Saturday, because if it had been today, as the store had wanted, it would not have happened with this weather.

Our pastor gave the men of our church a challenge this month - 30 days of prayer. 10 days to pray for their wives, 10 for their families and 10 for their children. Thank you Pastor Ed, for initiating this - I appreciate your heart for our families. Judy, Pastor Ed's wife, is going for some medical tests this week, would you uplift her in prayer, please everyone?


Husbands, love your wives,
just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her


In this same way,
husbands ought to love their wives
as their own bodies.
He who loves his wife loves himself

This is my freind Becky! I promised pics from our Hayne's Point outting on Friday - you were so right Beck, that was the last best day for November, I just know it. Thank you for pointing out some of my photo opportunities, and thanks for telling me about the birds on the branches. (they were sure NOISY, hey?) Lets do this again soon. All of the photos on today's blog are from our outing and I will post more in the coming days! Becky has some on her site and will also be posting more, I think she said so you might want to slip over and comment there too! ;)

Today's oxymorons:

gargantuan lilliputian
geniune imitation
gentle turbulence
gentleman bandit
genuine fake
genuine imitation
genuine(ly) fake
genuine-imitation leather
giant dwarf
gigantic microorganism
girly man
glacier-like rapidity
global village
go ahead, back up
golf fashion
gold silverware
going nowhere
good beating
good cigar
good fast food
good garbage

And to liven up your day... I will leave you with this challenge:

This is so funny that it will boggle your mind, and you will keep trying it several times to see if you can outsmart your foot -- but you can't!

1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction!

Told you so -- and there's nothing you can do about it!

What That Bird, Huh?

Yep, Becky, you will be able to share this website with all the birder/photographers in your group. I thought about looking up info about the Cedar Waxwings we took pictures of and providing it here on the blog, but I think I will encourage you to do it for yourself! This is a very informative and interesting birding site!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


What do new mattresses, paintings, second hand tv's and alpacas have in common?

Nothing really, except these were all parts of my day yesterday. So my pictures of hayne's point park will have to wait until tomorrow so I can fill you in on yesterday.

I'll address the matresses first. Our bed has been a conglomeration of different parts for a few years now... we've always meant to buy something better, but this or that bill came up, or an electronic item we were needing or wanting and somehow that bed seemed to come in last on the 'need to have' list. It was surely time. I've always kept my eye open for a good deal - we don't have to have anything fancy, but new would be the ticket. It just so happened that as I was passing by sears, I espied several in store models. I popped in and enquired as to how much and finding that they were 'mis-matched' sets the price of the one we wanted was dropped from $900 to a mere $400. So, Miles arranged to have it delivered yesterday. I was so excited that I took the time to take apart our old bed in preperation and chased all the dust bunnies away. Unfortunately the delivery was not going to take place as the truck sears uses got snowed on and slushed from another delivery and they did not want to take responsibility if the mattresses got dirty or damaged. Understandably. Well, my face dropped to the floor, but Miles called Mr. upstairs and he came to our rescue with his truck and the bed got brought home. What a great sleep was had last night... Miles had to peel me out of there this morning.


The painting is a painting that our daughter Melanie did. Its her first with oils. We brought her an oil painting set that I had found during yard-sales this summer, along with canvas sheets and other items. I was delighted when she called yesterday to say she had used them. The photo comes from her cell phone so forgive if its a bit grainy. I can't tell you how it delights us to see her exploring her artistic side. Do you suppose one day she will be making elements here for me too?

The tv and alpacas are an item together. Miles good friend and student at the learning center, Roger, had a very large tv and asked if we could find a home for it. Seeing as ours was an old console type - at least 25 years old, and with no working remote control... we decided to cave. So we arranged to pick it up from him at his home where he and his wife Marie live, out of town. Their place is a delighful home set away from the highway. They have containers of feed lining the outside entrance to their home, which they need to feed the various birds an animals they make their home a haven for.

While we were there, Marie took me outside and introduced me to the alpaca's. They are very curious animals, if you have never been around them before. Marie fed them and they were pushing and shoving like little schoolkids trying to get the first bites. They got a bit snarky with one another at times and would make very strange high-pitched squeeling sounds. The would come threaten to 'spit' - a defence they have if they felt threatened.. Alpaca's will do their bathroom duty in one spot, if you can imagine that, so they are very clean. One alpaca will appoint itself as the guard of the others and keep a very keen eye out for danger at all times. Alpaca's are smaller than Llamas and have beautiful, soft fur that is basically non-allergic. Thanks for having us out to the farm folks, and I will share your fridge with the readers in a day or two, Marie (you GOTTA see Marie's fridge!)


Paper and Butterfly Ornament by Michelle Coleman
Flower template and Bits and Bobs Beads by Barb Derksen (ya, me!)

I took time out yesterday to create another layout for my friend Valerie, who moved across Canada several years ago and sends me photos of the kids now and then. I miss you muchly Val. I will send you the full size to print out soon.

If there is no joy in your religion,
there's a leak in your Christianity somewhere.

Billy Sunday

PSALM 144:15

"Happy are the people whose God
is the Lord!"

Today's oxymorons:

fresh cheese
fresh dried fruit
fresh from concentrate
fresh frozen
fresh prunes
fresh raisins
fresh sour cream
fresh yogurt
freezer burn
fried ice cream
fried roast
Friendly advice
friendly argument
friendly competitor
friendly divorce
friendly enemy
Friendly fights
Friendly Fire
friendly suit (legal)
friendly takeover
friendly war
frightening comfort
front end
frozen food
frugal gourmet
full service
functional illiterate
funky white guy
future history
fuzzy logic

Buy or Sell Crafts

My friend Kristin reminded me yesterday of this neat site where you can buy or sell handmade crafts. Its a neat place to check out and who knows, you might just buy or sell something.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Yesterday turned out to be a brilliant sunny, clean scrubbed day. It was one of those days that you wake up, look out and know you can't stay inside. Actually, Miles had a meeting to go to in Penticton (an hour's drive north) and he made me promise that I would enjoy the good weather. I was thinking of getting out for a coffee with a friend, or a small walk but before I could decide I got a real live invitation online in a chat from my friend Becky. Becky is an avid photographer - she's organized an official photography club here in our community. She invited me to go to our local Provincial Park on a picture taking mission. How could I turn this down?


I was not sure I would be able to find more pictures at the park, as its a place I've been countless times. I prepared myself to perhaps just visit and practice some self portraits using my tripod, something I need to learn. But you always find something new... and I am sure I took over 100 photos. I will be uploading them today and I will share with you over the coming days.

We met several squirrels along the way, including one who, Becky agrees with me, is aggressive and well, ugly, and we were not going to allow him to get too close. Obviously he has been fed a lot and expects food from you. There were other nice ones that Beck managed to get a snapshot of. Thanks for the wonderful outting Beck!

We met an interesting lady along the way, a lady visiting from Spain. We chatted and she may even be reading this today! If you are, I hope you are enjoying your time here. You said you are an artist and I did not get the opportunity to find out how long you are in the area and to tell you we have a wonderful Painters and Potters group here. You are welcome to drop in and paint with us if you would like, on a Tuesday or Thursday. Please email me if you would like to know more info. My email is

The funny thing that happened when I arrived home is that after I got settled at my computer and checked my email - I got an OFFICIAL walk invitation from Becky - her message must have been delayed. Its funny how that happens. It makes me think of the movie we watched last night. Have you seen Lake House with Sandra Bullock? If you have not, its about two star crossed lovers who communicate via letters across time. Its funny trying to wrap my head around this concept. It was really a sweet movie with a minimum of rude materials, only a bit of swearing. (not that I like swearing) Definately a Chick-Flick.


Colossians 3:17 TLB

"And whatever you do or say,
let it be as a representative of the Lord Jesus,
and come with him into the presence of God the Father
and give Him your thanks."

Here's a layout made for me by my very own sister, Nina. I love the qoute! Thanks for sharing. (hugs!)

Today's Oxymorons

firm estimate
firm maybe
firm pillow
first annua
lfirst conclusions
first deadline
first string secondary
first-strike defense
fish farm
flexible ethics
flexible freeze (in economics)
floating to the bottom
flood control
floppy disk
Flurry of inactivity
flying fish
foolproof instructions
football scholarship
foreign national
foreign policy continuity
forgotten memories
former native
former President-for-life
forth programming language
forward back
found missing
free credit
free election
free gift
free labor
free love
free market
free prisoner
free purchase
free rent
free society
free trade agreement
free with purchase
freezer burn

Respect Your Forests

I think this is a fabulous site, rich in information and activities. Filled with facts and activities, its a feast for the eyes and mind. Take a walk through it's pages with your family and then go for a stroll through the real forest!

Friday, November 24, 2006


I had a really nice little layout my sister Nina made me using my own elements - but when I went to retrieve it from the email she sent me it was gone... Sisser, did you take it away from me? Please send again so I can show the world! Its time for your debut! Readers, you send me your layouts using my elements, I will post them here - I would love that!

Yesterday was potluck lunch at our school. Miles began hosting a potluck one day a month at the school several years ago and it just 'stuck'. I think that because we are an adult learning center we have a large amount of really good cooks - mmm... having potluck at our school is like smorgasborg at the best of restaurants! We have students from many different cultures attend so we get tastes of different countries. Its always fun and a great way to get to know everyone.


Psalm 30:12

Oh Lord my God,
I will give thanks to Thee Forever

So, I asked you all about a week ago if you have noticed anybody using the word 'whatnot' lately - have you heard it? Or is it just me?
Also, yesterday I posted about the love book Miles and I keep by our phone... several of you commented it was a sweet idea - do you have any ideas that you could share with me? I would love to share a section in this area if I get lots! One of my favorite things to do is to buy little sticky notes, or use a word processing program to make little notes to store about the house for Miles to find. I try to work the theme of them around where I intend to hide them eg:

in the sugar container - "you're the sweetest"
folded into a towel - "like this towel, I long to wrap my arms around you"
tucked into a shoe - "like these shoes, my love goes with you today"

Silly little things like this. Sticking a little note on the steering wheel of the car, places where he is bound to find them and know that you are thinking of him through his busy day. And though it takes a minute out of your day, know that if you initiate it he will be prompted to reciprocate. I've heard of women longing to have their husband do something nice for them, but they have never intitiated it by doing it first! You get what you give is a general rule of thumb. I know this is not ALWAYS the case, but its worth a try, no? If you don't have a spouse, do this for someone else you love, like a child, friend or aunt/uncle.

Its a beautiful sunny day here so I am going to post more oxymorons and get some much appreciated sunshine - bring you back some photos!

faculty cooperation
faculty understanding
fail safe
fair reporting
fair trial
fairly accurate
fairly explicit
fairly obvious
fallout shelter
false fact
false hope
family entertainment
family vacation
fan fatale
farewell reception
fast BASIC
fast food
fast idle
fast snail
fast turtle
fast waiter
fast walk
fast-mail service
fatally injured
fat-free cream cheese
faultily faultless
fearful bravery
federal budget
Female gunman
fiber glass
fictional truth
fictional reality
fiery icef
ighting for peace
filing system
final conclusion
final version
finally again
financially strong
savings and loan associations and banks
fire water

div align="left">
I was going to use the following link as a handy tip, but instead I will give you this AND a handy tip. I found this website for furniture that looks like rocks - pebbles! I am so intriqued by this stuff - ooooohhh if I were rich I would buy myself some of these, they look so fun and functional!

Keep Your Floors CLEAN

If you are like Miles and I, well, we almost always forget something when leaving the house, and have to make a mad dash in to get something at the last minute. We don't always have time to take our shoes off, which can be a bad thing for our flooring. There are two easy solutions for this. You can locate a source of the little throw away 'booties' that are used in hospital - that you pull over your shoes, or, you can buy the biggest pair of wool socks you can find from a store. Cut them down to low ankle size and stitch the edge down. If you have to come in quickly just pull them right over your shoes. (this will buff your wooden floors if you have 'em too!

Thursday, November 23, 2006



It has been another *angst* morning with computer woes - but rather than complaining, I will be thankful that we actually have our computers, thankful that I am able to blog you every day.

Before you start into the rest of the blog, if your into some Christmas Music already then you might want to mosey over to Radio Delilah and check out the STATIONS tab - there is a list of great stations all playing Christmas. You can also enter (if your in the USA) the contest on her opening page, with Scotties to win an ipod and goodies!

In saying this - I want to take a moment to acknowledge that Christmas is something some of us would like to skip over this year. Yes, you know that I am speaking of my friend GINA, who lost her son Nick this fall in a horrific accident. For Gina, every day, every holiday is a painful reminder of her loss. Lets all not let her slip by the wayside in our thoughts. Won't you take a moment to visit her blog today, and leave love there and encouragement. As the days and months have slipped by since the accident her comments are getting less and less and folks, now is when she needs them more than ever. Better yet, if you see the little purple icon to the left of my blog, you can purchase her Gina's Garden Kit for someone for a gift, with the moneys helping with a memorial of her son. I thank you... no matter what, please pray for her family.

JOB 16:15

But my mouth would encourage you;
comfort from my lips would bring you relief.

Yesterday, a good freind of mine challenged me to join her in doing something nice for our husbands - like we need to be prompted, hey? I'm always up for a challenge that will bring me and my sweet closer, so I was like, sure - let's! So I shut my computer off completely for the evening and set about creating some atmosphere with candles, soft music etc. I even put makeup on - even though it was for the benefit of a few hours. I planned the evening of no phones and a nice long massage. It was worth every minute of effort.

I also revived a book that I had created for him a few years ago. I called it our LOVE BOOK. Really, its just a small spiral bound book that I bought at an office supply place (my next one will be much nicer) that I filled with scripture, quotes, encouraging phrases and pictures cut out from magazines. I placed these things on random pages throughout. The book lives by our phone, and we are both able to take it out and leave 'love notes' to each other when we are inspired. We then leave it where either of us can find it. A book like this takes any time pressure off the reader or writer... and it also keeps those sentiments in one place.

Now isn't this just too sweet for words? My dear blogger reader/friend Rebecca from NY made this layout using my elements! You have NO IDEA how this tickles me! Honestly - and I know this is pretty sad - I've been so busy MAKING elements for my blog that I have not had time to USE them. So thanks Rebecca for sending this! *smmmeeeeeeeeeee*

Nobody guessed yesterday - but some were very close indeed. The photos were all snippets of this - a vintage set of Color Craft Jug and Tumblers. Yep, all for a mere $2... who wants to come with me to the thrift today?

Today's installment of oxymorons:

easy labor (childbirth)

easy payments

easy problem

easy task

easy to follow directions

economic forecast

economic reform

economic stability

educated consumer

educated guess

educational administration

educational television

effective compassion

elected king

elementary calculus

elevated subway

elite rabble

eloquent silence

energetic exhaustion

enough time

enormously small

enquiring minds

entertaining sermon

enthusiastic indifference

environmentalist bumper sticker

equally diverse

equal justice

equal opportunity

ergonomic keyboard

escaped inmate

eschew obfuscation

essential luxury

essential service

ethical hackers

european eommunity

evaporated milk

even odds

exact estimate

executive assistant

executive decision

executive secretary

expected serendipity

expected surprise

expect the unexpected

explicit innuendo

explicitly ambiguous

express bus

express line

express mail

express ways

expressive silence

extended deadline

extensive briefing

extinct life form

extra oridanary

extra money

extra time

extremely average

extremely bland

extremely neutral

eyes wide shut


Rescue Those Photos

You know that my computer 'died' recently - the big hard drive failure. Well, though I have been much better about backing up, ultimately I did lose some data, including a huge number of photos I had taken at the Gifted Workshop. It was devastating. However I did some research and located a program which allowed me to recover the pictures back off my camera's card - even though I had deleted them off the card. Yes, you can imagine my delight to have restored over 150 photos I thought were gone! Now, I can't vouch for the stability of the program because you never know, and it does say that at the downloads place too... but if you accept that risk and need to recover photos off a camera chip you might consider using this program. It's a free program - though you can donate $10 to the software creator if you choose (I think its totally worth it) This program works only if you have not formatted your camera card.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006


This element should be fun! I created it after looking at some beads that were in a wreath - they sort of wrapped around it in a chaotic manner. I thought that if I provided the bits and pieces you can then join them however you would like them to go on your layouts. Please send me a link to see? Honestly I know that some of my kits and elements are being downloaded as much as 800 times but I only recieve less than 3 invites to see what you made. :( I know we are all busy, but it would make my day!

I have some VERY exciting news! Miles and I have a dear friend - Penny, who, like Miles has a talent for singing and making beautiful music. We used to be on a worship team together. Penny called me yesterday to tell me that she has completed her very first album!!! What an accomplishment - this project has been in the works for as long as we have known her. I know her brother Jason helped her a great deal, and her children are also involved. Penny and her husband Del are homeschoolers to five children. Besides this, Penny teaches piano lessons through "music for young children" and the family runs a mini - golf & consession stand in the summer all the way over in Saskatchewan. Miles and I have often felt we are part of their extended family as they make us so welcome in their home. We are looking forward to see where your music takes you Penny, and that the Lord would bless your journey. To hear Penny's album and order (just in time for Holiday Giving... ) you can click on the following link:

Remember yesterday I mentioned that my friend Rose impuslively comes and drags me off to spend time together? Well, she hit me twice in two days - yesterday being a quick trip to the thrift store. While there I bought a few items, one with taking photos in mind. You will see three pictures on my blog today. Can you guess what I bought? I will reveal it what it is on my blog tomorrow. Now, if your one of my friends who I showed already then shhhhhh.....

Here's your oxymorons for the day:

daily special
dangerously safe
dark day
dark light
dark star
dark victory
dead livestock
dead right
deaf listener
debugged program
defensive strike
Deficit spending
definite maybe
degradable plastic
deliberate mistake
deliberate speed
deliberately thoughtless
delicious torment
demanding patient
democratic congress
democratic leadership
democratic machine
department of interior (responsible for everything outside)
deregulation law
designer beer
designer jeans
desktop publishing
detailed summary
devilish angel
devout atheist
diet ice cream
different pattern
diligent sloth
diminished confidence
diminishing growth
diminutive giants
dim light
dining hall food
direct circumvention
disaster preparedness
disciplined gluttony
discretionary rules
disposable income
disposable products with a lifetime guarantee
distant relative
divided unity
divorce court
doing nothing
dollar value
domestic cooperation
domestic violence
double solitaire
doubting believers
drawing a blank
dress pants
dressy casual
driving pleasure
droning silence
dry beer
dry creek
dry humor
dry Ice
dry Lake
dry martini
dry pond
dry snow
dry wine
dull acupuncturists
dull knife
dull needle
dull roar
dull shine
dying is a part of life
dynamic monotone
dynamic stability

In offering these oxymorons each day, it has caused me to think of it in broader sense, of faith. Is your life an oxymoron? Do our lips preach a faithful life, but our actions live out differently. Would someone looking in on our lives as Christians clearly set us apart from the world? Our lives as Christians should never be an oxymoron to an outsider. My desire is to be accountable to you - should I not be so, I ask you to bring me in line. Our standards should be higher than those of the world today.

It is not guided missiles
but guided morals
that is our great need today.

George L. Ford

TITUS 2:11-12 NIV

"For the grace of God that brings salvation
has appeared to all men. It teaches us to say
'No' to ungodliness and worldly passions,
and to live self-controlled, upright and
godly lives in this present age."

Snuff it Safely

Do you hate blowing out candles and having to choke the smoke and odors down for several minutes after? I discovered a very easy solution (quite by accident!) You won't need to buy a snuffer and lurk over the wick. Simply take a toothpick and placing it on the side of the wick, press it quickly into the hot pool of wax at it's base. The flame will extinguished almost immediately without any smoke at all!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Blogger x2 again today - why does it wait until I get my entry fully completed before it loses connection? It did not even manage to save it as a draft. LOL on me I suppose! Oh well, this should be better the second time around!

First off, our Pastor started two blogs and I am counting on you all to welcome him in a BIG way by leaving a comment on one or both of his blogs. I'm not just sending you there to leave but to recieive as he has some good words of wisdom to share. The first blog is a general church blog and the second is one dedicated to the Sword and Trowel series - his messages to us from the pulpit each Sunday. Thank you Pastor Ed for your very clear and passionate direction for your flock! I will also be posting permanent links on my links list (located on the left hand side of my blog) so you will be able to check these out on a regular basis.


I have a dear friend, Rose, who I have mentioned before. She and I met ... well FOREVER ago at Dairy Queen while Miles and I were in for a bite. After some humorous word jousting she invited Miles and I over to meet her husband and play scrabble and that was the birth of a rich and deep friendship. Rose is a true woman of God, a light and inspiration - she lives her faith. She not only works at Dairy Queen, not only runs a laundromat with her husband and his family, she also is completing her Grade 12 at the learning center and should graduate this year. This and she is in her late 40's...

What I appreciate about Rose, is she will call me out of the blue and suggest we get together and then show up five minutes later to get me. She takes advantage of any time we can get together. She did this yesterday morning, collecting me in her car and she took me to her little hideaway aka "Rose's Roost" - a small little studio she has created from a little room over their garage. It has a nice view of the lake and she has made a true little treasure nest there. Especially nice - no phone! We had a wonderful morning painting and creating and catching up with each other. Just before we left she recieved a call informing her she is a grandma AGAIN - for like the third or forth time! Congratulations Rose, and thank you for our precious time together.

Yesterday I used the words 'gunny sack' in a phrase while speaking with Miles and it got me wondering how that word came about? So.... we took a few guesses ourselves first and then I went a 'hunting on the net. Of course, first to mind and what we guessed was that it had something to do with both guns and sacks and the carrying of guns... but, neh, it is something totally different indeed. This is what I found out:

A large sack made from loosely woven, coarse material goes by a variety of names in regional American English. The most general term is burlap bag, known everywhere but used especially in the Northeast. In the Midwest and West the usual term is gunnysack, which ultimately comes from the Sanskrit word gonÄ«, meaning “jute or hemp fiber.” In the Upper South such a sack is called a tow sack, and in Eastern North Carolina, a tow bag. (The word tow is another synonym for fabric made from jute or hemp and probably derives from an Old English word for “spinning.”) In South Carolina and adjacent parts of Georgia, it is called a crocus sack, and in the Gulf states, a croker sack, both terms deriving from the word crocus. According to Craig M. Carver, who draws on the research of Walter S. Avis, “Crocus is a coarse, loosely woven material once worn by slaves and laborers and common in colonial New England. It probably took its name from the sacks in which crocus or saffron was shipped.” Though the term crocus sack virtually disappeared from New England by the end of the 19th century, it survives in the South.

Speak ill of no one,
speak all the good of everyone.


Don't criticize and speak evil about one another...
if you do,
you will be fighting against God's law
of loving one another.

I will forgo the oxymorons for one more day as I am pressed for time - I will try to post more tomorrow. Have a Blessed Day!

Way Cool Geography

Here's another eye-pleasing website packed full of great
information on geography. How can it help but be a good site being
associated with National Geographic?

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