Thursday, November 16, 2006


I know this entry will read as yesterday, but I am baking it ahead of time and will publish for tomorrow - for November 17, as I will be busy helping Miles at the school where he is providing art workshops with the Gifted students in the district. I want to be available for him - I know he is a bit anxious.

Ok - some of my elements and papers are ... hmmm... a bit unusual? I am continuously experimenting - I hope you can find a way to use them. Please tell me what you like and don't - this way I can know what direction to go in. I love a challenge so let me know if you have a request.

I survived today. If you had asked me if I would make it safe and sound through this day at about 10 a.m. I would have not been able to assure you I would. It was a comedy of errors right from the start. Our landlords, the nicest people in the universe, told us earlier in the week that they would be RV-ing for a few days, leaving this morning. So this morning after Miles went to school I got a knock on the door and Mrs (I don't know if they would like their name broadcast so I won't say) says that they are about ready to go. I wished her a very nice time and came back to my blog.

I am still in my jammie bottoms, a sweater top, fuzzer purple slippers and have 'racoon' mascara eyes, and I am 'ablogging away. I get another knock on the door, this time from the outside entrance. Well, lookie here, its Mrs. AGAIN - telling me that Mr. is ready to go now. They are taking two vehicles, she's driving ahead in the truck, he following in the RV. I wish her a very nice trip all over again, really moved that she needed to say goodbye twice. We do feel like we are their adopted kids at times... so of course I give her a BIG hug too. She leaves.

Blog, blog, blog - RAP, RAP, RAP! Who can it be? Its MR! He says... I really want to leave now "COULD YOU PLEASE MOVE YOUR CAR FROM IN FRONT OF THE RV?"

He, he... oops! Wouldn't you know this morning Miles, not knowing, decided to walk to school for a change? So the car sits in front of the RV. No problemo - I grab my keys and scurry out to the car, pulling up short realizing we have the courtesy car as our van is at the mechanics getting repairs... and Miles has the only set of keys... oops x2...

I OFFER to get dressed and run down to the school, but Mr. refuses (gotta blow off some steam bout the situation by now, I am sure!) and he leaves. I phone Miles at school, interupting him, a no-no - he assures me he will anticipate Mr.'s arrival and will give him the keys. Ouchie, I feel SO bad... blog, blog, blog...

Ring, Ring - the phone - its Miles telling me... you got it - he gave Mr. the WRONG KEY! LOL Well, luckily the principal of the school happened to be present and willing to run the key up for me. Thank Goodness! Mr. arrives shortly to find me backing the car out. He's got a good slick of sweat on his head and he's in a panic thinking about poor Mrs. who's probably frantic with worry at the border - because thats where they were headed was across the U.S. border...

I did tell him they can kick us out when they get back ;) - maybe they won't come home! Its too stressful!

The rest of the day was thankfully uneventful.

More oxymorons for you:

baby giant
baby grand (piano)
bad health
bad luck
Bad Sport
balanced insanity
balding hair
Ball Club
baggy tights
bankrupt millionaire
barely dressed
bass guitar
battle ready
Beaucractic efficiencies
benevolent despot
benign neglect
Benign Tumor
better than new
beyond infinity
big baby
big detail
big sip
big town
bigger half
bingeing in moderation
bipartisan cooperation
bird dog
Bitter Sweet
Black Gold(slang for crude oil)
black light
blameless culprit
bland spice
blind eye
blind viewer
blue rose
Blurry vision
boneless ribs
books on tape
border control
boring court jester
boring entertainment
born dead
boyish grandpa
brave politician
brave wimp
brief speech
brief survey
bright night
bright rain
bright shade
brilliantly dull
budget deficit
Bug Fix
Bug-Free code
bug-free software
build down
bull riding
buried alive
burning cold
business casual
Business Ethics

Dig a Hole

Remember when you were a kid and you were told that if you dug a hole all the way through the earth that you would end up in China? Well isn't that just silly? Not EVERYONE would end up in China - so just where WOULD you end up? Wanna know? (unfortunately it only lists for the U.S.)


  1. Lovely papers - thank you so much for sharing them!

  2. Lol! That dig a hole thing is pretty darned funny as is the oxymorons... and hopefully so will be your story with your landlords... over wine in a couple of Sounds like quite a way to spend a morning! Lol. :D Thanks for the papers! ... and I don't at all find them wonky... ummm, what's wonky mean by the way? Lol. :D

  3. love the paper ....what a morning for you ..glad it worked out ya ..and miss you lots

  4. Hi Sis, Your papers and elements are beautful, wonderful and well... you are sharing them with us for free. We can't complain your gorgeous work is precious. You are so very generous with your time and talent.

    Missed you on Hello the last couple of nights. Hugs. N

  5. Thank you for the wonderful papers! You are so generous. I love the candy canes. Thank you also for visiting the blog link I left you the other day, your comments on her blog seemed much more what she could relate to and needed to hear. :)

  6. Ack Barb! What a morning! It can only go up from there! Hope today is a much better day! Love the pix today!

  7. oh my gosh... I almost ppppp'd my pants when I read this.. you are too funny... and I could totally picture myself in this situation.. lol.. I often sit around for many hours with raccoon eyes.. lol.. I still cant stop laughing.. I hope you are booted out of your house.. *grin* Thank you for the papers and the great laugh.


  8. Thank You for todays beautiful papers

  9. Thank you for the pretty papers!

  10. Cute papers--thanks for sharing.

  11. I am ROFLMHO over your blog this morning (well, it's morning here in Australia when I read your blog). You have given me such a good laugh this morning!

    I love your teacher stories since I'm a retired elem. teacher of 33 yrs.. your blogs bring back so many memories.

  12. More fun papers! Thank you! (I work from home... I am all about staying in PJ's all day... bad, huh?)

  13. Thank you for the papers set !

  14. I really enjoyed your landlord story...too funny!! Thanks for the pretty papers and for sharing your time and talents with us!!

  15. myscrapbook says: your papers truly do look very elgant.thank you for sharing.

  16. Beautiful papers! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  17. Thanks for the candy cane kit. It is really gettin to look like Christmas around here. It is going to be fun to work with. Thanks again.

  18. thank you so much for the candy cane kit! I'm not sure I see what is so unusual (according to you) about your papers :) I love them. and your photography is incredible! thank you!


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