Saturday, November 25, 2006


Yesterday turned out to be a brilliant sunny, clean scrubbed day. It was one of those days that you wake up, look out and know you can't stay inside. Actually, Miles had a meeting to go to in Penticton (an hour's drive north) and he made me promise that I would enjoy the good weather. I was thinking of getting out for a coffee with a friend, or a small walk but before I could decide I got a real live invitation online in a chat from my friend Becky. Becky is an avid photographer - she's organized an official photography club here in our community. She invited me to go to our local Provincial Park on a picture taking mission. How could I turn this down?


I was not sure I would be able to find more pictures at the park, as its a place I've been countless times. I prepared myself to perhaps just visit and practice some self portraits using my tripod, something I need to learn. But you always find something new... and I am sure I took over 100 photos. I will be uploading them today and I will share with you over the coming days.

We met several squirrels along the way, including one who, Becky agrees with me, is aggressive and well, ugly, and we were not going to allow him to get too close. Obviously he has been fed a lot and expects food from you. There were other nice ones that Beck managed to get a snapshot of. Thanks for the wonderful outting Beck!

We met an interesting lady along the way, a lady visiting from Spain. We chatted and she may even be reading this today! If you are, I hope you are enjoying your time here. You said you are an artist and I did not get the opportunity to find out how long you are in the area and to tell you we have a wonderful Painters and Potters group here. You are welcome to drop in and paint with us if you would like, on a Tuesday or Thursday. Please email me if you would like to know more info. My email is

The funny thing that happened when I arrived home is that after I got settled at my computer and checked my email - I got an OFFICIAL walk invitation from Becky - her message must have been delayed. Its funny how that happens. It makes me think of the movie we watched last night. Have you seen Lake House with Sandra Bullock? If you have not, its about two star crossed lovers who communicate via letters across time. Its funny trying to wrap my head around this concept. It was really a sweet movie with a minimum of rude materials, only a bit of swearing. (not that I like swearing) Definately a Chick-Flick.


Colossians 3:17 TLB

"And whatever you do or say,
let it be as a representative of the Lord Jesus,
and come with him into the presence of God the Father
and give Him your thanks."

Here's a layout made for me by my very own sister, Nina. I love the qoute! Thanks for sharing. (hugs!)

Today's Oxymorons

firm estimate
firm maybe
firm pillow
first annua
lfirst conclusions
first deadline
first string secondary
first-strike defense
fish farm
flexible ethics
flexible freeze (in economics)
floating to the bottom
flood control
floppy disk
Flurry of inactivity
flying fish
foolproof instructions
football scholarship
foreign national
foreign policy continuity
forgotten memories
former native
former President-for-life
forth programming language
forward back
found missing
free credit
free election
free gift
free labor
free love
free market
free prisoner
free purchase
free rent
free society
free trade agreement
free with purchase
freezer burn

Respect Your Forests

I think this is a fabulous site, rich in information and activities. Filled with facts and activities, its a feast for the eyes and mind. Take a walk through it's pages with your family and then go for a stroll through the real forest!


  1. You share such beautiful things, not just in your scrapbooking elemtns but in your journalling here. Thank you for showing a piece of your daily life with us each day.

  2. These are wonderful papers and I love the photos you always put up! Keep up the great work and we'll keep comming back to see what new and interresting things you have up!

  3. Thanks so much for your many gifts! :-)

  4. Thank you for the beautiful papers..I sure appreciate your sharing them with me:)

  5. Thank You for another set of your beautiful Christmas papers and also for the awesome star!
    Can't wait to see the photo's from the park!

  6. Love the photos and the papers! Thank you!

  7. Thank you so much! Your many freebies are wonderful and I love all your little stories and anecdotes, lists, etc!

  8. In and out, that's me today! Lol. Sorry but I'm running around the web trying to get somethings accomplished and then off to bed... I was up until 2:30 last night and I can't do that to my lil' DD again... I slept all morning on the couch while she played and occassionally shoved a toy into my unwitting face! Lol. Poor thing.

    But just had to say thanks ... for putting my "card" up and for all the goodies and fun too! DH just went to bed so I'm going to try to go join him asap. :D Nighty, night.

  9. Hello.... I came across your blog from a link that was sent in one of my yahoo groups... everyone loves your stuff..... i just wanted to leave a comment and tell you that although i am not religious or follow god in any way I rather enjoy reading your blog... Its one of the finer ones I have come across. And the elemnts you offer free are wonderful. I was dissappointed to find the older links not working.. mostly the ones from october this year... those flowers are gorgeous...I just started blogging myself.. trying to find one suitable for my needs.. the one I did end up with will work for
    Your blog is wonderful.. very true, insightful and thought provoking.... wonderful wonderful stuff hun...

    ps i do have a blog on this site.. but i couldnt figure out how to use it as i do not know HTML of coding yet... so i opted for the wordpress one.. but you are welcome to view the one on

  10. Beautiful scraps. Thank you so much for sharing.



  11. Thank you very much for the beautiful flakes frames they are awesome

  12. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.


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