Thursday, November 16, 2006


First of all, I want to publically acknowledge that I forgot my friend ALISON's birthday - yep, how bad is that?? I DID write it down, I DID - its practically in front of my face, taped right on the calendar that my SIL (sister in law to non-scrappers) made for me. I am so sorry Alison - we will get an evening together soon! She's been working a new job for a month now - single mom, I give you much much credit for getting out there every day, my friend!

Yesterday was so dark and gloomy outside. It was nice to be snug inside Miles school showing a studend (and dear freind) the joys of scrapping. We concentrated on a few areas and I also showed her the joys of Hello as she will be in Mexico all winter and I may have to tutor her long distance! I went to meet Janice at a local restaurant where she was helping out, but we missed each other. I did not miss the thrift store though... lol! My treasures there included a paperback of both the Joy of Cooking and the Better Home and Gardens cookbooks. I have the J O C already, but our daughter will inherit the extra copy. The B H & G is a welcome replacement to one that disintigrated over the years to the point Miles convinced me to donate it to the trash can. As I took a moment out and browsed through it I found a recipe right away that I may try very, very soon:


Mix two cups flaked coconut and three tablespoons of melted butter. Press firmly onto bottom and sides of a 9 inch pie plate. Bake in a 325 degree oven for 20 minutes or till edge is golden. Cool before filling. Use for Chiffon or ice-cream pies (I bet a good filling too, would be instant pudding and coolwhip mixed, then frozen!)

Coming home to a cold and dim house I set about warming things up. I turned on the gas fireplace, turned on lights, set the radio station to soft classical music, lit some candles and... lit some incense.

I don't burn incense often - its prompted by the somberness of the inky darkness pressing in from outside. I think its to create a specialness in my quiet safe home. I believe its so that I create that space where I feel the presence of the Lord. When the perfume rises around me it's like a prompt to worship Him. It says in the bible that the Lord required a special incense created only for Himself. I found several references to incense in scripture that I would like to share with you:

EXODUS 30:34-37

34 Then the LORD said to Moses,
"Take fragrant spices—gum resin, onycha and galbanum
—and pure frankincense,
all in equal amounts,
35 and make a fragrant blend of incense, the work of a perfumer.
It is to be salted and pure and sacred.
36 Grind some of it to powder
and place it in front of the Testimony in the Tent of Meeting,
where I will meet with you.
It shall be most holy to you.
37 Do not make any incense with this formula for yourselves;
consider it holy to the LORD.

PSALM 141:2

2 May my prayer be set before you like incense;
may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice.


41 I will accept you as fragrant incense
when I bring you out from the nations
and gather you from the countries where you have been scattered,
and I will show myself holy among you in the sight of the nations

I know I've set you all up for a bit of humor so I shan't disappoint. Today I will provide some oxymorons for to liven up your day. I will give you the a - z of them over the coming days:

A Fine Mess
A just war
A little big
a little pregnant
A new classic
absolutely unsure
abundant poverty
academic fraternity
Academic sorority
Accidentally on Purpose
accurate estimate
accurate horoscope
accurate rumors
accurate stereotype
acrophobic mountain climber
Act Naturally
active retirement
actual reenactment
acute apathy
acute dullness
adult children
Adult male
advanced BASIC
advanced beginner
Affirmative action
affordable housing
aging yuppie
agree to disagree
Airline Food
airline schedules
all alone
All natural artificial flavor
alltogether separate
alone in a crowd
almost candid
Almost done
almost exactly
almost pregnant
Almost Ready
almost safe
almost suddenly
almost surprised
almost totally alone together
amateur expert
American culture
American education
American English
amicable divorce
among the first
Amtrak schedule
Anarchy Rules!
anonymous colleague
anticipated serendipity
anticipating the unanticipated
Anti-Missile Missile
anxious patient
apathetic interest
apathetically urged
Apple tech support
approximate solution
approximately equal
arms limitation
arrogant humility
Artificial Grass
artificial intelligenc
eassistant supervisor
astronomically small
athletic scholarship
Aunt Jemima Light
Auto Pilot
authentic replica
authentic reproduction
authoritarian anarchy
awfully good
awfully nice
Awfully pretty

Make Bubbles!

Any time of the year is a good time for bubbles, granted it can get a tad messy indoors. I guess thats why the hardware stores invented drop sheets... This wonderful site provides all sorts of wonderful information for you to create and explore the magical world of bubbles (PS - just TRY and be grumpy while blowing bubbles, bet its near impossible! Why not go to the dollar store and pick up several sets of bubbles and be the instigator of fun at your office party this year - bonus: great ice breaker and photo op!)


  1. good one the verses from the Bible

  2. Thank you so much for the beautiful papers! I enjoyed the verses too.

  3. Wow, those gold papers are gorgeous! Great job!

  4. Thank you for the paper and the oxymorons! They are very funny.

  5. Thank you for the papers and the verses..both are great!!

  6. Thanks so much for this lovely paper pack.
    I love the verses too.
    Hugs !

  7. Thank You for sharing another gorgeous BG pack

  8. I love the beautiful, sparkling papers and their wonderful colors. I have searched trying to find a tutorial for applying the sparkling effect with no success. Your sparkles are so pretty, which is hard in digital scrapping, & realistic. I also browsed your blog & found lovely testimony regarding your faith & beliefs. It is so nice to have met you & your wonderful family. You Are Blessed!Again, TFS.


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