Monday, June 01, 2020

A Very GOOD Day Card

Everyone needs to get a card like this - to focus us on the day-by-day blessings during all of the upheaval going on around us.  Not so that we ignore what is going on, but so that we encourage one another to keep us strong so that we are able to help out wherever we are able.  Often a “very good day” is the one where we are concentrating on helping others so deeply that we forget about our own problems.  Someone is always worse off than we are.

I chose to model my card after this challenge by Just Add Ink #507 as I like the angles and proportions.  I have an idea formed in my head which I can also enjoy breaking open a new kit I’ve been wanting to play with!  A huge Pink Paislee kit with all sorts of ephemera and bling to choose from.  

I layered things up - the floral is a “puffy” so it stands out above all.  My added “ink” is the sentiment, in bold black and white on a stitched die cut bit of white card stock.   

Hoping you are enjoying your day.

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