Friday, October 26, 2012

My latest card - Playing in Paradise Challenge # 90

It’s the PERFECT snuggle up inside and CRAFT day, so wet and cool outside.  Its calling for the same all week, I should get lots done! 

Shhhhhh, don’t tell, this card is for my Mr’s birthday which is coming up soon.  When I saw the nautical theme for Playing in Paradise  I just couldn’t resist!

Playing in Paradise Challenge # 90

PPC 90 - 1_Barb Derksen

ALL of this card is made from my scrap bin excepting the ribbon which I treated myself to when I visited Paper Nation recently.  So glad I found a use for it.  The stamp is from ditto. 

PPC-90---2_Barb-Derksen Blogger Labels: card,Paradise,Challenge

The sweet little sailboat is a ‘scrap’ of sorts too.  I am always playing with a lot of hybrid crafts so I ask all my friends and even the ladies at the local thrift store to save single earrings, broken necklaces etc and they’re glad to do it.  You never know when something is going to wind up being that ‘perfect’ touch to a project.  Remember, anything can be recolored using sharpies or nail polish! 

Perhaps you’ll be inspired to join in this week’s PPC challenge too!  If so, I hope to hit some blogs with comment ♥ so ‘spect me by if you do. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Card - Created With Love Challenge #14 - SWEET!

I decided I’d like to pick a new challenge today, its good to “shake things up” now and then.  I will still join in my regular ones when I’m able but I was driving my mind crazy with other crafting ideas so I just took a break to create a card.  I find it relaxing, do YOU? 

Created With Love Challenge #14 - Something Sweet


I decided I’d like to try my friend Kristin CB’s Sweet as Cherry Pie Digital Kit to make my card.  I brought the elements into my Silhouette Software, traced and cut on my Cameo.  This photo does not near show how pretty this card is - my photo is rather on the green or yellow side (its so bluh outside I took it indoors … in a hurry, never a good idea) 


I did not print Kristin’s digital papers but matched some I already had in my scrap bin.  I did highlight some items with my pearlescent paints and added the red stickles to the cupcake and the gem to top it off. 

Perhaps YOU might visit Created With Love challenge seeing it’s new - I see they have an upcoming Blog Hop coming up!

And now, I’ll share a quote I like about friendship and a few photos I took this past Sunday on a walk with my Mr - while the weather was still nice.

Oh the comfort,

the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person;

having neither to weigh thoughts

nor to measure words

but to pour them out, just as it is,

chaff and grain together,

knowing that a faithful hand will take and sift them,

keeping what is worth keeping,

and then,

with the breath of kindness,

blow the rest away.

~ George Eliot



Sunlight stripes in golden hues through the peach trees



Grapevines backlit by the Autumn Sun


Soft, fuzzy seeds invite my cheek!


Fuzzy mullien decorated with bright leaves


Brilliant grapevines festoon the now defunct Osoyoos irrigation canal.

You can learn some of the interesting history behind our canal by clicking HERE

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Welcome to Debbie, Kelly and My’s ;) Mini Blog Hop!

What a happy day this is - with all of us ladies having super busy lifestyles at this time it’s a minor miracle we can all meet up here to bring YOU some Autumn and (American) Thanksgiving fun for your Silhouette cutting machines (or I’ve included my files in .svg format so you can convert them for other machines if you wish!) 

I’ll give you a sneak peek of Debbie’s use of my Leaves FREEBIE:


Well how cool is THAT?  I’d never have imagined up such a wonderful idea.  I give thanks for friends like Debbie who come up with brilliant ways to use my files! 

And here is how Kelly created something beautiful with the same file:


Wonderful and unique, Kelly - I’m sure your and Debbie’s crafts are sure to gather compliments.  I won’t give away any more ‘sneaks’ - everyone will have to come visit you to see your takes on your own files - and until then, here’s what I thunk up the designs you sent my way:


I couldn’t help but make an entire basket for my porch to show off all of our efforts together. 


I decided to print and modge podge Debbie’s fun Thanksgiving files onto a squash (did not have a pumpkin or it would have wound up on that.  It was super easy to do.


Now isn’t Tom the Turkey just too cute for words? 


I outlined each graphic using a black Sharpie and added some swirls as well. 


I used Kelly’s delicate Pumpkin cut to embellish this greeting card.  I added it to Kay’s Pumpkin pen sketch file which was posted HERE a while ago.



I am still in love with my Niji Pearlescent paints and used them to bring shimmer to the pumpkin and I also used foam tape to raise Kelly’s pumpkin out from the card - its the center of interest!

And now that I’ve shown off my friend’s mirificent FREEBIES I’ll show my effort. 


I snuggled my Leaves Border under the ribbon on my greeting card. I have included several variations on these leaves, from full page size (aprox 11 - 12 inches) size or the standard quarter fold size (aprox 5.5 x 4.25 inches) - two sets, one the entire chain of leaves on one layer, the others are broken down into four sections with each strand a different leaf, so you can stack em!  I put all my files into a “zipped” folder - leave me a comment if you need a tutorial on “unzipping” folders. 




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Sunday, October 21, 2012

WIN your Greeting Card Signature Contest, Tutorial & a Mini Blog Hop announcement!


1-Mini Blog Hop Photos

I think I will begin with an announcement for an upcoming Mini Blog Hop which I’m taking part in along with Doodling Debbie (Paper Pulse) and Kelly (Finding Time to Create) on this Tuesday - October 23rd.   We have each designed something wonderful for you using a Fall/Thanksgiving Theme.  We each shared our Silhouette .studio files amongst ourselves and came up with unique ways to use them.  We will each be giving our FREE files to YOU - so stay tuned, spread the word, pin us, twitter us, post us in your forums.




I noticed some time ago in the Silhouette Plus forums someone asked about how people “finish” their greeting cards and I thought I might share how I do it.  Because I sell my greeting cards at local craft fairs, I want my cards to look pretty “polished’ while still retaining a handmade look.  I’ll describe the what and why of how I finish my cards off.


I just finished this card today and here is the front view.  (Yes, Sister, I totally ‘lifted’ your layout from the pretty birthday card you made me)


This is the back.  Now I’ll explain in detail using a card I made earlier this summer but did not put my signature on. 


This is a greeting card along with all the finishing bits laid out.  The card, envelope, transparent protective sleeve, signature and bit of cardstock for backing the signature.


This is the signature I use on my greeting card back. 


I use some double side adhesive on the back (these are Dollarama photo corners - work great)


I stick it to this bit of Designer Paper (could not find the one that matches the front of the card, its always best to try to match it if you can - unless you are going for a funky look)


Trim the edges of the Designer Paper to frame the signature. Stick that on the middle of the back of your greeting card!


I also like to fix a bit of coloured type-writer paper inside, trimmed just smaller than the surface.  Its a nice “extra” touch that shows the effort you put into it.  You could get a few basic colors of paper.  You can’t go wrong with cream and a white.  Sometimes I’ll even add a punched shape using the Designer Paper you used on the front. 


This is a card all packaged.  You can decide whether you would like to keep the flap up top unsealed or sealed.  Some people choose to cut that top part off even - as they point out that people will slide the card out of the sleeve to see it anyhow, its up to you. 

I buy my sleeves at Card Blanks in Victoria BC.  They really do help protect your cards and display them nicely too. 

Now, with my signatures which I put on the back of my greeting card, I have set them up on an entire printable sheet of paper which I can run through my printer, and because I like the nice rounded corners and also don’t like to have to cut them by hand… I created my own ‘print and cut’ sheet for my Cameo to cut for me (Silhouette SD size too) It looks like this:

greeting card back

In a matter of minutes I can print and cut my own ‘signatures’   I usually do a sheet of white and one of beige - 80 % of my card base are either of these. 

So, I’d like to bless YOU with a chance to WIN your own “Print and Cut” Signature sheet.  To win, just leave a comment on my blog and I’ll pick a name on Monday, October 28th.  If you win, I’ll design your signature sheet and email it to you Smile 

How do YOU finish your cards or projects?

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pretty Chickadee FREEBIE!

Woke to thunder and lightening at 4 a.m. I found it refreshing, really - we have had so little rain of late.  Everything looks scrubbed clean today.  I heard tell we may have a mixed bag of weather again today so I’m blogging in case later I have to unplug my technology due to an electric storm.

photo (3)

I took a little walk yesterday (prompted by a tweet from the BC Visitors Center here in Osoyoos) and so glad I did as I was treated to this golden scene of these peach trees - row upon row of golden-ness, gilded leaves fluttering to carpet the grass.  Soon the colors will all be sucked out of the landscape as Summer tucks her paint pot away until Spring comes and touches the scenery with bold hues again.


Golden October, your beautiful leaves now turn,

Sombre November, we cheerful fires burn.

We will not be sad that Summer days are gone

And birds now seldom sing.

We’ll smile through frozen Winter

And look towards the Spring


Today Autumn is confusing me!  One moment she lets her benevolent sunshine smile coax me outdoors but then she hides the sun behind steel coloured clouds and allows the wind to bully me along as leaves whirl up and pelt me.

One wonderful thing that happens fall arrives and this is that have the inclination to check out  Pinterest and actually make and bake and create some of the many “pins” I’ve salted away (I’m Mrs Miles on Pinterest)  I’ve been “putting up” food  and dehydrating ever since summer, now the fruits and veggies are in their last throes and I’m taking advantage while the getting is good. 



A bonus of fall (and spring for that matter) are these delicious Shaggy Mane mushrooms.  I think of my childhood when I eat them because my Dad taught us to pick these.  I hated them as a child, love them now.  Do YOU have any food you hated as a kid but love now?

I am working hard to make product for upcoming craft sales (I plan to do two this year) and so you are reaping the benefits of my designing.  I’ve been hearing chickadees outside my window for the past month and I think these little birds are so endearing.  I chose to create a chickadee cut so I can have one in front of me any time I like.  I hope you might like it too:



Here’s a card I made with my cut.  The stamp is from Ditto.  I embossed it and I also inked the edges of the designer paper.  The designer paper is random from my scraps bin. 



You may want to cut your chickadee out using different shades cardstock or designer paper - but you might be brave and paint in some of the feather details as I’ve done.  I used my Kiji Pearlescent paints for the job!  This photo is approximately how the base should look, then add your darker details once you have your “tail” or “wing” on.  You can easily use marker for the last details to make it bolder. 



And even though I’ve included a little “eye” cut, you might decide a little black pearl or gem is just the little detail to bring this sweet little bird to life. 

A note - the feet glue behind the body, I made a sort of oval area which can anchor the feet on.  I’ve included png templates for digi-scrappers to use as templates and I’d just love to see how you use this fun cut! 



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Friday, October 12, 2012

I’m giving YOU “The Gears” - a fun FREEBIE

Here’s wishing you a super-creative weekend!

I had SUCH a good break this past weekend, visiting with my family (including my Sister who oozes creativity!) and I’ve come back fresh and with a TON of ideas to work out on Cammy.  So, without further ado I’ll post another fun card I made and share the file with you!  I was thinking I need to make something masculine, guy cards are simply not as easy.  


The more I thought about it the idea of GEARS came to me so I just whipped some up. 


I embossed a quarter-fold sized cardstock (making myself play with things I have bought recently -  the embossing folder was one item)   Do YOU have the same habit as me, you buy something with great intentions and then somehow it sits waiting, waiting waiting for the time you decide to use it?  I made my self! 

I created the word art myself and would have loved to include it in with my FREEBIE only I am not entirely sure if the fonts are for commercial use - meaning not sure if I can redistribute them, so will err on the side of caution. 

I loved being able to use eyelets, getting used to “setting” them.  I think they make a project look more polished wouldn’t you say?

And these gears - they were entirely too fun to make!  These are not very big, so you can totally appreciate how small the Cameo can cut.  My shimmery gold and silver paper came in handy for this project.

Don’t stray too far away from the blog - I have two more loverly FREEBIES I’ll be launching in the coming days.



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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Pretty Cut for YOU!

I’m sneaking in a blog post - I say sneaking because the weather is so beautiful here today that I am kicking my own backside out the door for a portion of the day, camera in hand, of course so I can share some of the loveliness with YOU!  And, it sounds like this weather will be disappearing in a day or two, so enjoy for now. 

First things first, I would like to share a pretty anniversary card my friend Marilyn who I met through the Silhouette Plus forums - a great creative place to be!


Don’t you just love those cherries?  They look like they are ready to pick right off the card.  I am sure the happy couple will treasure this greeting, looks totally “frame worthy” Thanks Marilyn! 

If YOU have a card you’ve created with any of my cuts I’d ♥ to feature you here, just send me a jpg at lalalime(at)hotmail<dot>com

And I need to share another card I made for World Card Day which I created with my sister Nina while on vacation.  No internet connection at that time so only posting now.  Had to play with our new supplies, right? 



Paper - Indie Chic by My Mind’s Eye


Stamp - Prima Clear Stamps #550936 (keys) I purchased this stamp at Paper Nation - my favourite store of all!

Stamp - Get Well - borrowed from Nina’s collection so I’m sure she will let me know to update here. 


So just a simple greeting.  Sometimes less is better, I tend to get fussy!

And now, I’ll post some photos of my latest design - I actually created four different looks so you can see how simply using different papers can give it a unique look as well.  I think my dandelion cut would be ideal for a vinyl project as well.



Stamp - Fiskars

I think this second picture shows up the beautiful sparkles of this Fantasy Shimmer paper I bought at a dollar store.  It worked perfectly with the embossing and as you will see in the following cards, it cuts nicely on my Silhouette.  Because the glitter is so fine it cut on just a setting of 3 on the blade.


With a soft and completely different look.  These little seeds are so very fine, my Cameo has no problem cutting the tiniest details! 

Stamp - Studio G


Stamp - TPC Studios Celebrations

Embossing Folder by Crafts-Too


My Mr always favors anything black silhouette - he always says they are effective.  What do YOU think? 

Note: I’ve included two different .studio files for the dandelion and seeds, one set is BIG, the other is both items together and cut to fit a typical 1/4 fold card size - including 4 ‘seeds’ ( I put one inside my card as well)



Off for my walk in the sunshine now - enjoy your day!

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