Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Pretty Cut for YOU!

I’m sneaking in a blog post - I say sneaking because the weather is so beautiful here today that I am kicking my own backside out the door for a portion of the day, camera in hand, of course so I can share some of the loveliness with YOU!  And, it sounds like this weather will be disappearing in a day or two, so enjoy for now. 

First things first, I would like to share a pretty anniversary card my friend Marilyn who I met through the Silhouette Plus forums - a great creative place to be!


Don’t you just love those cherries?  They look like they are ready to pick right off the card.  I am sure the happy couple will treasure this greeting, looks totally “frame worthy” Thanks Marilyn! 

If YOU have a card you’ve created with any of my cuts I’d ♥ to feature you here, just send me a jpg at lalalime(at)hotmail<dot>com

And I need to share another card I made for World Card Day which I created with my sister Nina while on vacation.  No internet connection at that time so only posting now.  Had to play with our new supplies, right? 



Paper - Indie Chic by My Mind’s Eye


Stamp - Prima Clear Stamps #550936 (keys) I purchased this stamp at Paper Nation - my favourite store of all!

Stamp - Get Well - borrowed from Nina’s collection so I’m sure she will let me know to update here. 


So just a simple greeting.  Sometimes less is better, I tend to get fussy!

And now, I’ll post some photos of my latest design - I actually created four different looks so you can see how simply using different papers can give it a unique look as well.  I think my dandelion cut would be ideal for a vinyl project as well.



Stamp - Fiskars

I think this second picture shows up the beautiful sparkles of this Fantasy Shimmer paper I bought at a dollar store.  It worked perfectly with the embossing and as you will see in the following cards, it cuts nicely on my Silhouette.  Because the glitter is so fine it cut on just a setting of 3 on the blade.


With a soft and completely different look.  These little seeds are so very fine, my Cameo has no problem cutting the tiniest details! 

Stamp - Studio G


Stamp - TPC Studios Celebrations

Embossing Folder by Crafts-Too


My Mr always favors anything black silhouette - he always says they are effective.  What do YOU think? 

Note: I’ve included two different .studio files for the dandelion and seeds, one set is BIG, the other is both items together and cut to fit a typical 1/4 fold card size - including 4 ‘seeds’ ( I put one inside my card as well)



Off for my walk in the sunshine now - enjoy your day!

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  1. Your cards are lovely, beautiful die cut too! Hope you enjoy the good weather!

  2. A really pretty design, Barb. I love all the texture on each of your cards.
    Tine (Addie24)

  3. Beautiful cards, thank you very much for sharing the file,I'm off to investigate the Silhouette forum.


  5. Good morning Barb:)
    Can't wait to see photos from your walk!!:)I always love it when we can take those walks with you.:)
    You did an excellent job on your cards!! I LOVE the embossing and the Dandelions too.Thank you so much for sharing your cutting file for the Dandelion.:) How SWEET! I LOVE your key stamp too.You could use that in several ways. Let's Key-p in hold the key to my heart..You are the key to my happiness. etc.I just bought an embossing folder that has keys on it. Now I know how I can use it.LOL
    Catch me if you can.LOL


  6. un grand merci je cherchai ce modèle depuis plusieurs mois patounine france

  7. Thank you for sharing.

  8. wow girl you are so talented love all the cards. Neat Danelion cutout day I will have to get one of those machines. Have a great week...


  9. I though for sure I has commented on this post.. bad sister. Your cards are beautiful Barb, that Dandelion cut is fantastic and I love all your card. I can't even pick a favorite :).

  10. Thank you! This is so unique!

  11. I love dandelion cuts, made a few of them myself. Love yours, sorry the link is broken and I can't get it.


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