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It has been another *angst* morning with computer woes - but rather than complaining, I will be thankful that we actually have our computers, thankful that I am able to blog you every day.

Before you start into the rest of the blog, if your into some Christmas Music already then you might want to mosey over to Radio Delilah and check out the STATIONS tab - there is a list of great stations all playing Christmas. You can also enter (if your in the USA) the contest on her opening page, with Scotties to win an ipod and goodies!

In saying this - I want to take a moment to acknowledge that Christmas is something some of us would like to skip over this year. Yes, you know that I am speaking of my friend GINA, who lost her son Nick this fall in a horrific accident. For Gina, every day, every holiday is a painful reminder of her loss. Lets all not let her slip by the wayside in our thoughts. Won't you take a moment to visit her blog today, and leave love there and encouragement. As the days and months have slipped by since the accident her comments are getting less and less and folks, now is when she needs them more than ever. Better yet, if you see the little purple icon to the left of my blog, you can purchase her Gina's Garden Kit for someone for a gift, with the moneys helping with a memorial of her son. I thank you... no matter what, please pray for her family.

JOB 16:15

But my mouth would encourage you;
comfort from my lips would bring you relief.

Yesterday, a good freind of mine challenged me to join her in doing something nice for our husbands - like we need to be prompted, hey? I'm always up for a challenge that will bring me and my sweet closer, so I was like, sure - let's! So I shut my computer off completely for the evening and set about creating some atmosphere with candles, soft music etc. I even put makeup on - even though it was for the benefit of a few hours. I planned the evening of no phones and a nice long massage. It was worth every minute of effort.

I also revived a book that I had created for him a few years ago. I called it our LOVE BOOK. Really, its just a small spiral bound book that I bought at an office supply place (my next one will be much nicer) that I filled with scripture, quotes, encouraging phrases and pictures cut out from magazines. I placed these things on random pages throughout. The book lives by our phone, and we are both able to take it out and leave 'love notes' to each other when we are inspired. We then leave it where either of us can find it. A book like this takes any time pressure off the reader or writer... and it also keeps those sentiments in one place.

Now isn't this just too sweet for words? My dear blogger reader/friend Rebecca from NY made this layout using my elements! You have NO IDEA how this tickles me! Honestly - and I know this is pretty sad - I've been so busy MAKING elements for my blog that I have not had time to USE them. So thanks Rebecca for sending this! *smmmeeeeeeeeeee*

Nobody guessed yesterday - but some were very close indeed. The photos were all snippets of this - a vintage set of Color Craft Jug and Tumblers. Yep, all for a mere $2... who wants to come with me to the thrift today?

Today's installment of oxymorons:

easy labor (childbirth)

easy payments

easy problem

easy task

easy to follow directions

economic forecast

economic reform

economic stability

educated consumer

educated guess

educational administration

educational television

effective compassion

elected king

elementary calculus

elevated subway

elite rabble

eloquent silence

energetic exhaustion

enough time

enormously small

enquiring minds

entertaining sermon

enthusiastic indifference

environmentalist bumper sticker

equally diverse

equal justice

equal opportunity

ergonomic keyboard

escaped inmate

eschew obfuscation

essential luxury

essential service

ethical hackers

european eommunity

evaporated milk

even odds

exact estimate

executive assistant

executive decision

executive secretary

expected serendipity

expected surprise

expect the unexpected

explicit innuendo

explicitly ambiguous

express bus

express line

express mail

express ways

expressive silence

extended deadline

extensive briefing

extinct life form

extra oridanary

extra money

extra time

extremely average

extremely bland

extremely neutral

eyes wide shut


Rescue Those Photos

You know that my computer 'died' recently - the big hard drive failure. Well, though I have been much better about backing up, ultimately I did lose some data, including a huge number of photos I had taken at the Gifted Workshop. It was devastating. However I did some research and located a program which allowed me to recover the pictures back off my camera's card - even though I had deleted them off the card. Yes, you can imagine my delight to have restored over 150 photos I thought were gone! Now, I can't vouch for the stability of the program because you never know, and it does say that at the downloads place too... but if you accept that risk and need to recover photos off a camera chip you might consider using this program. It's a free program - though you can donate $10 to the software creator if you choose (I think its totally worth it) This program works only if you have not formatted your camera card.



  1. Thanks for the hat!

    And I know Gina from The Group the front proch, I am sorry to hear about her loss.

  2. Love the cute furry santa hat! Felt very refreshed after our walk lastnight :) Cute idea with the 'Love Book'!

  3. Thank you for the cute furry Santa hat!

  4. The Love Book is a fabulous idea!! And keeping it next to the phone is great! That would be a marvelous wedding shower gift!! The jug & tumbler set.. gosh I remember my Mom having one of those back in 1956!!! And thanks for the Digital Photo Recovery link. Love Santa's Hat!

  5. loved the santa hat..glad you and Miles had a night of just you two you guys

  6. This is a great Santa hat! Great tip on the photo recovery program. Thanks for all. cg

  7. Thanks for the hat,, and the beads,, so cool. Happy Thanksgiving too
    B x

  8. Love that Santa hat, thank you.


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