Friday, November 24, 2006


I had a really nice little layout my sister Nina made me using my own elements - but when I went to retrieve it from the email she sent me it was gone... Sisser, did you take it away from me? Please send again so I can show the world! Its time for your debut! Readers, you send me your layouts using my elements, I will post them here - I would love that!

Yesterday was potluck lunch at our school. Miles began hosting a potluck one day a month at the school several years ago and it just 'stuck'. I think that because we are an adult learning center we have a large amount of really good cooks - mmm... having potluck at our school is like smorgasborg at the best of restaurants! We have students from many different cultures attend so we get tastes of different countries. Its always fun and a great way to get to know everyone.


Psalm 30:12

Oh Lord my God,
I will give thanks to Thee Forever

So, I asked you all about a week ago if you have noticed anybody using the word 'whatnot' lately - have you heard it? Or is it just me?
Also, yesterday I posted about the love book Miles and I keep by our phone... several of you commented it was a sweet idea - do you have any ideas that you could share with me? I would love to share a section in this area if I get lots! One of my favorite things to do is to buy little sticky notes, or use a word processing program to make little notes to store about the house for Miles to find. I try to work the theme of them around where I intend to hide them eg:

in the sugar container - "you're the sweetest"
folded into a towel - "like this towel, I long to wrap my arms around you"
tucked into a shoe - "like these shoes, my love goes with you today"

Silly little things like this. Sticking a little note on the steering wheel of the car, places where he is bound to find them and know that you are thinking of him through his busy day. And though it takes a minute out of your day, know that if you initiate it he will be prompted to reciprocate. I've heard of women longing to have their husband do something nice for them, but they have never intitiated it by doing it first! You get what you give is a general rule of thumb. I know this is not ALWAYS the case, but its worth a try, no? If you don't have a spouse, do this for someone else you love, like a child, friend or aunt/uncle.

Its a beautiful sunny day here so I am going to post more oxymorons and get some much appreciated sunshine - bring you back some photos!

faculty cooperation
faculty understanding
fail safe
fair reporting
fair trial
fairly accurate
fairly explicit
fairly obvious
fallout shelter
false fact
false hope
family entertainment
family vacation
fan fatale
farewell reception
fast BASIC
fast food
fast idle
fast snail
fast turtle
fast waiter
fast walk
fast-mail service
fatally injured
fat-free cream cheese
faultily faultless
fearful bravery
federal budget
Female gunman
fiber glass
fictional truth
fictional reality
fiery icef
ighting for peace
filing system
final conclusion
final version
finally again
financially strong
savings and loan associations and banks
fire water

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I was going to use the following link as a handy tip, but instead I will give you this AND a handy tip. I found this website for furniture that looks like rocks - pebbles! I am so intriqued by this stuff - ooooohhh if I were rich I would buy myself some of these, they look so fun and functional!

Keep Your Floors CLEAN

If you are like Miles and I, well, we almost always forget something when leaving the house, and have to make a mad dash in to get something at the last minute. We don't always have time to take our shoes off, which can be a bad thing for our flooring. There are two easy solutions for this. You can locate a source of the little throw away 'booties' that are used in hospital - that you pull over your shoes, or, you can buy the biggest pair of wool socks you can find from a store. Cut them down to low ankle size and stitch the edge down. If you have to come in quickly just pull them right over your shoes. (this will buff your wooden floors if you have 'em too!


  1. Thank you for the freebie star it looks great..
    about the words "what not"..isn't that the same thing as "knick knacks"? People who have been around for a our "knick knacks".."what nots".Mainly because our parents called them that..and monkey see monkey do and all that.LOL How confusing.LOL

  2. way to go sis ...loved the star ..and has for whatnots..I have lots of those at my house....


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