Sunday, November 19, 2006

(ribbons and buckles)

Oh, that bed is just wooing me back! Thank goodness Miles makes me a coffee or and brings it for me or I just might not get out at all! At least we are catching up on our rest.

Yesterday was thankfully uneventful - our landlords, Mr. and Mrs. came home, and they still love us. Whew! I made myself take a bit of excersize in the form of mostly on the incumbent bike and situps, pushups etc. It was a chore the entire time. I challenge you to try one excersize that I created myself - I warn you its a killer! You stand next to a table or some surface that comes close to the top of your thighs. The surface must have a lip for you to grip onto. Now, grab the lip with both hands, firmly and lower yourself into a 'squat' Up again, and do this 10 times... now comes the hard part (it SOUNDS easy) Lower yourself back down to the bottom of the squat (make sure your holding firmly to the table/surface). Raise yourself and lower yourself only 8 - 10 inches. Do this 10 times. Doesn't this simple thing just kill? It makes me so aware how much these muscles need to be developed.

We sort of took the afternoon off and went for a bite of dinner. In the evening i worked on this element pack and Miles worked frantically on a website that he will be promoting next weekend. Poor guy does not get much time to play these days. He did have a laugh yesterday as he was asked to put a man's head onto an animated balloon that 'floats' over a panorama of Osoyoos... realty. The ultimate in cheesey advertising, you know? Like a big bobblehead in the sky. (Yeah, Rebecca in NY - I know your rofl) Well, hey we can't account for everyone's tastes.

My reader Rebecca in NY, by the way, we keep sending each other into stitches. Seems some of my adventures get her going and her comments cause my face to crack too. So Rebecca (do you ever use a nickname?) this following link is dedicated to you, because I know, I just KNOW you are going to find this one beyond belief. And ladies, though this is a satire - it was not so very long ago that this was how women were supposed to be seen. Thank goodness for some change! WOMEN KNOW YOUR LIMITS

The oxymorons shall return tomorrow. I would like to take some quiet time before Church so I will sign off early here. You all have a blessed day!

You are never so high as when you are on your knees.

JAMES 4:10

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord,
and he shall lift you up.

The Possibilities of Technology

You better get ready - technology is about to explode in ways we cannot imagine - in ways that are so tanigible and engage us physically. After seeing yesterday's link, my friend passed this link on to me (she saw it on a thread at DST) and I think its a must-see too. This is a video taken at a technology conference.


  1. hi sis ..thanks for the help this this xmas papr stuff

  2. Thank You for sharing today's lovely download

  3. Thank you for the ribbons they are lovely!

  4. Love the Satin & Sparkles!! So cheery :)
    And absolutely love the TED video.. thanks for that link. We had company from Sydney, Australia (a fellow geologist friend of dh) and they could see so many geological possibilities with that technology.

  5. Such beautiful ribbon! I've been watching and waiting for someone to make pretty Christmas ribbons & bows. Thank you for sharing!

  6. thank you, these are very cute

  7. Thank you sooo much for the ribbons and elements:) I also want to thank you for showing us that site..WOW..isn't that amazing!!?I don't know about you but I don't think I am that cooridinated. I can imagine what I would come up with.LOL

  8. You have an interesting blog. Great work. Hugs from Brazil

  9. What I love about your blog... besides the wonderful freebies of course, lol... is your honest approach to life and how you write about it. Its like dipping my toe into a refreshing stream while walking through the thick forest of the internet. I haven't been online as much in the last few days so I stopped in and scrolled down and was reading... and saw what you wrote. Thanks! :D You are too much (lovely) woman! :D I got your beautiful cranberry freebie too, thanks again! :D


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