Monday, November 20, 2006


I don't want to be a complainer - but my computer is toast right now. Yep, its done the 'tick of death' to me once again and now its gone, gone, gone. Yeah, real, real gone. Well, its not a HUGE surprize - we brought it back from the edge twice now since summer, but the fact is my computer needs a new hard drive and there is absolutely no getting away from that fact. We will order a new hard drive tomorrow. Happy Christmas to me early, hey? In the meantime, my sweetie is allowing me to take over his laptop - thank goodness or I would be in real dire straits. As it is, I lost a minimum of data this time by backing up often to an external hard drive. So, if you are reading this - stop - go back up!!! This little kit was 'tossed' together by Miles and I as I lost the last elements I had intended to bless you with today. Hope you like it. I will continue to find a way to bring you my blog daily - no matter what!

If a task is once begun, never leave it till it's done.

Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.


Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might.

I was in the nursery at Church today. I made it out alive - ho, ho! Nursery means like 4 and under - and the possiblitly of having to change a diaper now and again... ewww! Thankfully this particular item has not happened to me yet. This is like my 4th or 5th time down under w/ the kiddies - its in the basement - and so I sorta know what to expect. From what I observed from my previous times was these kids do not want to be 'passive' - as is traditional e.g.: read a nice story, color and have a snack for 1.5 hrs... nooooo - these kids like to MOVE! I thought I would take the bull by the horns and be proactive. I whipped all the furniture around - to their utter astonishment and delight and using the couch, chair, and crib I made a 'tunnel' along one wall. We set the cushions overhead so that it was like a long cave. We even found mats and made it not so hard on the knees and we pretended that it was a cave with bears chasing us thru and then later it became a train tunnel. I was pretty good for one hour until Miles came and rescued me. He helped whip all the furniture back and then he instigated a big soccer tourney with the kids. By the time the mums and dads arrived the kids had worked up a BIG SWEAT!

The rest of the day went by very quickly. Miles cooked for me - a delicious dinner of pasta with his home-made tomato sauce. He loves to cook the sauce down from fresh tomatos. He also served sauteed portabella mushrooms and fresh broccoli - mmm can still taste it!

As I promised you, more oxymorons:

cafeteria food

calculated Error

calculated risk

calculated spontaneity

California expressway

calm storm

calm winds

camping resort

canned fresh

cardinal sin

casual chic

casual dress

casual formality

casual intimacy

casual sex

casually concerned


cautiously optimistic

cavalier concern

center around

centrally-planned economy

certain risk

certainly unsure

chaotic organization

cheap gas

cheerful pessimist

cheerful undertaker

cheerfully cynical

cheerfully mournful

cheese steak

Cherokee Pioneer(name of U.S. car)

chicken fajitas


chilling fever

Chinese chop suey

chocolate 'nilla wafers

christian evolutionist

christian gangster

christian militia

CIA cooperation

civil disobedience

civil engineer


civil Servant

civil service

civil strife

civil War

civilized warfare

classic new homes

classic rock & roll

clean boy

clean coal

clean dirt

clean kill

clean litter

clean oil

clean toilet

clear as mud

clearly ambiguous

clearly confused

clearly misunderstood

clever fool

click the start button to shut down

climb down

clogged drain

close distance

cluster bomb

co-ed fraternity

co-ed sorority

cold fever

cold hotdog

cold sweat

cold toast

colorless kaleidoscope

combative apology

comedic tragedy

comfortable bra

comfortable neckbrace

comfortable tights

commercial art

committed schedule

committee decision

common abnormality

common courtesy

common sense

common phenomenon

communist party

comparatively unique

compassionate editor

compassionate management

complete separation

completed research

completed website

completely destroyed

completely educated

completely succinct

completely unfinished

component parts

compulsory volunteers

computer jock

computer science

conciliation court

concrete pad

confident fear

congressional accountability

congressional action

congressional cooperation

congressional Ethics

congressional oversight

congressional responsibility

congressional wisdom

conscripted volunteer

conservative democrat

conservative liberal

considerate boss

consistent discrepancies

consistent uncertainties

consistently inconsistent

conspicuously absent

constant change

constant infrequent

constant variable

constructive ambiguity

constructive attitude

constructive criticism

constructive negativity

continuing resolution

contra aid

contra assistance

controlled enthusiasm

controlled chaos

controlled skeptic

controlled-market economy

convenience store

conventional wisdom

corporate conscience

corporate culture

corporate ethics

corporate family

corporate planning

correctional institution

council action

countless numbers

country music

cowardly lion

crash landing

creative destruction

criminal cop

criminal justice

criminal system

crisis management

critical acclaim

cruel kindness

curved Line

customer satisfaction

customer service


Rule at School!

If you're a teacher, you may never need look any further than the following link to find great teacher resources on the internet. This site is chock full of terrific links. I personally liked #24 for its free power point backgrounds!



  1. Sooo sorry to hear your hard drive has gone to the grave.:( We sure get attached to them huh?Glad to hear you didn't lose a lot with it.
    I love your story of the nursery experience.:)I would have had to go home and take a nap after playing that hard.LOL
    Thanks for throwing a terrific freebie our way real fast.:) It looks great!

  2. Sorry to hear about the computer!!!!

  3. You have been doing some beautiful designing lately. I wish my husband were as helpful as yours! Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Sorry to hear about your hd! You are too kind to worry about getting us the freebies!! I can totally relate to your nursery story...I have been in the nursery depart. of our church every Sunday for 12 years now!! I'm telling you, it will wear you out!! I'm getting too old! :) By the way...thank your husband for us for the loan of his laptop!!

  5. Thank You these are awesome!
    So sorry about your computer

  6. love the xmas stuff

  7. Oh my! A man who cooks too?!??! He is too perfect! Lol... :D

    That sounds like you had almost as much fun at the nursery as the lil' ones! I love doing that kind of stuff. Its fun to be a kid for a little bit every now and again. :)

    Sorry to hear about your puder... its not easy to lose one in such a manner although I'm happy to hear your loss of data was minimal.

    Thanks Miles for the cool necklace! :D


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