Monday, November 27, 2006


Before anything else, I THANK YOU all so much for your comments. I feel like I am getting to know some of you and this is what my blog's goal is... I would like it to feel like a coffee shop - where we can share and enjoy some moments of our day. I love your input and I would love any interesting links, ancedotes, etc that you might like to share - including your layouts you create with my elements! You make my blog a thing I look forward to sharing every day!

Ohhh I am sitting here struck with emotions. I tuned into one of those Delilah stations that I gave you a link for the other day, and the first song on was Pachabel's Christmas Canon - you know the one with the boys choir? It just gives me a meltdown. It calls up lost Christmasses and swells into an indiscribable joy for me too. Its crazy, I know, but combined with the conditions outside I feel an excitement deep within that I cannot put a name to.

We woke in the night to winds and snow howling around the house and this morning the snow is blowing up the road. I feel so safe and snug inside that I vow to stay in my jammies till noon - because I can. Thank you Miles for making this possible for me. You are a wonderful Godly husband and a good provider and I love you more than words can say. You are a 5 - star wife-minder. Thanks for bringing me coffee and shovelling the drive this morning. Thank you for picking up the new bed on Saturday, because if it had been today, as the store had wanted, it would not have happened with this weather.

Our pastor gave the men of our church a challenge this month - 30 days of prayer. 10 days to pray for their wives, 10 for their families and 10 for their children. Thank you Pastor Ed, for initiating this - I appreciate your heart for our families. Judy, Pastor Ed's wife, is going for some medical tests this week, would you uplift her in prayer, please everyone?


Husbands, love your wives,
just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her


In this same way,
husbands ought to love their wives
as their own bodies.
He who loves his wife loves himself

This is my freind Becky! I promised pics from our Hayne's Point outting on Friday - you were so right Beck, that was the last best day for November, I just know it. Thank you for pointing out some of my photo opportunities, and thanks for telling me about the birds on the branches. (they were sure NOISY, hey?) Lets do this again soon. All of the photos on today's blog are from our outing and I will post more in the coming days! Becky has some on her site and will also be posting more, I think she said so you might want to slip over and comment there too! ;)

Today's oxymorons:

gargantuan lilliputian
geniune imitation
gentle turbulence
gentleman bandit
genuine fake
genuine imitation
genuine(ly) fake
genuine-imitation leather
giant dwarf
gigantic microorganism
girly man
glacier-like rapidity
global village
go ahead, back up
golf fashion
gold silverware
going nowhere
good beating
good cigar
good fast food
good garbage

And to liven up your day... I will leave you with this challenge:

This is so funny that it will boggle your mind, and you will keep trying it several times to see if you can outsmart your foot -- but you can't!

1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction!

Told you so -- and there's nothing you can do about it!

What That Bird, Huh?

Yep, Becky, you will be able to share this website with all the birder/photographers in your group. I thought about looking up info about the Cedar Waxwings we took pictures of and providing it here on the blog, but I think I will encourage you to do it for yourself! This is a very informative and interesting birding site!


  1. I must tell you that I really love coming to your blog. I love the things you share.. I don't mean the freebies.. I do love those and thank you for the awesome ornament.. but I love all your words of wisdom and encouragement.. I hope you know how much you must help people and get them to think.

    Hugs.. Joy

  2. Fun pix my friend! Even me! Yay! Neat bird site. I have a "Birds of North America" type book that I refer to if I need to. This will be a good reference too.

    Nice to be spoiled by husbands! Lawrence drove me to work today after clearing the driveway too. We're heading to get my snowtires at lunch. Yay!

    Pretty snowy! Fa la la la laaa. Time to hibernate for a couple days.

  3. Thank you for the beautiful ornament. And thank you for the walk through the park and all your inspiring words. I love coming to your blog each day. You and your husband sound so sweet - like newlyweds. cg

  4. I enjoy comming to your blog. The oximorons are always good for a chuckle and of course there is the added bonus of freebies now and then. Thank you for being so positive and unselfish.

  5. TYS your gorgeous tree!
    Luv the photo's and thanks for the bird link thats 1 I didn't have!

  6. Another great read, as usual :) I make it a point to come to your blog when I have a few minutes to really contemplate. Mostly because you are usually positive and uplifting. I love your scrap elements and stuff, but today I especially love the photo of the birds. You know, birds in the trees are one of those little gifts we so often pass by without even appreciating...

  7. I love cedar waxwings! And I love your lovely ornament too! And as for being stuck with emotions, better to be that then stuck like your photographed leaf friend there! Lol. Thanks much! Ummmmm, if this is a coffee house, can you make mine decaf? Lol. :D

  8. Thank you so much for the christmas tree cute. I really enjoy your blog also!

  9. Very cute! Thanks so much for sharing your designs.

  10. love your page today and miss the pictures

  11. Such a cute tree -- thank you for all you share!

  12. Oh this is gorgeous - you are very talented! Thanks!!@!


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