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Recap - “All ‘bout Love” Free Community Music Event Feb 15th 2013

The "All 'bout Love" event - yes, was amazing.  We had 130 people come out.  Before I go further I need to give a shoutout to Tim Horton’s Osoyoos for providing coffee and to the Polka Dot Door Florist for the the rose petals we decorated the sweets table with.  I also thank all my church family at Osoyoos Christian Centre who helped get this wonderful night happening! There are so many who work quietly in the background and make it all seem so effortless - from the setup to the cleanup.

Here are some photos and video from both behind the scenes setup right to the entertainment! 

01-All Bout Love Batch (1)

Cutting out hearts -


I got it in my head three days before the event what I wanted in the way of decorating!  I put my Cameo through it's paces and cut out trillions of hearts from shiny silver, black and gold paper.


02-All Bout Love Batch (2)

Heart Streamers

08-All Bout Love Batch (9)


I wanted to make something to break up the monotony of the green walls.  I could see these reflecting the stage lights in  my head.  Took several hours but so worth it. Someone had given me the ribbon quite a while ago and my dear friend Mel O had given me the pretty paper. 


03-All Bout Love Batch (3)

Money might not grow on trees - but LOVE does!

I thought I’d create something to flank the sides of the stage.  I went out to check the mail in the dark one night and saw these prunings across the road from us.  I dragged them home  I had no idea what I was going to do with these.  They stand about 7 feet tall!

Once I got them in I just began adding bits of things to them.  At first it looked pretty pathetic, like a Charlie Brown stage prop.  I got to a certain point and decided to go to bed and sleep on it.  

Bless my Mr.'s heart, first thing he said to me in the morning was they looked like fun!  So, I just jumped right in and kept going.  In the end they looked wonderful.  I wound up anchoring them in ice cream pails filled with sand (left over from the van from when the drive was snowy and icey and he bought it for weight)  then I covered this with brown paper I have a huge roll of and a nice big bow. 


05-All Bout Love Batch (5)

Yep, it was all bout LOOOOOVEEEE!

I made this feature sign from bits and bobs.  Backed with cardboard then art paper.  I cut a large heart from white shimmer paper then set to sewing on the pink frill.  I was only 1/2 way when I realized I would only get 1/2 way round so I sewed the top with white wide ribbon.  I'm getting good at this sewing thing!  

I made the plaque from an old plaque that had some cheesy sentiment on it.  I modge podged some chalkboard paper onto it and then made a stencil for the words, cutting it from plain paper on my Cameo  I used white pastel chalks for the lettering.


06-All Bout Love Batch (7)

Setting the Stage!

Adding light onto the sign really had an impact.  As you will see in the following photos I covered the mid section with red shimmery material and tinsel garland (thanks Mel O) so that it did not get in front of the lights.


18-All Bout love 15-02-2013 8-15-08 PM 480x640

All lit up!

17-All Bout Love Batch (11)

As all these photos were taken on my iphone its not near as vivid as being right there but you get the feeling.  Local musician Jeff Smith was accompanied by my sweet husband for a rendition of "That's Amore!"  This was a big thing for my Mr - he's not picked up his accordion since he was a little kid.  Lets just say that its not his instrument of choice.  I had fashioned moustaches from on my Cameo for the musicians to wear for this song  and you might notice what could appear to be a "unibrow" on my Mr's forehead as it would not stick to his lip so he affixed it to the nearest flat surface... haha.  We will see if he actually reads my blog now.

Sue Gerrard singing “Till I Can Make It On My Own” for All ‘Bout Love - free community event Feb 15, 2013 at Osoyoos Christian Centre

Now for a HUGE treat - this is a video of Sue Gerrard (owner of Dirty Harry’s Barber shop here in Osoyoos) singing at the event.  Sue’s been snipping at my my Mr’s crown for a while now, and we’ve come to love and respect the beautiful person she is, inside and out.  Somehow we came to know Sue is musically gifted and invited her out to participate in our events.  All I can say is “WOW!” as is anyone who hears her.  I’d ♥ for you to leave some comment love here to share with her.  THANK YOU SUE!!! ♥

Osoyoos is truly a town filled with TALENT - and we would like to thank the following musicians who participated (and perhaps I’ll feature more “singin’ videos here yet!”

Sonny Black - Sonny blew us away with his own original song “Together Forever”  which he wrote for his wife.  We were lucky he was able to perform - his family was all home sick Sad smile  - but he was able to drive in, perform and then return home to tend to his lovely ladies.  Now THAT’S true amore!  Sonny is a Luthier (one who builds and makes stringed instruments)  If you have an ailing instrument I suggest you click on his name link here to get in contact with him Smile 

Jeff Smith - Jeff performed “That’s Amore” and “Unchained Melody” - Jeff is always upbeat and so easy to be around. 

Nathan Freeman - Nathan sang “Love is worth the Fight” and then another fun song he wrote called “Crocodile Tears”.  Nathan often writes original songs and “Crocodile Tears” was a fun take on his observations of his married life. 

Matthew Thomas - Matthew is of the ‘younger’ set - and he shines with pep and energy.  Matthew brought us a rendition of Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me”

Chris and Lori Studola - Chris and Lori sang “The VEGETABLE Song” - such a playful song fitting all the vegetables you can think of into a ditty about love.  They even had a prize for anyone who could guess the 40+ vegetables in their song.  They also shared “Can’t Buy Me Love” - a Beatles song.  They leant a bright spot in the song lineup.

Kayla Turnbull - Kayla sang “Incredible” - a song she wrote for friends for their wedding.  Kayla is an up and coming artist (yeahhhh it was her birthday and we got to sing her and surprise her with a cake at the performance)  Kayla writes and sings her own songs and has a fresh and unique style.  Look for Kayla to be coming out with a CD in the future and shine as a talented local musician!

Terry Jackson - Terry is not only gifted musically but artistically too!  Click on his link to visit his home page.  We are proud to say Terry is part of our Osoyoos Church family. I do not have the name of the song Terry performed on hand, but it was wonderful!

Miles Derksen - *prejudice alert* - my Mr!  I’m hoping to post his rendition of Steven Curtis Chapman’s “When Love Takes You In” here on the blog.  Look for this treat soon!

The food - I’ll let the photos do the talking! 

11-1-All Bout Love Food (1)

16-1-All Bout Love Food (5)

Thank you to all the businesses and folks who promoted our event.   I suspect we will see some photos in the Osoyoos Times which comes out this evening, and in advance of this we heartily thank you for your support!  We look forward to the next - with a well deserved rest in between. 

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  1. What an awesome looking time ....beautiful decorations all that awesome food it sounds like everything turned out awesome ...and I bet the music was beautiful .. Thank you so much for sharing


  2. Looked real nice and the eats would have been fun.

  3. Awesome decorations Barb. Everything looks great. It sounds like a wonderful event. Congrats.

  4. Aww...Barb..EVERYTHING looks AWESOME! LOVE all those hearts!! You truly do have a "HEART" for this sort of thing.:)The stage is FANTASTIC! You all really worked hard and did a WONDERFUL job!!
    I LOVE your food table too!!! I wouldn't know where to start.:)Awesome pic BTW.FANTASTIC idea with the rose petals. Wish we had thought of that for Mama's wedding.:)
    Thanks so much for sharing Sue Gerrard's song. You are right.WOW!:)

    Hope you are having a restful weekend my friend.:)

    Love and hugs,

  5. Barbara, that food table looks AH-mazing!

  6. Looks awesome! Glad it turned out so well. (Just getting around to reading my blogs now)


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