Thursday, March 28, 2013

Leather Look Journal

I’m always trying new crafts and this particular craft came about because I wanted to make something for my brother Dave’s surprise 60th birthday.  Obviously his party is over by the time this is published or I will have given the secret away.

I have always had a love of journals or diaries.  As a kid I used to dissect some and I would find them padded with Chinese newspapers inside and that used to transport my mind - it was magical to me!  Breaking them down way back when must have planted a seed in my mind because I sort of had an idea how I wanted to make my first one ever.  This is it:


My brother is an avid fisherman and so I thought to theme it in this way.  It measures 4 x 5 inches so it won’t tax him to try to put those BIG fish tales in it, rather he might only feel he could list THE lake, THE fish and THE fly or lure.  And how many.  That sort of thing.  I don’t know if he’s a journally kind of guy. 


I hand bound the inside.  The pages are made from Strathmore fine art paper so he could even attempt to draw, if the urge should hit.  Being a quality acid-free paper it will be around for generations to come.  However, the “leather” look cover is really a wallpaper sample! 


I cut a piece of thick cardboard into the shape of a frame and glued a coppery shimmer paper over this.  I typed the title using my trusty manual typewriter and added a handmade fly onto this (my talented brother Barry made the fly I think) I added a little “window” of heavy plastic over top for safety reasons.  The plastic came from some packaging from some item - can’t even remember what.   Seems most items, even the teensiest, come with a whole lot of plastic packaging. 

Thanks for visiting!  More journals to come.

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  1. Barb,
    What a COOL journal!! I bet your brother LOVED it and will be sure to keep track of those many fish he catches.:)
    LOVE the wallpaper idea for the cover!! Not sure I would have thought of that!Another of your handy ideas!! I have used wallpaper many times for projects around the house..but not for journal covers..but only because..I haven't made my own journals...YET!! :)



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