Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Family Challenge Mod Podge Technique

Super quick post here as spring has sprung and I need to go a’raking! 

My oh so crafty sister Nina challenged me and my Sister in Law Judy to a new challenge based on the following video:

Now I am a lazy girl and plus I like to “push the envelope” on the creative thing so though my sister might think I cheated a bit… well:


Um, I did not leave myself quite enough time to sit and piece little bits together and I know my Cameo is just waiting like my trusty white steed by my side so I employed it to do my “mosaic” part.

mod 4

I created a “mosaic” pattern using elongated soft edged rectangles and then had my machine cut DOLLAR STORE mac-tack (sticky shelf liner) which I’d picked up a whole roll of for $2.  I liked the masculine pattern on it. 

mod 3

Once it was cut, I used a discarded credit card to hold the little bits down while I carefully lifted off the “frame” around the bits.  Then I used some transfer tacky sheet and moved the patterned bits to my card.


I DID Mod-Podge this flower though which I cut from the same designer paper as the background.  I built the center of the blossom in layers, the first being a circle I cut out of screen - right, the sort from your windows, works great!  Next a circle from plain white cardstock, topped with a button and then a bow of crochet thread.

The designer paper was a scrap, the stamp from American Crafts JARED collection.

I hope you’ll hop over to Nina and Judy’s blogs to check out their creations (they will be posted by 9:30 a.m. PST)

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  1. Well sis, you did get the mosaic part and even tossed in a little Mod Podge... but ummm. :). Your card is beautiful. I love the papers and colours you used and your flower fantastic. Thank you for indulging my challenge request.

  2. I still have a big smile on my face thinking about how I like the way you think. It's not cheating, it's thinking outside the box and saving crafty time with the reliable Cameo. I really enjoyed seeing what you did. I now want to go to the Dollar Store. Thanks for sharing. I'm off to visit Nina and Judy. Hugs, Debbe

  3. Oh Barb what a neat the card.
    way to go ...thanks for sharing ...cant wait to see Nina's next challenge for us.


  4. DID cheat...but did it quite nicely.hehe Love that you can find so many ways to use your Cameo machine.:)It is really paying for itself huh? I LOVE your card!!:) You did an AWESOME job!

    Love and hugs,


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