Friday, October 14, 2011

A Pretty Long Post – Card – Photos and FREEBIES!


My sister Nina reminded me that it has been a whole 10 days since I blogged last which is always a good nudge to get something new up here for YOU!  That’s part of what sisters are for, right?  One part encouragement and another part kick you in the pants.  I am hoping she is forgiving me for not posting my award she and Judy and Valinda blessed me with a few posts back.  I will post this in the future, promise (although I may take some liberties with it hehe) 

Firstly I will post my Mojo Monday Card.  I ♥ Mojo because its what I consider our “family” post – we all post this challenge, and yes Valinda, you are considered in our family because you are such a wonderful and faithful friend I can confidently say that we consider you as a sister. 



My take:



Not such a great photo being indoors for a change but I think you get an idea.  I’m starting to think Christmas and I bought this Cottage Christmas designer paper when I shopped in Kelowna with Nina.  I like the little glitzy snowflake that my friend Mavis had given me, she punched a whole bunch out of a mylar sheet.  

And next up I thought I should include some photos from my real life – haha, I do come “up for air” from my creating cards.  I pushed myself outdoors yesterday and took some photos to share. 



Pink Lady apples 

There is nothing which can truly capture the incredible vibrant color of these apples as they beam right off these dainty trees.  In some orchards where the trees are allowed to grow fuller at the bottom they remind me of little ladies – with full  deep green frilly skirts and all decorated with pinky-red gems!




Hello Mr. Grasshopper!

He was waiting for me on the patio steps, quite lazy in the our weak autumn sun.  Whereas in the summer he would have jumped away from me quick as a wink he now just sways side to side upon his flexible legs and waits for me to move for him!




Dinner time!

I arrived home to find this feller eating his dinner – almost underfoot.  Honestly, one more step and he would have just been a smush on the cement.  So glad he caught my eye.  Of course my camera had a virtual fiesta field day for a good 1/2 hour.  Looks like he’s found himself a high faluting supper – a “blue blood” no less! (I think that’s a stink bug he’s eating on)  These stink bugs are everywhere on the patio both in the first warm spring air and then autumn. 




Shaggy Manes – Num!

My Daddy used to try to make me eat these as a child – along with Morels too.  I thought they looked like repulsive rockets and refused but now I’m a grown up girl now and find them exotic and delicious!  These are popping up all over the place and I will enjoy the seasonal feast while its on.  A note, you should check out this link on these mushrooms to read a caution on consuming these if you want to have alcohol for it says that you might feel or act in weird ways should that be the case.  I don’t drink alcohol so no worries here – I’m totally weird and strange in real life!  Winking smile

And so, my post is winding winding winding down, really, haha.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 


I’ve added some new/old Freebies to my FREEBIES VAULT  (top of this post – see the TAB?)  Here are the files I added for your downloading and creating enjoyment!  Please do not share out my files but ask others to come collect them here themselves.  They will always be here, always free!  I just love to be visited lots and comment ♥ is what I thrive on.  I will continue to post new goodies periodically.

Here are the new files you can look for under the vault tab:

  • Amber Flower
  • Merry Christmas Stitched Wordart
  • Funny Peach Frame
  • Cool Polar Bear
  • Pretty Paisley Overlay


And, a NEW free scrapping, designing, cutting file set which I’ve created for YOU today – just in time for your Holiday Season crafts:




Just click on the preview to be scooted to the download link!  Enjoy my friends and and AND I would absolutely ♥ to see how you use my files.  Would you consider sending me a jpg of what you’ve created for me to share with everyone?  Its so inspiring to me.

Thanks for your visit and bless you today!


  1. Thank you. This will be fun.

  2. Your card is beautiful! very festive i must say :)

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful are such a wonderful photographer and you always seem to catch real beauty.

    So glad to see a post...have missed them :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    lots of love

  3. Good morning Barb:)
    WOW..I was beginning to think you had moved or something.LOL
    Aww. how sweet! I think of you as my sister too!! Thank you so much for allowing me to become part of your lovely family.:)
    I LOVE your card!! So FESTIVE!:)Love your snowflake too!! My Silhouette machine was cutting away like crazy on the snowflakes I asked it to cut out for me the other day.SMOKIN!!LOL I had put several delicate ones on one page.hehe
    COOL photos of the bugs!You always get great shots! Personally ..I am glad you didn't show them actually eating their dinner.LOL
    Oh..I got a recipe for Apple Cinnamon Bread..if I can find where I put it. I haven't tried it yet ..but your pic of the apple reminded me of it.Looks soo yummy! If you would like..I can try to find it for you?
    Thank you so much for sharing your COOL Holiday Ornament! So SWEET of you to share!!
    Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend my friend!


  4. wow love the card Barb. One day you must shop me the shops you found in Kelowna...your pictures are awesome have an eye for ncatching everything. Those Pink lady apples are awesome makes me want an apple right now. Yes Val is like a sister to us all. Have a great weekend. Chat real soon.


  5. Thanks a lot for enjoying this beauty article with me. I am appreciating it very much! by Revathi


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