Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 207 Card


I struggled and struggled with this card.  It took me a tossy turny night of thinking in my head of a manly sweet treat card.  I really was going along the idea of trying something in the line of a pie because I can say with certainty that my man loves a good pie.  Lemon is almost tops for him but I believe his Mom’s fresh peach wins out.  A runner up would be apple.  Thank goodness Mom left me some of her delicious pastry so that he does not have to be victimized by my less than flaky attempts.  What’s your husband’s favorite pie?  What is a good “NO FAIL” recipe for me to try?  I’ve failed everyone else’s – why not I fail yours too?  I’m game! 

365 Cards 

Day 207 – Sweet Treats Masculine Style

without further ado – my card!


It took me two hours to make this card.  I could not get my Silhouette to cut the cake out properly, then I mis-cut my designer paper several times.  I frittered the elements around all over the page.  In the end I managed to bring it together.



The last challenge was the cake – it looked kind of barren so I “decorated” it with gems. 

I don’t know which paper this was, sorry.  The hand and the cake graphics are both from Graphics Fairy.

Thanks for stopping by!   If you are feeling adventurous and want to see a clever card you may want to wander over to my sister Nina’s blog… and congrats her on a well done 5k too! 


  1. I think your card is fabulous, cake is as good as pie. I don't care what the men say. I love the Purity no fail pastry, mom used it and passed it on to me via a cookbook. I tend to make it happen but it looks more like a patch work quilt :). Bumbleberry pie is a favorite in our house, kinda hard to screw it up. I know my hunny adores Apple pie but I will leave that to his mommy.

  2. Good morning Barb:)
    LOVE your card!! I have those times when it takes me a while to come up with something.
    I have also had those times when my Silhouette wouldn't cut the item out properly.It's time consuming but sometimes you have to use those edit points and bring them in closer to the object you are wanting to cut.That way the white won't show around them.I also had to realign my papers one time so they would cut out properly.For some reason they were cutting a little to the left.I just moved the paper over a bit to the left and it cut out fine.LOL
    Jim's absolute FAVORITE pie is Lemon Meringue.:) I use Jello brand and the cooking kind..not the instant. I use a pre made pie crust..but it has to be PET brand.:)Deep dish. I bake them at home and make the pies.Yes ..two at a time.:)We have a large family and if he is to get any..I have to make two..cause they love it too.hehe
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend my friend!


  3. your cards are coming along great. but boy do i have an EZ and yummy recipe for you: a cream pie! got this recipe from a radio show called Bubba the Love Sponge, yea, strange guy too, but his mom shared some recipes & this was one. we call it Janiecake's Cream Pie, to give her props, she calls it Old Fashion Cream Pie,anyways enough ramble, huh?
    i'll email it to ya so you can print it out easier. what a tease am i? hehe
    lemme know how you do with it, cuz we've found it to be a no fail pie! :) always delish!


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