Sunday, September 11, 2011

Days 193 and 194 for 365 cards


Still squeaking these cards in all the while having wonderful time with my family.  This will be right to the point because we are headed to FatBoy’s for lunch.  (worked out BEFORE heading out so I will be able to justify the menu!)

365 cards 

Day 193 -  Geography

Instructions:  “what's your favourite vacation destination?”

My favourite will always include water – a beach, whether its a river, lake or the ocean.  So here’s my card:


I’ve been saving some little drink umbrellas FOREVER.  Honestly they have been in a little plastic drawer for 4 years.  I kept thinking someday!  So today was the day. 

The sentiment is from TLC Creations  I printed it directly onto my light blue print paper – figured out how to make my printer listen to me and print to the exact size of my paper.  Powerful, that is!

Day 194 – Personal Playlist

Instructions: “You know you have one - maybe it's classical you like, or even classic rock.  I have a mix on my playlist, but there's always a favorite (if only for a short while) at the top of it. So this one is all about what you like, and specifically which song is at the top of your playlist.”

Well, I decided to go along with a song that is soooooo funny.  My Mr. sent it to me as a joke – big haha!  He heard it while listening to a jazz station.  It actually has a good message for marriages – its all about trying that extra little bit to be the beautiful woman you were when you first dated your mate.  I believe with all my heart that’s so true – it all comes back.  I know my Mr. does this for me.  And, like the song says – he is surrounded by beautiful women all the time in his job!  I hope to keep his eyes on ME!  The rewards are always more than worth it.  The song – I’ll embed it here and then follow up with my card.

And here is my wifely card on this theme:


I printed my own sentiment directly onto my paper, once again.  I cut my own little wooden spoon out of paper and used a toothpick to reinforce it.  I made the apron out of paper and lace.


A tiny tatted flower with a gem in the middle finishes it off nicely.

Hope you are having a terrific weekend!


  1. Fabulous cards sis, love your little apron. Ohh I could be very happy being somewhere with sand and sun.

  2. Good afternoon Barb:)
    Hope you are enjoying your time with your folks.:)How was your lunch at FatBoys? Hope it was everything you had hoped it would be.:)
    Your cards are so COOL! Love your use of the little umbrella and isn't that one of YOUR tatted flowers? Such a pretty addition to your card!! :)'s gonna get busy here this afternoon so I had better scoot.:)

    Huge hugs and Lots of love,

  3. girl you have been busy...sorry I have not been here sooner...but I love all the and Nina are so talented....that new machine is so awesome. Can't wait to see and talk up a storm with you.


  4. Wow, what a great card! All the handmade embellies are wonderful. Thank you for joining us over at 365 Cards!!!


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