Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mojos 189 and 190


Knocking the cards off! 

Still have to process pics of the weekend – but expecting my in-laws tomorrow.  Scaring out the dust bunnies and such.  Looking forward to time together, that's why all the housework is getting done now.  We like to just hang out and gallivant the entire time we are together.

On to the card challenges.  Both my sister Nina and I have once again completed an entire week of cards at 365 cards – woo hoo!  I remember a year or two ago when dear friends of mine had the same sort of challenge for photography – it makes you stick with it.  I’m so glad I can do this.  And with family – Judy and Samantha like to card as well.  Loads of talent does not just run in the family, it gallops.

365 cards 

Day 189 – Pattern Frenzy 

Instructions are: Specifically, you need to use SIX different patterned papers on your card.  Exactly how you do this, and anything else you want to add, is up to you.

My take:



I decided to attempt another CD card (card with the base as a used CD Rom)  I simply repeated a flower cut using my Silhouette and then layered each flower with a snip of foam tape beneath each petal – to give dimension.  I cut a small “stamen” out of the matching mauve of the background cardstock.



The center is another hot glue gun dot painted with nail polish.



The back with a simple sentiment and support so this flower can brighten up someone’s desk.  Lots of white space left for a personal note. This was a terrific way to use up scraps of paper.


Day 190 – Card Recipe

We were asked to use: 

4.25" x 5.5" Card

One Additional Piece of Cardstock (any size)

4 Stickers

4 Buttons


And here’s how I fulfilled this request:



The additional cardstock obviously is the pink scalloped layer.  There are actually 5 stickers on the outside and 4 of them qualify as sentiments as well, being they are words. 



I layered my buttons atop polka dot ribbon and finished them off with a gem in a coordinating color.



This card was perfect for a pretty bow and one of these sweet  pansy stickers. 



I finished off the inside with some pretty pastel writing paper and a final snippet of ribbon with another pansy sticker. 


Thanks so much for stopping by – have a nice, short and creative week!


  1. Very pretty cards sis, the circular flowers is beautiful. I love how you arranged the bow and buttons on the second card. Love the purple.

  2. Good morning Barb:)
    LOVE these cards too!! WOW...you really are keeping up with the challenges quite nicely.:)
    It is really nice that your family have gotten into the competition with you.:)I can't get Christy interested in card making or scrap booking either.:( Oh well..she is really good at the things she does do!!:)
    Hope you have a great time with your family!!:)


  3. You've done a fabulous jobs with your cards - wow!


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