Sunday, May 31, 2015

365 Photo(s) of the Day - Parade!

My ever-sweet Mr surprised me on Saturday by scooping me out the door and off for the day to points "wherever".  Turns out our wherever was a daytrip south of the border.  Being we live in Osoyoos, practically on the Canada/USA border its not a terrific day of driving.  But its always something different and I somehow feel like we really got away. 

When we arrived in Tonasket, a small community in Washington State, we were delighted to find we were right on time to watch their modest parade. 

Though I'm sure we all appreciate all the advances of our modern Medical and Emergency service vehicles, how can one not admire a vintage fire truck? 

The one thing which startled us and we thought was kind of cool was this "spitfire" type plane which came out of nowhere and blazed overhead with fire shooting out, to signal the start of the parade.  

After this it was off for Mexican Food and then we even went further afield, on another little adventure.  I'm going to share some photos from that tomorrow, possibly two days.  

Hope you all had a restful relaxing weekend! Thanks for stopping by. 

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