Monday, June 01, 2015

365 Photo(s) of the Day

Well, so I am not "officially" any part of a yearly photo challenge so I will tell you that once in a while I don't blog a photo that was taken that exact day.  Rather, I choose to blog photos every day but if I have a spill-over from something interesting my camera captured then I will chose to spread it out over a few posts/days.  Such is the case with this past weekend.  My Mr took me out for a surprise drive across the border date!  

Today I'm sharing some photos from our trip to a tiny little town in Washington State USA - a place we've been to before but never tire of.  I can easily walk away each time wishing I'd just had a bit more time to take more photos.  

This first photo is on the drive to Molson Washington and this is Mr Miles capturing a photo of an old house with a unique gate in front.  Sometimes the photographer becomes the photographee!

Molson boasts an old time village where you will be welcomed to wander at will enjoying all the buildings and displays.  There is also a terrific museum, but we ran a little short of time to do that.  Today and tomorrow I'll just share some photos of the things I captured at the self guided walk thru of the historic buildings and machinery. 

There are all sorts of buildings, over a half dozen, representing homesteads and businesses of the era.  

Today I'll just give you peeks at some windows, tomorrow I'll take you inside! 

I think I'll leave you with all this wondering what's IN THERE!  

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