Monday, June 22, 2015

365 Photo of the Day

Oops!  I lost a day. 

Today was (I believe but  I could be wrong)  my fourth day picking.   Even though my body is slowly toughening up to the task  I still come home with aches and pains from head to toe.   And I love every second of it.  

Picking  began at 4:30 AM.   It's nice and cool at that hour and very peaceful.   Once I fully wake I'm full of energy and picking goes quickly.   I look at the rows of trees and think I will conquer them.   And each day I realize I have learned new things.    Some things are shared with me by coworkers –  other things I have absorbed from experience.    I have learned that picking is as much seeing what you are picking as well as how you touch the plants.   My fingers have learned to twist and gently pull up words to remove the cherry safely from the branches.  

And the ladders!

I now find myself confidently scampering up big ladders like a monkey.   I no longer get dizzy looking down.   I've learned to hang my hail on the branches correctly and I'm even getting the ladder closer to the cherries before I pick them.  

 Yesterday was the hardest day at all.   To be honest I was a little discouraged.   I was so sore and tired.   And I got a huge cramp all the way down my leg last night which had me struggle out of bed like a zombie and do the crazy walk until it receded.    

But this morning brought me awake more eager than ever.    And I'm glad I'm sticking with it.  I'm feeling strong and confident. 

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