Friday, June 12, 2015

365 Photos of the Day

These are the last of my pics from Kelowna, where I spent some quality time with my beautiful daughter and my Grand Dawg, Fancy

June 5 2015 Kelowna 12

Here we are, Fancy all wiggley bum about wanting to get the photos over with and the walk started…

June 5 2015 Kelowna 4

There is a beautiful boardwalk along the shoreline of Lake Okanagan.

June 5 2015 Kelowna 5

Winding past the small pond and daisies and grasses

June 5 2015 Kelowna 3

Alongside the sandy beach, with the bridge in the distance

June 5 2015 Kelowna 2

With Fancy exploring “off track” as well. 

And Melanie and Fancy took me (G’Merm to Fancy) out for a picnic dinner on the beach – sliders and ice cream for dessert.  We listened to folks play the pianos which the city have placed randomly along the walkway.  It was kind of a festive air. 

June 5 2015 Kelowna 1

And then when darkness fell we walked back and by this beautiful dolphins statue. 


My favorite photo of Mel and Fancy!

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