Thursday, May 14, 2015

Quirky Digital Layout, 365 Photo and I WON something!

Hmmm, I’ll go backwards from today’s blog post title, just to be contrary. 


Oooh I ♥ Plumbso can’t wait to listen to this newest album.  A huge thanks to Kristin at her 152 Insights To My Soul blog for sponsoring this contest.  (lovely blog, by the way, Kristin – inspiring!)

My 365 Photo for today is:


And finally, I just had to whip up this digital layout using KimB’s fun “Quirky” kit which you can find HERE at The Digital Press.  It is PERFECT for strange little me…


(click image to view larger)


KimB – “Quirky”

What a hoot!  I feel like this kit was just made for me.  I felt the shop help thought I was rather “quirky’ today – but they all enjoyed the fun of snapping pics of me in the plate window in the store.  Yeah, its just a Mom-Daughter thing we have got going on in our family *wink*

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