Sunday, January 07, 2007


I'm in a mentul fug this morning - having an extremely hard time trying to wake up. I won't torture you all - LOL! I'm going to make this entry brief and take some time out for prayer. You all have a good Sunday.


Thats All It Does... haha!

Ok, I feel like I will be annoying to my husband today. I know it and yet I'm helpless to stop myself. The very first thing that I can do to set him off is play this site for a while. Before you go there... the answer is yes... thats all it does (make sure your speakers are up) (There, I probably managed to annoy all you too!) (pray for me?)



  1. Thank you for sharing your leather ribbon and frame they are both fantastic!!!

  2. hahaha - I liked the site! I kept the speakers low though as I haven't had my first sip of coffee yet. (It sits steaming in front of me)

    Have a great Sunday my friend. Warm weather wishes for this town.

  3. Okay..first..thank you for the ribbon.:) It looks great!
    Second..I went to that annoying site and my dh said he can understand why it would annoy your dh.:) But I have such a desire to go back there and play it again.LOL.
    THank you for your comment about my page today.Glad you like it.:)

  4. I visit your site everyday to collect your freebie although I do not scrapbook (Thank You.

    I said a prayer for you, but especially for your husband because as soon as I went to that site I knew he would be in trouble today. God bless you both

  5. What a gorgeous carving on the leather - thank you for sharing!

  6. Thank you for your leather gifts. Aye yi yi! I needed this today because I am annoyed.I wish you a better day for the rest of the day. I waited two years for my new comp but have been ill since before Xmas & have been waiting for setup & hookup. Yesterday was the big day.10 mins before we got started my phone & internet went out.My dear ISP(also phone co.)disconnected everything & gave my number & internet to someone else.
    I finally got it back today.Now I may have to wait a few more days. Sigh...:) Cheers!

  7. That's so funny... do you know having a toddler around can clue you into things you say that you didn't know you say? Like I say iiiiiii... and I never realized! LOL! May be I'll have to play it for her later when she wakes from her nap. And sorry to hear your in a funk... I'll say my prayers for you and your funk to part ways. :) And hmmmmm, what's the life altering call you got? That sounds very interesting? And glad to hear you got to spend time with your DD and get cozy PJs at half off too! Lol. :D

  8. Hi Barb, Thank you for the leather ribbon! And hope you were able to take a looonnnnngg walk to work off your mental fug! lol

  9. thanks so much
    the frame & ribbon are beautiful

  10. Hi Barb ~ Thank you for the ribbon! I can't stop laughing at the site...I think I want to send it to my DH and let him open it himself. Too funny!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I will definitely try to find some time to chat on hello very soon!

    Have a great night!


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