Wednesday, January 31, 2007



I wish I could say "Woo Hoo!" and dance about - but the fact of it is, Mrs Miles is sick. I am in the throes of a nasty cold and this morning I could barely croak out a good-bye to Miles as he left for work. Good thing this is not an audio blog or you would be sorely out of luck!

Thanks to ALL OF YOU who took to the time to send in your pictures - I've had a lot of fun preparing them, the slideshow and creating a special something for you, the kit you will see after this paragraph! Now - don't you wish, if you are a reader who has not done so already... that you had taken that moment? Well, you still could... I will send a link to this kit to anyone who sends me a picture of you and your jammies, or your jammies posing all by themselves... I will post the pictures on my blog as I recieve them. Lets see what funny creative ways you have to show off your Jammies ladies!

For those of you who did take part - I know its a pain, but can you please email me ( ) and I will return your email with the link to the full kit. Now - I DO know who was on the slideshow, so you have to have taken part in the original slideshow to get this kit without having sent in a photo. So lets get 'snapping' or sending me your emails!


I threw in an extra finger - I thought it might be fun to use as an anchor in some layouts, or for dialing a phone, etc... I must give credit where credit is due - Gina gave me the idea to do the sparkly polish on the nails... my Gina is just full of the best ideas. Soons you ask her she comes up with all sorts neat things I would not have thought of. She rescues my bacon quite often, actually.

Welcome to the JAMMIES HALL OF FAME... Don't you just love the delightful way my sister in law Judy captured her family's pj's? Bet the smelled ever so nice after she brought them in again. You can view the entire slideshow (Click on the Picture) here:

So, because I am truly feeling sick right now ( I made a horrible mistake last night by taking a cold medication and a neo citran at the same time before bed last night which resulted in me pacing for 2 hours in the middle of the night, with the 'twitiches') I am going to make this entry brief. I hope you all have a wonderful day in your jammies - even if it were not the challenge day I would have to stay in mine...

I have a terrific apple strudel recipe to share with you tomorrow.

Vista Ready?

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  1. Fun Jammy Slide Show - I waited all morning for it! CUTE!

    I think we better forfeit our visit tonight while you rest up & get better. I feel the edge of a sore throat today & am going to gobble some echinacea when I get home!

    Feel better friend *head pat* and we'll visit whenever you're feeling up to it.

  2. Good Morning Barb:)
    Sooo sorry you are sick.:( There seems to be a lot of that going around.
    What cute pj's.LOL I love the slide show.Thank you for going to all that trouble with you feeling so bad.
    Suggestions for your cold and gravely throat.Hot tea with honey and lemon..helps soothe the sore throat.Vapor rub at night will help you to breathe easier and you won't cough near as much...Lots and lots of attention and love from your hubby..that always works.:)
    Hope you get well really soon.


  3. Sure hope you get better!
    Get plenty of rest & drink lots os fluids!
    Keeping you in my prayer's!
    TYS the cool nail polish!

  4. I also have been out of commission but started getting caught up on your blog when-WHAMMO-I was hit by the most beautiful sight! On Jan. 27th's picture, it looks like a red African violet. Is it? I raise African violets and have never seen anything so beautiful. Please tell me where you got it-I love it!!! Well, I'll be reading your blog in hopes you tell me where that beauty came from. BTW, I'm from Alabama in the good ol'USA. Seeing as we never get snow, I love your pictures!
    P.S. God will heal you soon, I'm praying for you!

  5. Love the slide show. Ugh! I just sent you an email. Pic included. Sorry I'm late. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. I wish you much better and soon. Take a much needed rest and God bless.

  7. Barb, sorry to hear you're still not feeling well, my kids are also not well and this morning my computer is slooooow and my oldest daughter 3.5 years old tells me the computer has a cold virus! To funny! We're all in are jammies but the computer is on break after this little note. Drink lots of fluids and try and get your rest if you can.

  8. Hi Honey, sorry you are sick still! TTY soon!!!~G

  9. Hi Barb (((Hugs)) - I am empathizing with you right now. I feel lousy! I had hoped that you felt better too, but no such luck! Love the PJ's Slideshow - especially the last one ;-) Hope you are feeling better soon! I am thinking of you! Go get some sleep!

  10. love the pj slide show...Barb please take very good care of your self ..I do know where this cold can go be very careful relax and let your man love you better....

  11. Loved the slide show. Thanks for including mine. I live in San Diego, California, USA. Thank you for the nail polish to go with the kit especially for taking the time when you do not feel well. So sorry you are still under the weather hope you can get more sleep tonight. Take care. BettyJoR

  12. 2-1-07
    Good morning Barb:)

    Sure hope you are better today..Thought I would stop in and say hi before I attack my house with a dust rag and broom.;)

    Get better soon...


  13. Hope you are 100% soon barb. Enjoy your anniversary. I too am going out Saturday night to our local Lion's Club 55th Anniversary. It is nice to dress up but I don't look forward to high heels! Thanks for the cute duck


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