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Oh Dear! I just can't stop making these buttons. And as for a consistent title for them, well I have great intentions... See, I started these off with a plaid theme in mind, but when something interesting catches my eye along the way I can't help but include it with the other 'stuff'. I hope you don't mind.

My friend Mavis collected me yesterday for a visit and a walk. She lives on a beautiful acreage just out of town (it will be on the way to my NEW home, thats handy, right Mavis?) The lighthouse was designed and built (along with a hired contractor) as a replacement for a pump house which had fallen into disrepair over the years. According to Mavis, she was imagining a 'fun' building like a lighthouse to replace it... and her husband jumped on the idea. (Now THATS speaking someone's love language – making their dreams into realities) I can't describe all of the construction – and it does sound like it had its challenges – but eventually it was completed and now graces the shore of our lake.

Theres a working light in the top and three stories of rooms inside which has housed many children and visitors over the years. I think that would be the most romantic place to spend a night!

I must share a funny story that Mavis told me. We have an over abundance of geese live on our lake. Wonderful creatures that they are, their population often swells to large amounts, and well, they create havoc with messing on the shores and in the orchards. So, Mavis built “Ellie May” - her own version of a scarecrow. The way I heard it told, is Ellie had braids etc – as if she had come off the Beverley Hillbillies. The geese were scared of her!

Ellie would 'sit' on a chair in front of the lighthouse in the summer. Folks, naturally curious about an actual lighthouse, cruise by in their powerboats. Mavis says that Ellie got waved to almost all the time – people thinking she was a real person. What do you folks think – my vote is Mavis builds a new Ellie (the old one succumbed to the elements) and to put a webcam inside the new Ellie's head and then she could stream live footage of these people waving at the dummy :)

Mavis and I walked down along the shore and took pictures of the pretty icicles along the trees on the shore. Thanks so much for the wonderful visit, Mavis – I could go on and on, about your wonderful card creations, greenhouse, sweet kitties and.....

Friendship is God's special way of loving us through someone else.

Proverbs 17:17

A friend loves at all times.”


"This is my mum and dad on their engagement day, Sept 1951"

Thanks to the following designers -

Hearts Barb Derksen,

charm ribbon Barb Derksen,

AKK, SWhetsel,

wording, D Ridge,

background Susan Long.

Sue, you live in a truly beautiful place! Wowza! You folks simply have to check this place out at the website Sue helped build about her gorgeous piece of our Earth! We checked you out on Google Earth, Sue! I think we pinpointed right about you would be! The white sandy beaches look amazing in your pictures. Can you send some sunshine our way, we've not had any for a while lately.

McMartian, you asked yesterday if I eat the wraps hot or cold – I eat 'em both ways, though I personally prefer them hot. I do freeze them, even though they contain tomatoes and cucumbers – but I'm a strange cookie!

I have my first JAMMIES pic now – my sister sent a perfectly nice photo of her jammies for the sideshow. Thanks, Beans! She keeps hers tucked underneath her pillow, like our Mommy taught us when we were younger. Did you do this too? When I was camping this past summer, I found it was a good idea to tuck my jammies right inside my pillow case, this way I never had to hunt around for them when we put our tent up! I need you to start sending your jammies pics – please? Remember, you don't have to be in them!

Top Ten Signs that you are "Webbed Out"

10. Your opening line is, "So what's your home page address?"

9. Your best friend is someone you've never met.

8. You see a beautiful sunset, and you half expect to see "Enhanced for Netscape 1.1" on one of the clouds.

7. You are overcome with disbelief, anger and finally depressed when you encounter a Web page with no links.

6. You feel driven to consult the "Cool Page of the Day" on your wedding day.

5. You are diving on a dark and rainy night when you hydroplane on puddle, sending your car careening toward the flimsy guard rail that separates you from the precipice of a rocky cliff and certain death. You look for the "Back" button.

4. You visit "The Really Big Button that Doesn't Do Anything" again and again and again.

3. Your dog has his own Web page

2. So does your hamster.

.... And the No. 1 sign that you have overdosed on the WWW:

When you read a magazine, you have an irresistible urge to click on the underlined passages


Mindless Eating

Why we eat more than we think!



  1. would love to get that recipe...the picture of the icicles are awesome the light house ..when I came to visit can we go there..maybe. Thanks again for the buttons

  2. Thank you for another set of your wonderful buttons!

  3. Thanks so much for your comments and putting up my LOs. so cool. yes you can actually see my home on google earth. i am one street back from the beach a couple minutes to walk there, and can see the sea from here, as i look out my window now... we are have a lovely warm day today, so sending some heat over with this email. hubbie is out fishing today, so seafood for tea tonight. i managed to stay home to do some scrapping. thanks for sharing our website link, it was great fun putting it together. did you look at the whale pages under Nullarbor? talk again soon.
    and thanks Sue

  4. I love these buttons but your dwnld site doesn't love me:( As soon as the dwnld came up and I clicked would disappear.I even looked behind the page I had up...nope..not there either.:)Thanks anyway.LOL


  5. Another pretty set of buttons; thanks!

  6. You made so laugh with your Top Ten list LOL Thanks for sharing! And also - thank you very much for the pretty button set :)

  7. You have a really neat page. Thanks for the freebies! Loved your Top Ten list about being webbed out. I must totally be that way since I often wish there was a find button at the grocery store to find exactly where they've hidden the articles I need :) Thanks for that laugh! Have a great day. God bless you and your family.


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