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Before I begin - Anne of Alamo - I tried to track down YOUR blog site to leave a comment, but could not get in? If you do have a functioning one let me know. Sometimes, when I find time, I try to track you readers down using your links to your blogger user names, to visit you at your sites and say hello. Thanks all for your comments - I love to share. Please send me your layouts, using my elements, to share.

All the lovely Alpaca pictures you see here today were provided by our friends Roger and Marie Richardson. (THANKS SO MUCH!) Won't you, dear readers, share a photo here too? If you have a nice scenery shot of where you live, or something funny you would like to share with my readers then send away! I really desire my blog to be your blog too - interactive!
Yesterday was a wonderfully normal day - yes, I hung out in jammies till noon. Miles went to the gym and when he came back I decided it would be healthy to foray out into the real world. After we had lunch he walked me down to the thrift store with the giant bag of socks. My diaper/camera bag broke a strap on the way down, so I bought a nice black leather back pack type bag for $1 to do for now. I also found the sweetest soap dish that looks like an owl.

I have located a new tenant for the house that we are renting now - this makes me feel much better for our landlords. They are snowbirds, so it would have been pretty hard for them to find tenants quickly - or they may have had to come home early, and we did not want them to have to do that. God is SO Good.

I don't want to give the impression that I think God is Good when everything is going good. It's just that when something good happens I immediately have to Praise God. When things are bad - though it is difficult some times, I Praise God with equal fervor. I've learned that though I may not understand what exactly is my purpose in my suffering at that time - but experience has taught me to write down what I'm going through and to look at it later on, down the road. It's only later, when I've been patient, trusting and faithful that I can see how the Lord was working in that situation all the way along. In fact, I've found my greatest growth in the times of trial. I come to a closer place with Jesus when I am in need and distress. It's taught me to depend on the Lord, in good times and bad. Like a marriage, the good times make it easy to love each other, but the bad times are the true test of our love and devotion. Will we Praise throughout, or blame our partner for our troubles? The next time you find yourself in this situation - know you have a choice, and know there is someone who will NEVER leave you, who's waiting to hold you close and listen, and carry your burden with you. He wont' make your burden disappear, but He can help you with it.

A wise mand does not grieve for the things
he has not, but rejoices for the things which he has.

Philippians 4:4

"Rejoice in the Lord, always; again I will say, rejoice!"

God never said it would be easy...
He just said He would go with me.

J.G. Holland

2 Chronicles 20:17

"Do not fear or be dismayed; tomorrow go out to face them,
for the Lord is with you."

I would like to also encourage you to take a moment to visit my friend Becky's blog. Becky and I have become friends over the past 6 months and the more I know her, the more I admire her quiet, sweet spirit. Becky began her own blog several months back and I find myself drawn to to visit it almost daily - she has a true gift for writing. If you are in need of encouragment, spiritual insight or just to enjoy her awesome photography links then this is a place you will want to bookmark to be part of your daily reading! PLEASE LEAVE A LITTLE LOVE THERE! I would love to see her mailbox stuffed and overflowing! You can always find a link to her blog in my links list, left hand side of my blog and you can also just click HERE

Ways to Tell You Are An Online Shopping Addict!

1. People call you instead of using MySimon and DealTime.

2. You have 16 co-branded credit cards, and you only use each one for the online store it's branded with.

3. You write nasty e-mails to Amazon every time their recommendation is slightly off from your true taste.

4. Your pet monkey asks you once a week to find him the cheapest bananas online.

5. The FedEx guy parks his truck in front of your house for over an hour every day, and recently has been taking his lunch breaks there.

6. When you and your friends get together to go shopping, you all sit in the living room, network your computers together, and connect to the Internet through a DSL connection.

7. You haven't gone to a mall or department store since the late 80's.

8. You have a constant supply of food and beverages coming to your door so you don't have to stop shopping, and all of it was ordered online.

9. Your dog is allowed to sign for packages.

10. You've nodded to everything listed above, but you have an online shopping site open in another browser window.

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  1. Aww, thanks for the plug friend! I joined the Christian Women Online blog ring too so I hope to show up on their long long list as well.

    Love the alpaca pix. They're such a funny cute creature!! Hooray for finding a tenant for the suite! Thats great news!

  2. Good Morning:)
    I absolutely love your buttons:) Thank you sooo much for sharing them with me.:)
    Congratulations in finding a tenant.God always provides when he plans to bless his children.:)I am sooo excited for you.!!
    I love reading your blog.You have such wonderful things to say and I always love hearing how the Lord is blessing someone.He has blessed me soooo many times....I love to watch him work.:)

    Have a fantastic day!

  3. Thanky ou very much for the cute buttons!

  4. HI, Well my dog isn't signing for anything yet but she is young, give me time. Thank you for the buttons and I love the pictures.

  5. I think that you are becomming the "queen of buttons"! These are all great. They are so different from the norm that I am sure I will be using them.

  6. These are wonderful! Thank you very much :)

  7. Thank you for the beautiful flower buttons!
    And for sharing the wonderful photos

  8. What are you going to think of next? These are great and love your imagination; thanks!

  9. Hi there Barb!
    Sorry I've been MIA for a few days. I've been getting a bunch of stuff into the shop and was getting ready for my chat last night. Whew glad that's over. Now you've been a busy girl over here! I've loved your buttons and I have stopped in to take a look but I just haven't had time to comment. Here's my first one- You mean there's clothes besides PJ's? That's all we wear at my house. there's a set right next to the door that hubby and I put on as soon as we enter. LOL! Well I hear a crash so i must go investigate. TTYL! My love to you and Miles! Big Hugs,
    P.S. I'm still doing that thing with the rocks I just haven't gotten very far yet.

  10. Love those Alpaca photos - I thought they were llamas until I read your blog! Also, left some love for Becky. Thank you so much for the flower buttons - love, Love, LOVE them!


    I don't remember what I posted before, but I do hope you can read this...
    I sent the same link to friends and family and would be bummed if they were unable to read it.

    if it doesn't open, it is under anneofalamo at the blogspot, I used your blog server also.

    Have a lovely day!

  12. Hi Barb ((Hugs)) Hope you and Miles are doing well. Are you having a wonderful weekend? My Hubby & I were able to do some hard cleaning done today. We cleared out our office and moved in some new furniture we received from his Nana. Took us from about 11:30am to 6PM. We are both tired, achy but happy that is done and we did it together! This was some heavy furniture too! Whew!!
    :-) You know it's all your inspiration we did this - after hearing about your bedroom cleaning spree! *LOL* That's next on my list!! ((Hugs)) Thanks for the great buttons! I love the pics and I will stop by Becky's blog soon!

  13. God uses you every day to speak to me. Thank you for listening to His whispers in your ears. I am going to put the 2 Chronicles 20:17 verse in my daughter's car Sunday night - she has some difficult things to deal with at school on Monday.
    Thanks for being a blessing!


  14. thanks sis ..for the good words ..and also the flower power buttons..yes love the pictures of the Alpaca ...

  15. Wanted to say I read your blog every day and to tell you I love the alpaca pictures. I have wanted some for about forever but my sweet hubby says no, I have enough to take care of. I love animals and would have a zoo so hubby puts the limit on my animals.
    Also wanted to tell you I am a Christian and so your blog is doubly enjoyable to me!
    May God bless you with His peace each and every day!


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