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I was inspired to create these papers when I saw some similar in an art store yesterday. These will be easy for you to pair up with a plain paper by simply picking the main color in them and then 'filling' another layer! I hope you enjoy!

Want to buy an island?
On our way we often see this sign and it gets us playing a 'what if' game. Do you ever do this with your spouse/family? We allow ourselves to believe that we could buy this retreat and what we would do with it. Miles actually used to live in a little house on the edge of this lake, and its still relatively unspoiled - meaning by this there is a bird sanctuary at one end and there are no waterskiers tearing it up - a rarity in the Okanagan. Its a small lake, but the little island is a fair size.

McIntyre Bluff

The lake also affords a view of McIntyre Bluff - fondly known locally as Indian Head because when you drive toward it from the north you can see the profile of an Indian Chief's head. It is said that in the 'olden days' the native indians used to herd game off the edge of the cliff to get their meat supply. I know, eewwww, but then it was necessary - they had no supermarket in those times!


Well, after we dreamed all the way through the next 30 km of highway, and then we had to talk ourselves out of it because unless someone dropped a cool million in our lap we won't be living there. Sigh, and we were going to create a big scrapbooking/spiritual retreat there and you could have come and stayed w/ us. Oh well.

I am going to tutor this a.m. visit Janice in the afternoon at a restuarant she is helping with, and walk with Becky this early evening... I better get motorized. I will leave you with a few puns!

A man's home is his castle, in a manor of speaking
Cinderella was thrown off the basketball team because she ran away from the ball.
If you dream in vivid colors, is that a pigment of your imagination?

Say It - YOUR WAY!

Here's another website that would be terrific for making personal items to add to a scrapbook page. You can add your own sentiments to things like concert tickets, church signs and cassette tapes. I can think of a bazillion fun things to do with this site!


  1. yes an island can dream ..beautiful pictures the paper elements

  2. Thank you for these wonderful glitter papers.They look great!!

  3. Thank you for the papers they are beautiful and so are the pictures-makes me want to move there! I visited another site and wondered if you could visit it, leave some words of encouragement and put her in your prayers-she could use people reaching out to her right now-thanks, heres the link

  4. Love the papers and the "Says it" link.... what fun!! Thank you for your generous sharing.

  5. Thank You for sharing your beautiful papers and also awesome photo's

  6. OOoooo! I love the papers! :) Very pretty! Thank you!

  7. these are soo cool, love them. thank you for sharing, beautiful photos as well

  8. thank you! they are beautiful!

  9. Ahhhh, the "what if" game is probably the most played game in our house... and I have to admit, I could take that lovely 20 mile journey of thoughtfulness with you and your DH on purchasing such a place... ahhhh, what a small slice of Heaven it sure does sound to be.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. And even more thanks for your sweet and oh so kind words. They are much appreciated as are you.

    Now, you have to know as well that you totally put a smile on my face with your posting. I love the papers, so beautiful, thanks! And of course, as I mentioned the idea of buying an island has quite a bit of appeal to me... lol. But the thought of you making a scrapbook retreat was just too much and literally made me break into a huge grin... and then... yes, and then... your Handy Tip's title was the kicker. Honest to God, I have Itunes playing and the Gypsy King's were signing A Mi Manera which is Spanish for I Did It My Way... and of course I read your "Say It - Your Way" right at the same time they were singing it! Lol ... Now THAT is a real laugh out loud!

    Thanks for all of that and all of you!


  10. Thanks for the beautiful papers! You are o generous with your gifts.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing another beautiful freebie! These papers will come in handy soon! You always find the coolest sites and sayings (...pigment of your imagination... LOL!!). As for the island, I am still playing the what if game about it. Love your scrapbooking/spiritual retreat idea. Now, all I need is the lottery to go my way. A person can dream..can't they?!?? SIGH.. :)
    Barb, from sunny Manitoba, CANADA

  12. Thanks for these wonderful papers. Can't wait to use them.


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