Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Blogger x2 again today - why does it wait until I get my entry fully completed before it loses connection? It did not even manage to save it as a draft. LOL on me I suppose! Oh well, this should be better the second time around!

First off, our Pastor started two blogs and I am counting on you all to welcome him in a BIG way by leaving a comment on one or both of his blogs. I'm not just sending you there to leave but to recieive as he has some good words of wisdom to share. The first blog is a general church blog and the second is one dedicated to the Sword and Trowel series - his messages to us from the pulpit each Sunday. Thank you Pastor Ed for your very clear and passionate direction for your flock! I will also be posting permanent links on my links list (located on the left hand side of my blog) so you will be able to check these out on a regular basis.


I have a dear friend, Rose, who I have mentioned before. She and I met ... well FOREVER ago at Dairy Queen while Miles and I were in for a bite. After some humorous word jousting she invited Miles and I over to meet her husband and play scrabble and that was the birth of a rich and deep friendship. Rose is a true woman of God, a light and inspiration - she lives her faith. She not only works at Dairy Queen, not only runs a laundromat with her husband and his family, she also is completing her Grade 12 at the learning center and should graduate this year. This and she is in her late 40's...

What I appreciate about Rose, is she will call me out of the blue and suggest we get together and then show up five minutes later to get me. She takes advantage of any time we can get together. She did this yesterday morning, collecting me in her car and she took me to her little hideaway aka "Rose's Roost" - a small little studio she has created from a little room over their garage. It has a nice view of the lake and she has made a true little treasure nest there. Especially nice - no phone! We had a wonderful morning painting and creating and catching up with each other. Just before we left she recieved a call informing her she is a grandma AGAIN - for like the third or forth time! Congratulations Rose, and thank you for our precious time together.

Yesterday I used the words 'gunny sack' in a phrase while speaking with Miles and it got me wondering how that word came about? So.... we took a few guesses ourselves first and then I went a 'hunting on the net. Of course, first to mind and what we guessed was that it had something to do with both guns and sacks and the carrying of guns... but, neh, it is something totally different indeed. This is what I found out:

A large sack made from loosely woven, coarse material goes by a variety of names in regional American English. The most general term is burlap bag, known everywhere but used especially in the Northeast. In the Midwest and West the usual term is gunnysack, which ultimately comes from the Sanskrit word gonÄ«, meaning “jute or hemp fiber.” In the Upper South such a sack is called a tow sack, and in Eastern North Carolina, a tow bag. (The word tow is another synonym for fabric made from jute or hemp and probably derives from an Old English word for “spinning.”) In South Carolina and adjacent parts of Georgia, it is called a crocus sack, and in the Gulf states, a croker sack, both terms deriving from the word crocus. According to Craig M. Carver, who draws on the research of Walter S. Avis, “Crocus is a coarse, loosely woven material once worn by slaves and laborers and common in colonial New England. It probably took its name from the sacks in which crocus or saffron was shipped.” Though the term crocus sack virtually disappeared from New England by the end of the 19th century, it survives in the South.

Speak ill of no one,
speak all the good of everyone.


Don't criticize and speak evil about one another...
if you do,
you will be fighting against God's law
of loving one another.

I will forgo the oxymorons for one more day as I am pressed for time - I will try to post more tomorrow. Have a Blessed Day!

Way Cool Geography

Here's another eye-pleasing website packed full of great
information on geography. How can it help but be a good site being
associated with National Geographic?


  1. These cranberry beads are awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! It is so nice to have good friends, and it sounds like you have a good one in Rose. I was born in GA and all of my relatives say "croker sack". Now, off to read Pastor Ed's blog. :)

  2. Just wanted to let you know that the links to Pastor Ed's blogs do not work :(

  3. what a beautiful element! thank you for sharing :)

  4. love the scripture you picked ..need that one to remember...where to stand ..love ya sis

  5. Thanks for sharing the beads with me..they look great!

  6. Thank You for the awesome cranberry garland

  7. Thank you for the pretty cranberry beads and other beauties you've posted. I so appreciate your sharing.

  8. beautiful beads! your work is so detailed! it looks great. Thank you.

  9. Oh what a wonderful contribution to us design restricted individuals. The beads are so beautiful & realistic, plus fun. TFS.

  10. Thank you so much for the beads! They are really terrific!


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