Wednesday, November 22, 2006


This element should be fun! I created it after looking at some beads that were in a wreath - they sort of wrapped around it in a chaotic manner. I thought that if I provided the bits and pieces you can then join them however you would like them to go on your layouts. Please send me a link to see? Honestly I know that some of my kits and elements are being downloaded as much as 800 times but I only recieve less than 3 invites to see what you made. :( I know we are all busy, but it would make my day!

I have some VERY exciting news! Miles and I have a dear friend - Penny, who, like Miles has a talent for singing and making beautiful music. We used to be on a worship team together. Penny called me yesterday to tell me that she has completed her very first album!!! What an accomplishment - this project has been in the works for as long as we have known her. I know her brother Jason helped her a great deal, and her children are also involved. Penny and her husband Del are homeschoolers to five children. Besides this, Penny teaches piano lessons through "music for young children" and the family runs a mini - golf & consession stand in the summer all the way over in Saskatchewan. Miles and I have often felt we are part of their extended family as they make us so welcome in their home. We are looking forward to see where your music takes you Penny, and that the Lord would bless your journey. To hear Penny's album and order (just in time for Holiday Giving... ) you can click on the following link:

Remember yesterday I mentioned that my friend Rose impuslively comes and drags me off to spend time together? Well, she hit me twice in two days - yesterday being a quick trip to the thrift store. While there I bought a few items, one with taking photos in mind. You will see three pictures on my blog today. Can you guess what I bought? I will reveal it what it is on my blog tomorrow. Now, if your one of my friends who I showed already then shhhhhh.....

Here's your oxymorons for the day:

daily special
dangerously safe
dark day
dark light
dark star
dark victory
dead livestock
dead right
deaf listener
debugged program
defensive strike
Deficit spending
definite maybe
degradable plastic
deliberate mistake
deliberate speed
deliberately thoughtless
delicious torment
demanding patient
democratic congress
democratic leadership
democratic machine
department of interior (responsible for everything outside)
deregulation law
designer beer
designer jeans
desktop publishing
detailed summary
devilish angel
devout atheist
diet ice cream
different pattern
diligent sloth
diminished confidence
diminishing growth
diminutive giants
dim light
dining hall food
direct circumvention
disaster preparedness
disciplined gluttony
discretionary rules
disposable income
disposable products with a lifetime guarantee
distant relative
divided unity
divorce court
doing nothing
dollar value
domestic cooperation
domestic violence
double solitaire
doubting believers
drawing a blank
dress pants
dressy casual
driving pleasure
droning silence
dry beer
dry creek
dry humor
dry Ice
dry Lake
dry martini
dry pond
dry snow
dry wine
dull acupuncturists
dull knife
dull needle
dull roar
dull shine
dying is a part of life
dynamic monotone
dynamic stability

In offering these oxymorons each day, it has caused me to think of it in broader sense, of faith. Is your life an oxymoron? Do our lips preach a faithful life, but our actions live out differently. Would someone looking in on our lives as Christians clearly set us apart from the world? Our lives as Christians should never be an oxymoron to an outsider. My desire is to be accountable to you - should I not be so, I ask you to bring me in line. Our standards should be higher than those of the world today.

It is not guided missiles
but guided morals
that is our great need today.

George L. Ford

TITUS 2:11-12 NIV

"For the grace of God that brings salvation
has appeared to all men. It teaches us to say
'No' to ungodliness and worldly passions,
and to live self-controlled, upright and
godly lives in this present age."

Snuff it Safely

Do you hate blowing out candles and having to choke the smoke and odors down for several minutes after? I discovered a very easy solution (quite by accident!) You won't need to buy a snuffer and lurk over the wick. Simply take a toothpick and placing it on the side of the wick, press it quickly into the hot pool of wax at it's base. The flame will extinguished almost immediately without any smoke at all!


  1. Thank you for the beads.:)They look great!

  2. I know I know...but I won't tell!

    Like the candle toothpick idea. Going to try that cuz I light a lot this time of year & don't like the smokey smell.

    Are we walkin tonight?

  3. Thanks for the silvery beads. Now to try to make something from them!

  4. Thanks for the beads.

  5. I love your site! Your creations are wonderful and your helpful advice is even better!

  6. Hi Barb....I live in Brazil.
    My English is so bad, sorry. There is the reason I use only Portuguese.
    Tank you so much for your visit, and your kind comment. Come back soon......Hugs

  7. You know, there's just so much to comment on in your blog entries that I always know I'm missing something! Lol. Great tip about the candle! Gotta try that next time... although truthfully, I like the smell of the smoke... weird huh? Its an embedded memory I think of birthday's gone-bye... and bye, and And of course, a thanks for the pretty bling for well, everything! Such a smart idea! And honestly I haven't been creating much but I did do a Christmas card selection for a friend of mine... who ended up doing one of those gal-darned drugstore ones! Ughhhhh and super yuck! But I did a cute LO using the christmas lights and my DH really liked it. I haven't posted it anywhere but I'll email it to you... and now I'm looking and I can't find your email addy... sigghhhhhh. If you can, email me again ( and I'll email it to you. I added a little extra glow to the lights too... quite fun to play around with! :D

    OK, my guess for the interesting and beautiful pictures would be a coffee urn... or somesuch type thing. I see a pour spout and then three canisters together... although I'm really not sure what the hole thingy is ... lol.

    Thanks for all the fun and for the beauties!


  8. Love the beads... as to the Thrift Store unknowns.... hmmmmmm... maybe some nail polish? a candle?

  9. Those beads are so much fun!!! Thank you so much!! Can't wait to find out what you bought at the thrift store!!

  10. Thanks for your tips and the nifty beads. I haven't visited much lately and there's much to catch up on. Glad to hear you're still around after last summer's forest fire.

    From your neighbour in Keremeos.

  11. Thanks for the beads, they will be fun to play with.

  12. lovely little beads! tfs


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