Sunday, November 26, 2006


What do new mattresses, paintings, second hand tv's and alpacas have in common?

Nothing really, except these were all parts of my day yesterday. So my pictures of hayne's point park will have to wait until tomorrow so I can fill you in on yesterday.

I'll address the matresses first. Our bed has been a conglomeration of different parts for a few years now... we've always meant to buy something better, but this or that bill came up, or an electronic item we were needing or wanting and somehow that bed seemed to come in last on the 'need to have' list. It was surely time. I've always kept my eye open for a good deal - we don't have to have anything fancy, but new would be the ticket. It just so happened that as I was passing by sears, I espied several in store models. I popped in and enquired as to how much and finding that they were 'mis-matched' sets the price of the one we wanted was dropped from $900 to a mere $400. So, Miles arranged to have it delivered yesterday. I was so excited that I took the time to take apart our old bed in preperation and chased all the dust bunnies away. Unfortunately the delivery was not going to take place as the truck sears uses got snowed on and slushed from another delivery and they did not want to take responsibility if the mattresses got dirty or damaged. Understandably. Well, my face dropped to the floor, but Miles called Mr. upstairs and he came to our rescue with his truck and the bed got brought home. What a great sleep was had last night... Miles had to peel me out of there this morning.


The painting is a painting that our daughter Melanie did. Its her first with oils. We brought her an oil painting set that I had found during yard-sales this summer, along with canvas sheets and other items. I was delighted when she called yesterday to say she had used them. The photo comes from her cell phone so forgive if its a bit grainy. I can't tell you how it delights us to see her exploring her artistic side. Do you suppose one day she will be making elements here for me too?

The tv and alpacas are an item together. Miles good friend and student at the learning center, Roger, had a very large tv and asked if we could find a home for it. Seeing as ours was an old console type - at least 25 years old, and with no working remote control... we decided to cave. So we arranged to pick it up from him at his home where he and his wife Marie live, out of town. Their place is a delighful home set away from the highway. They have containers of feed lining the outside entrance to their home, which they need to feed the various birds an animals they make their home a haven for.

While we were there, Marie took me outside and introduced me to the alpaca's. They are very curious animals, if you have never been around them before. Marie fed them and they were pushing and shoving like little schoolkids trying to get the first bites. They got a bit snarky with one another at times and would make very strange high-pitched squeeling sounds. The would come threaten to 'spit' - a defence they have if they felt threatened.. Alpaca's will do their bathroom duty in one spot, if you can imagine that, so they are very clean. One alpaca will appoint itself as the guard of the others and keep a very keen eye out for danger at all times. Alpaca's are smaller than Llamas and have beautiful, soft fur that is basically non-allergic. Thanks for having us out to the farm folks, and I will share your fridge with the readers in a day or two, Marie (you GOTTA see Marie's fridge!)


Paper and Butterfly Ornament by Michelle Coleman
Flower template and Bits and Bobs Beads by Barb Derksen (ya, me!)

I took time out yesterday to create another layout for my friend Valerie, who moved across Canada several years ago and sends me photos of the kids now and then. I miss you muchly Val. I will send you the full size to print out soon.

If there is no joy in your religion,
there's a leak in your Christianity somewhere.

Billy Sunday

PSALM 144:15

"Happy are the people whose God
is the Lord!"

Today's oxymorons:

fresh cheese
fresh dried fruit
fresh from concentrate
fresh frozen
fresh prunes
fresh raisins
fresh sour cream
fresh yogurt
freezer burn
fried ice cream
fried roast
Friendly advice
friendly argument
friendly competitor
friendly divorce
friendly enemy
Friendly fights
Friendly Fire
friendly suit (legal)
friendly takeover
friendly war
frightening comfort
front end
frozen food
frugal gourmet
full service
functional illiterate
funky white guy
future history
fuzzy logic

Buy or Sell Crafts

My friend Kristin reminded me yesterday of this neat site where you can buy or sell handmade crafts. Its a neat place to check out and who knows, you might just buy or sell something.


  1. I am in handbag heaven! There is over 1000 pages of handmade handbags on that ETSY site. I may never leave my chair today! *grin* Thanks for the link! Love the alpaca pix! Looking forward to seeing those Haynes Point pix. Going to post some on mine today too!
    Let it Snow!

  2. Thank you so much for the ornament.. I love how you think outside the box! I love reading your blog every morning here in Australia.. you always give me a chuckle & smile.

  3. Thanks for the "different" ornament. I'm collecting them so I can make a non-traditional Christmas tree. cg

  4. Is that snow on the alpaca noses? How very cute! Folks raise a lot of them here in the Willamette Valley in Oregon too, along with llamas. Congrats on the new bed and TV...early Christmas, YAY! Thanks for all the lovely elements and papers too...yours is one of the first pages I check every day.

  5. Thanks for the Merry Little Christmas set. I love the color combination.

  6. Oh! Barb! What a joy .. I love the layout you made of Gaby! Thank you! I miss you too. I don't get to play much on the computer anymore .. too much work not enought fun! It will come ... I love you too. Today is Lil'Louis 3rd B-Day! Time flies .. time flies ... XOXOXO Valerie

  7. Thank you very much for this beautiful grunge set love it


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