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I want to thank you so much - for those of you who have taken the time to write in about the telus porn cellular phone issue which I wrote about on February 7th. Blog reader Sharon wrote to say that she has been given the following email address (thank you Sharon!) for direct contact on this subject:

I've often felt like David going up against Goliath in battling to keep companies clean and accountable. I have boycotted products from large companies when I've found their advertising to be objectionable - someone has to stand up for the kids. I believe in my heart of hearts that companies will listen if enough customers stand up and demand they be accountable. These companies, after all operate on the bottom line - money and if there is enough outcry from their customer base we DO have the power to change things.

Photo by Laurie Petrini - workshop student

of her six toed manx cat!

I enjoyed helping Miles run his workshop on Picasa last night, at the school. There were 13 students, many of them seniors. I learned a thing or two myself! If you are not into professional photography and are looking for a simple, yet powerful photo sorting and editing software you could not go wrong to download Google's Picasa. I had no idea there were so many features available - and its free. I will feature Picasa as today's Handy Tip.

I was supposed to help today, all day at a workshop for Miles gifted students, using the Bryce 3D software, but I was up late in the night and early this morning with a nagging cough and Miles insisted I stay home and take care of myself. I feel terrible leaving him with this huge task, but I know I don't want to give this to the kids. I barely made it through last night's workshop. Thankfully, he will have some extra hands today with a teacher coming from Keremeos, and our dear friend Melanie Olsen as well.


Love me, love me evermore,
Oh, my honey! Oh, my honey!
Love me till the Judgement Day,
Oh, my honey! Oh my honey!
When the angel sounds the call
Hold my hand and hold it long
I will guide thee o'er the tide
To the Throne of God Himself,
Oh, my honey! Oh, my honey!

Love me, love me evermore,
Oh, my honey! Oh, my honey!
Love me through the ages long,
Oh, my honey! Oh, my honey!
Kiss my brow when life is cold
And a-down the stream I float,
Lift me from the ways of earth
To the warmth of God Himself,
Oh, my honey! Oh, my honey!

Love me, love me evermore,
Oh, my honey! Oh, my honey!
Love me till the streams run dry,
Oh, my honey! Oh, my honey!
Thrice a thousand times to die
Would be like a day with God
If that dying would bring thee
To my heart a single hour,
Oh, my honey! Oh my honey!

Fenton Johnson

Here's a portion of a book I found of value in our marriage encounters when we gave them. This excerpt comes from the book The Beautiful Side of Submission by Lela Johnson:

A common interpretation has been that the solution is for the wife to give unquestioning submission to her husband. She can then expect God to fix him as a reward for her obedience. The catch, however, is that God's command is the husband is to take leadership, not to the wife to force him to it.

This psuedo-spiritual teaching would lead us to believe that it's always in the power of a wife to make her husband respond to God. The truth is God does not violate anyone's free will. He only brings circumstances to bear in influencing change. It is the Holy Spirit's place to convict of sin and wrong patterns in living. God's command to a wife is to submit to her husband's needs (which translates into love), so God can work on him.

Actually, God doesn't always do what we prescribe for Him to do in the way we expect. The soldiers in God's army must be volunteers. The only change a wife can compel is in herself, while releasing God any changes in her husband. They should both be working to cultivate a submissive spirit through a relationship with Jesus.

JOB 22:21

"Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you.


[ Wives and Husbands ] Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord.

Got Picasa?

Transfer, find, organize, edit, print, and share images, all with this easy-to-use product. Watch Picasa automatically organize all your pictures into elegant albums by date. Having all your photos in one place means no more time wasted searching for folders or files. The program works with JPEG, GIF, BMP, PSD, and movie files and is compatible with most digital cameras; it detects your USB driver and imports pictures into albums. Editing tools include cropping (standard or custom), removal of red-eye, and enhancing--even switching from color to black and white. Create slide shows set to your MP3s. Integration with Picasa's free Hello instant picture-sharing software lets you share hundreds of photos in seconds and chat in real time. E-mail photos with Picasa's built-in client to take the guesswork out of compressing images, and order photo-lab quality prints or print at home with no mistakes. You can also make instant backups to CD (or to other hard drives) of your photo collections, to organize your photos using labels and stars (just like with Gmail), to write captions for all pictures, and to organize videos as well as pictures.


  1. Thank you for the Love heart and Brad. Psharp

  2. Tnank you soo much for the wonderful heart and brad.:) They look fantastic!!
    Thank you also for coming to see me this morning and leaving some luv.:)

    Okay..I know everyone is giving you advice and I can't keep my nose out of it...

    vapor rub on the chest at bedtime.My dd had a cough she couldn't get rid of and kept her awake etc.I had her use this every night and she could breathe easier and there was less coughing.Try can't hurt:)If you take cough medicine..make sure it has an expectorant so you can get rid of what is causing the cough.There..I feel much better.:)

    Have a great day and get better!1

  3. Thank you so very much for the 2 wonderful heart DL's!
    Will keep you in my prayer's for a speedy recovery from your cold!

  4. love the layout Barb..yes sometimes we have to stand up...hope you are feeling better

  5. Thank you so much!!! ((hugs)) They are gorgeous! You know how much I love your art! Nick is feeling a little better. I took the night off from the computer and had movie night with Nick and AJ! I hopefully will catch up with you over the weekend!

  6. Morning and Hope your feeling better and good to know Mr Miles is looking after you:-))Hope you valentine wedding Anniversary went great and you had a WONDERFUL time...Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and have bookmarked so can come back often to check out things and thanks for all the beautiful downloads..ok better stop rambling and let other comment..:-))My prayers n thoughts are with you always take care and have a great week regards from OZ:-)

  7. These are so pretty; thank you!


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