Sunday, February 11, 2007


OK – guess I haven't completely got the button making out of my system. Hope you enjoy these!

Spring is coming. Truly. The groundhog said so a week or so ago – or is Groundhog day just our Canadian Tradition. At any rate, I've been getting cabin fever and begged Miles to take me out today for a walk and a photographic mission to find some signs that spring is coming.

The first sign spring is coming was located a half a block from our house, but it was some sort of a magnolia tree or tree with pussy willow type buds coming, but they were in the midst an expanse of someone's rock landscaping and I knew it would not be polite to crunch my way across it... Miles was relieved that I decided to do the right thing; he knows how I can get with a camera in my hand.


So the first picture I actually took was a whole block away – a hopeful lilac budding out! Again, over someone's fence while Miles patiently held my gloves and purse and try to appear nonchalantly non-present.

The sun actually shone through a bit and we decided that I must be solar-powered. As we walked I became more animated. I had encouraged Miles to bring his camera along but he had casually dismissed the idea with the excuse that without completely sunny conditions there was not point. Well, he he, before long I had him taking his own pictures with my camera!

To me, you don't go and find pictures, they find you! I don't go anywhere with out my camera – its as much a part of me as a coat or a shirt. Pictures find me in and out of doors. My lens is attracted to not only people, but patterns and colors and complexities. It likes contrast and complementaries. It cries to capture discord. It likes the familiar – like a visual journal of where I am, and it also likes the unfamiliar – the “what is that?” factor. It causes me to look at the usual in unusual ways.

We spend about an hour engrossed in the world of the ice melting on the edge of the lake. The ice relinquishing it's frigid grip on the pebbles. It's edges sometimes crusty and berg-like and other times lacy and delicate. I will feature photos of our magical afternoon in the next few blog days.

Now, I told you that Miles gets embarrassed when I take pictures hither and tither with nary a care to who might be watching, well... Mr. “I'm so shy” was not so shy that he practically commanded me to put the following picture up on my blog... HE SAYS its a sure sign of spring... and now I'M EMBARASSED... LOL... this is sort of a sign but... ewwww... sorry you had to see but Miles insists fair is fair.


I was listening to the radio – I do that a LOT, don't I? Well I can't help it – NPR is so very interesting and I heard about some fun sounding events upcoming and thought I should share with you... case you don't listen to NPR, y'know? Who knows, if you are a reader from any of these areas you would be happy I mentioned it...

Women of the Wilderness Contest – Crested Butte Colorado

The festival gets underway with Kid’s World and the hugely popular Woman of the Wilderness competition, where one lucky contestant will win the free trip to Alaska. All Woman of the Wilderness (W.O.W), competitors need to be at Jorgenson Park by 10:30 a.m. W.O.W features events such as: husband hollering, log sawing, water fetching, wood stacking, target shooting, and other frontier-style activities for the ladies to take on. In addition to the Alaskan vacation, many other wonderful prizes will be up for grabs at W.O.W.

Sweet Chocolate and Ice Sculpture Festival – Salem, Massechusets

The whimsical ice sculptures can be found on 14 locations throughout downtown Salem, and Pickering Wharf on Saturday, February 10th & Sunday, 11th. Local merchants, restaurants and attractions sponsor ice Sculptures. Designs for this years' ice sculptures include Polar Bears, a Witch, Crabs, Hearts, a Penguin, Harry Potter, a Teapot, and he Gardner-Pingree House.

In celebration of the chocolate weekend, many of Salem's finest restaurants will feature special chocolate offerings on their menus, including desserts, special chocolate flavored tea's, cocktails, and inventive sauces. Participating Salem retailers will also take part with in-store promotions, displays and items geared toward chocolate and Valentine's Day.

Dummy Dress and Smash-Up – Big Sky, Montana

The Dummy Jump features locals' creative dummies that are displayed at a parade and then hauled up the hill to be launched over a big jump to a flat landing, usually resulting in a grand explosion.

You might like to slip over to Gina's Blog this morning and check out the cool video she put up yesterday – its pretty cool – and hey, while your there, why not leave some love for her too?

Love Doesn't Make You Fat

Everybody's counting calories,
Shedding those extra pounds;
They're exercising, compromising,
Making the rounds;
There's a super hit sensation
That will keep your tummy flat;
If there's one thing I know for sure,
Love doesn't make you fat.
They're watching Richard Simmons,
Dancing to the beat,
Trying new-fangled diet plans
And other good things to eat;
A kiss doesn't add calories,
A touch won't burst your stuff,
With a dose of love each day,
You'll never get enough.
Love doesn't make you fat,
It's a polyunsaturated dream;
It's decaffinated, emancipated,
Sweeter than chocolate cream;
Love doesn't make you fat,
It's done wonders for me;
You can keep that "Bo Flex" body,
Love's got a lifetime guarantee.

Copyright; Joel Bjorling

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  1. Thank you soo much for your dotted buttons.:) I was wondering why you quit so soon.LOL.
    Love the pooh,yuk..thanks for that Miles.LOL Maybe it's a good thing you have the camera most often Barb.hehe:)
    Well..gotta get to the housework.No..I am not taking pics of that.LOL
    Have a fantastic day!!

  2. Hi Barb! ((hugs)) Oh Miles...why oh why??? Just because it's fair doesn't mean it should be shared!! *LOL* Thank you so much for the buttons! I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures!

  3. Very pretty. Thank you..


  4. Thank you very much for this nice button. I love it.

  5. way to go barb..awsome pictures ...nice to hear you are feeling better and a had good the button

  6. That is too funny! At first, I thought it was an elephant's trunk! Hope it wasn't THAT big! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful designs!

  7. I just wanted to say hi and thank you so much for your bloggings... I love reading it.. and your pictures are soooo awesome.. and funny... *grin*

    Hugs.. Joy

  8. I've come over here from the Blog Hopping party from Let's scrap to share some love. I love the goose pooh picture, hehe.


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