Wednesday, February 21, 2007


(with or without sentiment)

Thanks SO MUCH for those of you who 'visited' while I was taking a down - day... I can honestly tell you it really brought a smile to my face that you find my blog interesting enough to visit even when I can't post a freebie!

Well, we have 3 boxes of books ready to be transported to our new home - its exciting! Miles and I will deliver them out there tomorrow - feels like a milestone of sorts. Bonnie tells me the house is really 'coming along' and we are very very charged up about it all. Though the reality of it will still take some time to sink in.


(click to view larger!)

This is inside my honey's laptop. Yep, thats dust - a thick layer of dust and hairs and whatever else floats around in the air when his machine is running. With the fans, the computer acts like a mini vaccum cleaner and sucks up every little thing that floats around. He decided to take the plunge and clean it himself. Warning: this is not something you should consider doing yourself unless you have the knowledge and the proper tools and equiptment - including a wrist band to keep yourself grounded so you don't get zapped! I am so proud of him for fixing it himself! We get a TON of dust here in our desert climate - and his machine in particular, a Toshiba P series, is notorious for overheating in the first place. We've had to have it professionally done before and it really $$$ adds up.


I finished up the title tags for the art gallery yesterday... These are two of my digital paintings which will hang - and hopefully sell. These are both created using Corel Painter and a Wacom Graphics tablet. I LOVE my tablet and art programs. I still love Art Rage for fast stuff tho!


OK - so I had to mentioned that I was a bit overloaded and stressed over the past few days - but what I went through was MINOR compared to what my friend Rebecca when thru ... she sent me the most HILARIOUS email and I begged her to blog it or let me share it... do yourself a giggle and head over to REBECCA'S BLOG - THINKING OUTSIDE THE WEB to read up on what a stressful day TRULY is! Won't you leave her some love after all her trials? LOL! Thanks for posting and sharing Rebecca - you made my day seem a 'piece of cake'

I had friend come over yesterday for a visit. Melanie brought me a sweet book all about friendship and I would like to share a poem I found in there. It deals with GOSSIP... ahem, we all have been victims and servers of this before. Its SO destructive!


If you see a tall fellow

ahead of the crowd,

A leader of men

marching fearless and proud,

And you know of a tale

whos mere telling aloud

Would cause this proud head

to in anguish be bowed,

Its a pretty good plan

to forget it!

If you know of a skeleton

hidden away

IN a closet, and guarded

and kept from the day

In the dark, whose showing,

whose sudden display

Would cause greif and sorrow

and lifelong dismay -

Its a pretty good plan

to forget it!

If you know of a spot

in the life of a friend,

(We all have such spots

concealed, world without end),

Whos touching his heartstrings

would play on and rend

Till the shame of its showing

no grieving could mend,

Its a pretty good plan

to forget it!

If you know anything

that will darken the joy

Of a man or a woman,

a girl or a boy,

That will wipe out a smile

or the least way annoy

A fellow, or cause

any gladness to cloy,

Its a pretty good plan

to forget it!

Author Unknown


A perverse man stirs up dissention, and a gossip seperates close friends


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  1. Hey again:)
    Was just checking my blog to see if anyone came by and there you were.LOL I had to run see what you had put up for us this time.:) Thank you soo much for the looks great!!
    I LOVE your painting of the farm gang.I don't think you forgot anyone.:) It looks fantastic.You have to take a pic of it hanging in the gallery with you right next to it...and then come show us:)How cool..I know someone who has art hanging in a gallery.:)

    Have a fantastic day!
    Back to the housework for me.I feel like Cinderella..everyone went to the party and left me with a mess.... Sure hope there is a happy ending.LOL


  2. Love the pansy. Thank you.

  3. You have been blog hopping I see! Valinda above confirms this, lol. :D Thanks for hopping over to my blog, leaving a comment AND advertising about my silly shenanigans too. :D

    OK, I have to ask... do you take commissions? Cause if you do, I so want to get some money together and have you do a digi painting of Amelia! Those paintings are just jaw droppingly amazing! The kitty is so sweet and I love it but I could stare at all those animals for a long time and still be amazed... as I am with so much that you paint. Thanks so much too for sharing that lovely flower! I once tried to dry some of those and scan them but well, it didn't quite come out the way I had hoped. Sighhhh... lol. :D

    All the best on packing! That is one of my all time least favorite things in the world to do... super ughhhhh! (Frankly I think I'd rather spend a week cleaning dog vomit then deal with the packing we are going to have to do... and the bright side about the vomit, I would lose weight because I wouldn't be able to keep anything down either! Lol.)

    Thanks again for you and all your sweetness Barb! :D

  4. barb,
    i love your site. and also enjoy your friend beckys site.
    they lift me up each day.
    i wanted to thank you for the "gossip" poem today, and to let you know i plan to use it at women's devotion next month at my church with your permission.
    thanks, gmaj

  5. My word, I LOVE your art - you are absolutely amazing!! That is something that would hang very nicely in my house...!! :) Thanks for showing us!

  6. Thank you Barb - love the pansy! Happy Packing!

  7. WHat's up chicky? Your 2 paintings are faboo! Truly you have some talent! Of course your blog is interresting freebies or not because your are interresting and have something worth listening to. So blog away I say! I'm glad that the house is comming along and you are able to do a slow move. I hate moving!!!! Okay I'm off to play with the munchkin!

  8. Thanks for the darling pansy sentiment. I would like to print some cards to send to women in my small group. Some of them really have trials in their walk, and this would be a sweet encouragement to them! Would that be ok? I love your post (few days ago) about JOY. Oh, it is so easy to let "life" get in the way of our Joy in the Lord! I'm right there with you sister - but when I focus on the Cross - that puts things back in proper perspective. ;)

  9. Thank you for the pretty pansy...
    And again it's always pleasure to come to your blog...


  10. Love the pansy ...and the Family Gang...way to go sis

  11. Barb - thanks for visiting my blog! Since you asked about a flower suggestion... With Easter approaching a lily would be nice! :D
    Have a blessed day!

  12. Just had to drop a line after seeing the pic of Miles's fan....because I could have shown him worse if I'd thought to take a pic of mine ;) The one in my puter has always been noisy, since it was installed, but when it started making a new noise, I knew it was time to clean it. I ended up using a whole can of air and now my fan is "cleaned up" to look like Miles' I need to get another one and try it again.

    Actually, at this point, I'm thinking about just getting a new fan so I can have a quieter one put in. Then we wouldn't have to listen to it AND I wouldn't have to clean it again, lol.


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