Wednesday, February 28, 2007

HIPPEDY HOPPEDY bunny mini-kit

Ahhh... Spring – yes I am in denial that we had snow yesterday morning. It did melt off by noon.

Today's pictures are revivals of old vacation photos as I haven't taken a photo in a few days (gasp!)



Miles had to attend a meeting in Penticton – a city about one hour north of us, so I came along with him for the drive. He dropped me off at a mall for an hour and a half and I just truly enjoyed myself. Even though he is the most patient husband in the universe when it comes to shopping, I'm sure you can identify with me that there's something so very freeing about just walking around and enjoying all the sights and sounds of the mall. The mall seems to be a little universe all on it's own, with everything from food stores and flowers to restaurants and restrooms and rest areas and restful music... you get the scenario.



Coming from a small community, I get totally caught up on it. In some ways I could probably be spotted right off as in out-of-towner as I walk around with my mouth open, often almost bumping into people and things. I know sometimes when Miles has been with me, I have jolted into mannequins and then excused myself. He just rolls his eyes. My own eyes are glazed and I am sure I appear almost zombie-like. Really I think I get over-stimulated. I can only take about two hours and I'm ready to run.

I gave myself a $20 'allowance' and decided to wander about and see what I might like. I found some terrific buys at a Ricky's store.... even tried them on – a pair of funky black pants and a t... but did the 'walk away' first idea... deciding that if I had to have them they would still be there after (would have only come to $15...) I looked at Claires (my favorite for jewellery) and Mariposa, and Suzy and finally wended myself down to London Drugs. By this time I was thinking it was 'buy or fly' and decided to purchase a huge bag of fresh coffee beans and some healthy snacks for Miles. I was ever so proud of myself. I would have loved the clothes, but I already have a closet full of ones I can't get to wear. I made the right choice.

Do you have a story to share about how you 'did the right thing' while shopping?



More spring thoughts:

In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb
March roars in like a lion so fierce,
the wind so cold, it seems to pierce.
The month rolls on and Spring draws near,
and March goes out like a lamb so dear.

Lorie Hill

When Spring Appears
give lusty cheers
when spring appears
when spring appears.

Buds and seeds
prick up their ears
and blades of grass
show eager spears.
And only icicles
weep tears
when spring appears
when spring appears

Aileen Fisher

And thinking along the lines of spring – lets think spring cleaning...

Spring Cleaning Help!

I like the way the folks at have broken down the different spring cleaning tasks into categories. Luckily for me, I will be able to spring clean while moving! Please let me know if you have any more good hints to share with readers!



  1. Good Morning Barb:)
    I was soo happy you came to was getting kinda lonely on my blog.LOL Not sure many people will want a desktop calendar.You should see the pic I put in clashes like crazy.LOL It is my Mom in her red hat from the Red Hat Ladies.LOL.I will leave it up as long as I can stand it.Hehe. I just threw something in it real quick to test it out.:)
    Thank you for your wonderful comment.:)
    I love your story of the mall.:)I haven't been to ours in a very long time.That use to be my dh's favorite place to go when there was nothing else to do.And there was never anything else to do... until they started adding small stores all over creation here.LOL He got me to the point that I almost hated the thought of going to the mall.:)They had an Electronics Boutique..need I say more.LOL This was years ago and now there are soo many computer stores around us that we spend his days off at them.Now..I could drop him off for an hour and a half at those places..gladly.LORL
    About the spring they have a demo.LOL Someone to come show me what they are talking about.hehe.:)Just kidding..I have been doing bits and pieces at a time this last couple of weeks.It feels good to finally have my stuff shine again.:)Now..if I could fix it to where I can walk in to my walk-in closet..that would be great!LOL Thanks for the link..I will have to go see what I am doing wrong.:)Thrift stores..that is what it is..LOL I have soo much stuff I have collected and it is on shelves in my closet..not to mention the carpet shampooer and my sewing machine...hamper with clothes that need ironed or sewn..I could go on and on..OH..I did that already.LOL

    Have a fantastic day!


  2. I'm Baaack....
    Forgot to tell you that I think your bunny kit is sooo cute.:)I love it! Thank you for sharing it with me.:)

  3. The bunny kit is very cute. I also snagged the blossom element which is pretty. Thanks so much for your creativity.

  4. Really CUTE!!!!
    Thank you very much!!!

  5. love the new spring elements...yes malls are a world in themselves...glad to hear you had ya sis

  6. I miss the sun too!!!!!!!!!! Warmth, sun, ahhhh. Dream.

  7. Thanks so much for the cute mini-kit!

  8. Wow, who knew Val was such a talker? Hi sweet cheeks! I love the bunnies. I'm ready for easter, to watch looking for eggs. I'll take a ton of photos I promise! Good for you on passing up a useless buy. I'm horrible about that. I'm a closet shop-a-holic. Oh well. Big hugs to you and the Mr.
    P.S. You're supposed to clean your house?

  9. Thanks so much for this cutie!

  10. Thank you for the cute mini. Always a pleasure to come and read...You always put a smile on face...Thank you...


  11. Hi Barb ((hugs)) Thanks for visiting my dressed up blog :-) Isn't it girly?? I love it! Now if I could add a little bling :-)

    I love your mini kit!! So cute! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Shopping - I have that issue every time I go! It takes me longer to shop because I think in long I need it? Do we need something more? Is this an item that will be useful to the family? Today I went shopping to actually took back a top and a sweater that I was able to buy for myself last week. I had left it in the bag because although we could afford just wasn't right. It was too much money spent frivilously for me. I rationalized that if I took them back then I could get A,B & C that we need. So that's what I did! I was super proud of myself! AJ hates when I do that because I never end up with anything for he usually buys me a treat so I can't return it! *LOL*

  12. Hi Barb, Thanks so much for your cute kit, I'm so looking forward to Easter:-).Have to say I would chose fresh coffee beans over clothes anyday!!!!Why did you have to mention Spring Cleaning LOL...I must get started just have to get off this PC and I'd have so much time to clean.

  13. 3-1-07
    I must have had too much coffee yesterday:) I read Amy's comment about me being such a asked.LOL I did kinda over do it..didn't I? Just think of what I could be putting on my blog for all to read.LOL.
    Just wanted to stop in and see if I scared you off.LOL
    Have a fantastic day today..Thunderstorms here today.That is all I am gonna say.LOL

  14. So cute; thanks!


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